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Click below to watch the video of me explaining how this happened. It was the first time anything crazy like that has happened to me and I honestly do wish I could have handled it better. 11 more words

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The Magic of Love

Today, while browsing Quora, I chanced upon this wonderful short story and couldn’t help sharing:

9 slapped 8.

8 asked “why u slapped me”? 88 more words


Imran Khan, Reham Khan slapped each other that lead to divorce

Everyday new story regarding Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan and Reham Khan’s relation jolt the Pakistani media and now another inside story of their fight has hit the Pakistani media. 105 more words


BJP MLA legislators thrash J&K MLA for hosting beef party

જમ્મુ – કાશ્મીર વિધાનસભામાં ગુરુવારે શરમજનક ઘટના સામે આવી છે. સંસદની કાર્યવાહી શરુ થતા જ ગૌમાંસ પર પ્રતિબંધને લઈને વિપક્ષી દળના નેતાઓ સાથે નિર્દલીય ધારાસભ્ય પણ વિરોધ કરી રહ્યા હતા. આ દરમિયાન ભાજપ ધારાસભ્ય રવીન્દ્ર રૈનાએ નિર્દલીય ધારાસભ્ય ઈન્જીનિયર રશીદને થપ્પડ મારી દીધી છે. http://www.vishvagujarat.com/bjp-mla-legislators-thrash-jk-mla-for-hosting-beef-party/

Slapped by a Panda: Businesses Invest Heavily in Engaging Content

Red Panda

Image by Mark Dumont

Slapped by a Panda: Businesses Invest Heavily in Engaging Content
In February 2011 companies across the world were simultaneously slapped by a Panda. 18 more words

Bieber Gropes Playboy Bunny - Gets Smacked!

This story is awesome.

The short version (according to Gossip Girl) is, Justin refuses to take a picture with a Playboy Bunny, another Bunny defends him, Justin kisses her on the cheek to say thanks, and grabs her boob! 66 more words


The Bully

It was a video that was difficult to watch.

A small kid sat timidly at his desk, slapped repeatedly on his face and then on his head by a bigger boy. 467 more words