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So Gone

I can’t find my thong…
I can’t find my thong,
or my dignity,
or the common sense I swore I tucked away safely – just last week.  188 more words


Skyline View 

-A Poem By Abby M.

(Picture taken and edited by me)

Skyline View

By: Abigail Michel

I have a view, I have a great view! I have a skyline view of you… 138 more words


Sailor boy

Little boy blue
Who sails the ocean shores

I watched from afar
I watched you take her
you sail her along side you
And I saw her falling… 134 more words

Derrick Brown

She is my landlord
and she lowers the rent,
points to her chest and says,

“Man, if you lived here
you’d be home by now.” 19 more words


If You Didn't Know Me

If you didn’t know me, you wouldn’t know about the scars on my heart

The lacerations that etch deep rivulets through which the poison of my thoughts run… 1,018 more words


I Am More - A Spoken Word Poem

This is the second spoken word poem I wrote. I haven’t performed it anywhere except here, but I quite like it. I do have to warn you though that it contains some issues that could be perhaps sensitive or triggering so feel free not to watch or stop watching at any time if you feel offended. 22 more words