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the aftermath,

you ask me

what does loving somebody feel like

well it feels like breathing

but never knowing when the the oxygen supply will be cut off… 195 more words


Words Out Loud in Ballarat - September edition

Words Out Loud returns to Babushka lounge in Ballarat on Thursday, September 15, 7-9pm, for its next session of spoken word.

Writers, readers, poets — all word lovin’ folks with a hankering to share the love are invited along, with five-minute open mic spots on offer. 76 more words


I also rap.

​Lacing rhythms, no rhymes,

I ain’t runnin’ out of time,
I ain’t drivin’ out of line,
And all your worries, they are mine,
Those scary thoughts in your mind, 109 more words


The Comedian Says (depression series 3)

The comedian says
“If that girl sitting beside you
Does not conform to
These arbitrary standards of womanhood
As laid down by me—and men like me… 100 more words

Creative Writing

Made Beds

Faded bedsheets and stained pillow cases are what I fall asleep on as the silence of the night is broken by the fireworks two blocks down… 188 more words


The Mayor, Jesus Christ

This is a funny little prayer I wrote when I first moved into my old house. It still cracks me up whenever I read it and when I share it with another. 70 more words



I’m a major in her heart and a minor in my head

Because  I prefer to see the look within her eyes

Than think about the words I could’ve said… 95 more words