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Sometimes you just have to embrace someone for who they are.

Slam Poetry


The end of my cigarette

Always tastes bitter

In the dark

Slam Poetry

Oh look I’ve done it again
Here I am
In a stranger’s arms in a room I don’t know
In a messy bed
And the voice in my head saying… 273 more words


Please,don't take me home to mother.

I am not the “settling down” type.

I have dreams that I am exploring and the world at my feet.

I do not want to be the girl you bring home to your family, the one you plan to make the long trek down the aisle with one day. 246 more words


I come from sitting cross-legged on empty park benches,

from the back row,

from neglected corner tables, and deserted swing sets.

From playgrounds and laying flat inside the slide, 32 more words


America's Got Voice Talent Factor

So I can’t not watch a talent show if there’s one going on. But. I remember excitedly watching the first episode of American Idol, only to realize before the second break it was all a scam that was making these people very unhappy, and stopped watching TV talent shows altogether. 334 more words

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Olivia Gatwood – “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” (WoWPS 2015)