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Slam Poetry: Beyond the Boughs of Shakespeare

There’s is a world that has yet to be discovered. Hidden in the cracks and whispering in the walls. An underground scene that is slowly coming to life. 1,000 more words

Things I Have To Explain Myself For: a poetic testament

From the previous poem, ‘Disappearing Act’ (Click here to find that) I decided that playing with the audience as a character in poetry seemed rather interesting. 876 more words

Disappearing Act: the text and beyond

‘Disappearing Act’ is a poem about how people (women, in particular) disappear into themselves and the beauty standards set by society. It was originally only supposed to be about me and my struggle with eating disorders but halfway through the poem I realized that eating disorders are not just my problem, it’s a collective problem, and a big one at that. 823 more words

This Is What Madness Sounds Like

My brain works in the form of poetry:

This Is What Madness Sounds Like
I will cash in my sense
and hope for change,
though the price of destruction… 507 more words

Love; Hate

I hate writing about love.

Trying to put words on paper that all sound the same

Cliché after cliché

Nothing ever felt real until someone told me that maybe I just hadn’t found the right person yet… 493 more words


Remains of Memories

Remains of memories
I stitch slowly together
The summer breeze between my fingers
The taste of salt upon my lips
Forgotten nights lost in a city of silence… 77 more words

Slam Poetry

How to Succeed in Heartbreak by Victoria Morgan

This poem gave me goosebumps all over! The brutal honesty in her words had me struggling to find words of my own.