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Dirty Mother Fucker

Its one thing to see homophobia in the world outside your front door,
But when you go to visit your mom,
And your sister shows you a note from your stepdad stating you take it in the ass from random guys, 142 more words


Mustering the Balls

You do the same thing every year,
Hold the knife to your ear,
Praying to have the balls to cut your eardrums out

Why do I do that, 79 more words



Mother sickness womb-hover
He Ran ablaze to love in Plaza Towns
acid poured the Conquest
man’s two hands count ten
patterned cantilevers sweat sleep
sun Nation armour

Poetry & Prose

Who are we to live

The Spoken Word can have an effect on the lives of many; it can inspire, recreate and motivate many creative individuals. Spoken Word poetry is something that you can experiment with time and time again and not lose site of the way it can make people feel. 267 more words


To Quit or Not to Quit

Why should I sober up,
My cup,
Is empty,
Totally not running over,
I need my booze

The world is fucking scary,
I miss my blueberry, 61 more words


Lying (Part I and II)

Part I (2003)

Finding a man is hard,
Constantly on your guard,
Wondering if you fit muster before you fuck

So many choices,
Be you a bear, 331 more words


Jersey City Poetry Slam's Mark Skrypczak Talks About Coaching and Running the JC Slam

Slam poetry is poetry that is meant to be performed. It’s usually shorter than traditional, page poetry because most slams only allow the poet 3 minutes to recite their work. 1,370 more words

Coaching Slam Poets