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i dread the day i die – not because the unknown is unknown
but because i don’t want to miss another sunrise
the thought of lying cold and still six feet under should bring peace to me but instead i worry that i might miss his eyes… 236 more words



the first time you betrayed me,
the silver bullet that encased all your lies smashed into my skull like a wrecking ball
and my hopes and dreams rolled down my cheek in the form of a pearl shaped tear. 337 more words


Mind and Soul

He kissed her mind right before she felt it, right before her senses cinched her he did.

So softly, so deliberately.

She can be just one of the many women who can come and leave in between the lapse of his life and death, but he never took notice until he found himself aback, catching a glimpse of her, examining her being full of mystery and artistry. 58 more words


For her

Oh my soul

To what depths would I dive for her love

Oh my god

what seas would I brave for her kiss

poison ambrosia… 11 more words


"Wide eyed she asks me,

‘What is Spoken Word?'”

— She Asks Me by Phil Kaye

My first encounter with spoken word poetry took place during my 10th grade Poetry block.

398 more words

Slip of the Tongue

“And I don’t wear lipstick, but my lips stick to the ears of men, so they can experience in surround sound my screams of agony with each lash of rulers, measuring tape, and scales. 17 more words


If my mouth was a graveyard for all the things I wanted to say but didn’t,
It would be a field of empty caskets
In other words: I talk too much… 420 more words