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Michael Myers is coming to Dead by Daylight

Starbreeze together with Behaviour today announced its collaboration with Compass International Pictures to bring the Halloween Chapter and the iconic horror film classic killer, Michael Myers to life in Dead by Daylight. 244 more words

The Making of John Carpenter's Halloween

Back in 1978, John Carpenter’s Halloween was an urban legend, a movie so scary that audiences were screaming their heads off in theaters across America. 2,600 more words

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Cryptic Pictures: Our Favourite Halloween Treats

By Mark Ricche and Christian Stavrakis

Part One: Treats (by Mark)

It was sometime in October 1983 that I first saw Halloween II on TV. When it was released in 1981, I was eleven years old and my parents told me to erase the idea of ever seeing it in the theater. 1,037 more words

Halloween Sensory Slashers III: Horror Fan Films

Rather than wait indefinitely for Hollywood or producers with clout to make desired sequels to horror franchises, some underground filmmakers have invested in creating their own. 291 more words


Fender Bender review

By Paul Downey

I must admit after seeing the cover for Mark Pavia’s Fender Bender I was a little skeptical about it – but now having seen it, safe to say skepticism be gone. 183 more words

Drawlloween Day 13 : Thursday the 13th

Thursday the Thirteenth

I’m not a huge fan of Friday the 13th.
My tiny bit of fandom really stems from my appreciation of horror
and whenever the 13th lands on a Friday during the year. 250 more words

The Windmill Massacre review

By Paul Downey

With a title like ‘The Windmill Massacre’, you probably wouldn’t say that the story had too much depth to it.

‘TWM’ is a homage to simpler times, when story came second to someone getting bludgeoned in some creative way. 210 more words