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Only so much can be tolerated.

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Most would learn. But apparently applying acquired knowledge isn’t in the stars these days… 1,127 more words


Be aware – and wary – of SLAPP lawsuits

May 12, 2014 – Do you occasionally post product reviews to Amazon and other sites? If so, choose your words with care – you just might get slapped with a lawsuit for your opinion. 915 more words

Misportrayals of my Views on Libel Law

Contrary to more misportrayals, as usual, of my views on that other WordPress blog by saying I am on the “wrong side of a legal debate”, anyone even remotely familiar with my views would immediately recognize that I am completely opposed to the proposed… 1,130 more words

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John Knapp, LMSW: Timeline of My Very Limited Contacts With Him

UPDATE: As of January 14, 2014, after a lengthy process of investigations and hearings on a complaint filed by his former client, John Knapp’s license to practice Social Work in New York State has been revoked. 3,078 more words

Monica Pignotti

Correction to Misinformation about Larry Sarner and Advocates for Children in Therapy

The anonymous WordPress bloggers are at it again, this time posting misinformation about the domain registration of childrenintherapy.org claiming it is registered to “Candace Newmaker” when the actual link to the registration clearly shows it is not. 255 more words

Monica Pignotti

Advocates for Children in Therapy Statement about Ronald Federici's Lawsuits

Advocates for Children in Therapy (ACT), a non-profit advocacy organization, has now made a statement about Ronald Federici’s three attempts to sue them, first in small claims court where he lost against defendants ACT, Jean Mercer and Charly Miller, next in an appeal against those same defendants which he nonsuited and third in a case that was dismissed by a Virginia Federal judge in Eastern District Court of Virginia against those same defendants plus Linda Rosa, Larry Sarner and Monica Pignotti.   19 more words

Monica Pignotti

The Google Groups Search Results Are Replicable: Anyone Can Search Google Groups and Find 1000s of Smear Postings About Monica Pignotti

The anonymous WordPress Bloggers responded to my posting of verifiable statistics of their over 1000 postings to internet newsgroups, as usual for them, by fabricating a dialogue that never occurred and focusing on the person who did the analysis. 501 more words

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