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Homeland Recap Season 5 Episode 8: "All About Allison"

As it turns out, Dar Adal and I have one very important thing in common: we don’t believe in coincidences. I may end up being proven as wrong as Dar Adal (about Saul’s loyalty, about Carrie’s usefulness, about Allison’s information, about Quinn’s mission), but right now, nothing on  475 more words


Reminder: Homeland Recaps at Slant

I’ve been lax about updating things here at the blog because I’ve been posting via Twitter and Facebook. Most unprofessional, I know, although maybe all the paranoia from watching  282 more words


#RebelHeartTour: 'Slant' has Learned The Lessons Well

As MADONNA‘s Rebel Heart Tour continues to garner rave reviews from fans and critics alike, check out this amusing article from Slant Magazine listing down lessons that can be learned from watching the show. 1,034 more words


On Being Invited to Play: Media Molecule's "Tearaway Unfolded"

I don’t often give perfect scores, and in all honesty, I probably could’ve docked a few points for the occasionally wonky camera in Tearaway Unfolded… 282 more words


Waterlogged: "Submerged" Is a Nonstop Disappointment

A game doesn’t need combat to be good; there are plenty of so-called “walking” simulators that prove that point. Heck, Gone Home was one of my favorite games back in 2013. 130 more words


Truly Trying Too Hard: Recap of "True Detective" Season 2 Episode 1

My thoughts on this week’s episode are up at Slant Magazine, and all I can say right now is: thank goodness there are only seven weeks left to go. 399 more words


Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This: Recap of "Mother's Mercy" (Game of Thrones S5E10)

I’m done! Not with Game of Thrones, though I suspect yet a few more “fans” will be throwing their hats into the ring after even more heroes bite the dust in the fifth season’s finale. 910 more words