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So many things

There are so many things to be done that

I have not yet to start and do

There are all the things you are meant to do… 89 more words


Slam Poetry

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working on a poetry chapbook. But avid writers are also avid readers – in order to make great work, you must expose yourself to great work. 391 more words


Words Out Loud in Ballarat – May edition

Words Out Loud returns to Babushka lounge in Ballarat on Thursday, May 19, 7-9pm, for its next session of spoken word.

Writers, readers, poets — all word lovin’ folks with a hankering to share the love are invited along, with five-minute open mic spots on offer. 89 more words



The easiest thing to do when you’re alone is to shrink further into your shell. It’s easy to find that one place all the way in the back and block everything out. 142 more words



Apparently, I’ve become worst person you’ve met

Apparently my devotion was all part of a game

Apparently I’m top player on this “love game”

Apparently I didn’t love you at all.

Apparently…. Apparently…. Apparently.


Young People And Politics

‘I’m fourteen, I don’t have a vote. What’s the point in paying attention? I don’t need to know’
Oh, but you see, that’s where you’re wrong. 311 more words