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How Many People Have I Slept With?!

Ah, the age old question! Frustratingly, the answer seems to define us differently depending on our gender.

In popular culture a woman that has slept with 20 men is considered a ‘slag’ or ‘easy’, whereas a man that has slept with 20 women is considered a ‘lad’ (unless of course it is a woman judging him, in which case he is a ‘fuckboy’). 258 more words



  I believe that sex has a huge impact on gender inequality. I am in no way disputing the physical act of sex, but how it is constructed differently in relation to whether you are male or female. 561 more words


The English Pedant - How slags became sluts

The exponential boom in pornography in these Internet years has given a voice to all sorts of people, many of whom it would now be unwise to call ‘deviants’ (because we’re not allowed to dismiss anyone as bad unless they actually harm people). 494 more words
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Mineral recycling renaissance

Source: INFORMED and LinkedIn


  • There is a sense that the recycling of industrial minerals (containing industrial wastes) and Secondary Raw Materials (SRM)  is set to expand, driven by the perceived need to develop of the world’s natural resources sustainably.
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Post 540  by Gautam Shah

First iron used by ancient people was a meteoric source, an iron alloy with nickel. This was used several millenniums before the actual… 955 more words

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There’s nothing more that irks me when I hear someone say: “she’s a slag.” The word itself sounds abrupt, harsh to the ear and immediately conjures up a mental image of the disgusted face that you pull when you’ve accidentally stepped in dog excrement. 908 more words