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(insert name) in vain: (an observation)

If God,
Or Allah,
Or Hashem were real,
Would they feel,
Do they notice,
Can they see,
Are they angered the harsh stings of people taking their names in vain, 110 more words


Pocket Change: Feb 19 to Feb 25


A morning bookbinding for beginners workshop at Drink, Shop & Do! Learn how to create and stitch a hard cover notebook, and then take it home with you. 354 more words


call me

He travelled from The Border
sentry posters with blue shaded wrongs
ironic litter in Mona Lisa font
incursion vindictive

Poetry & Prose

Beggars Hands

I have no words today.

I’ve erased them what feels like a hundred times.

I’m exhausted. Emotionally. Spiritually.

Every time I close my eyes I see your tears as I speak my verdict. 119 more words

Why slam poetry will create the next generation of political leaders

Three and a half years ago, I happened to walk past a classroom where my colleague was hosting a poetry slam with her Year 10 class. 872 more words


Cozy's Drama Book #5

A list of things I never understand as a drama viewer:

  1. Why every drama has at least one scene whose primary purpose is product placement. …
  2. 459 more words

Attempting a Slam Poem

I’ve been very inspired by slam poetry lately. Maybe it’s because I’m performing in The Vagina Monologues, but there’s something so beautiful about just getting your feelings out there without worrying about rhyming or sounding good, but saying what’s on your mind and getting a point across.  242 more words