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Overheard conversation...

First woman: ‘Belinda…? Are you kidding?’
Second woman: ‘What’s wrong with Belinda?
First woman: ‘Well, I won’t call her a slag, but if dicks had wings her mouth would be an airport…!’


Types of Aggregates and what is its use.

Aggregates are the most widely used products resulting from extracting and processing non-metallic construction materials.

Extracted raw materials can be used in different ways and are processed into aggregates of different sizes, road mix and building sand. 551 more words

Likes And Shares

Morange - Where Did That Word Go?

At school I had a friend called Bernie, and she had really, really red hair.

I was always super jealous of it too, because I had very straight, very brown hair and hers was beautiful and curly and such a brilliant colour. 357 more words

Stop Slut and its Synonyms

“Really? I love her to bits but she’s gaining a reputation.”

“As what?”

“A little bit of a slut.”

You’ve probably all been privy to being involved in or overhearing a conversation of a similar nature. 471 more words