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US teen severely slapped, kicked by school cop, video shows

New footage has
surfaced showing a
teenage student
being severely
beaten by a school
police officer in
Baltimore, Maryland.
Released on
Wednesday, the
gruesome video… 290 more words

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Phillips Phunny: John Cena Slapped By Ponytail

John Cena got slapped in the face by a female reporter’s ponytail at the Daytona 500.

It’s more about the look on professional wrester’s John Cena’s face, then the actual “slap”… But John was getting ready to enjoy the Daytona 500, when a female reporter came by and accidentally brushed his face with her ponytail. 26 more words


The Girlfriend Slapped her Boyfriend's Face while on the Big Wide Screen!

Kiss Cam is a social game that happens in sports events in stadium or arena. It is like an ice breaker in the main event during timeout. 32 more words

This Couple Was Featured In The Kiss Cam But The Woman Slapped Him Instead, What He Did To Him Was Insane!

The ‘Kiss Cam’ has been a part of any ball game. It is a part of the show where the cameras feature the people such as those who looks like a couple. 27 more words

The other woman

Well, what do I write… Part of me wants to write a load of swear words and post a picture of the cow but I know deep down that wouldn’t be right, but it would make me feel so good! 496 more words


Classroom Tales #2 BAM!

I studied in a Boarding school from Grade 6th to Grade 10th.
Those days, I was one of the “clever” students in about 250 of us, butĀ I was also counted as one of the top five notoriousĀ students. 455 more words