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Never Hike Alone preview

We all know by now that fan films for major slasher franchises are ten to the dozen, but the quality of them seems to be getting better all the time. 158 more words

Halloween Returns script review

By Paul Downey

It was supposed to be the Halloween film that was going to put Michael Myers back in the box office dollars, but after Dimension Films lost the rights to the franchise ‘Halloween Returns’ was abruptly cancelled. 444 more words

Ranking: Every Friday the 13th Film From Worst to Best

Why do I love the¬†Friday the 13th¬†franchise so much? Most entries feature poor directing, acting, writing, editing, lighting — really every credit involved in making a movie. 7,113 more words

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The Friday the 13th that never was

We have a special exclusive here at Bloody-Flicks.co.uk, a review of what could have been the next Friday the 13th film.

We managed to get hold of a copy of a script by Nick Antosca, which was infamously pitched 80’s set Friday the 13th meets Dazed and Confused treatment. 344 more words

Is Friday the 13th Part 2 better than the original?

Today 35 years ago came the sequel that would pave the way for the slasher boom of the early 1980’s, Friday the 13th Part 2. 430 more words

The Confession of Fred Krueger review

By Paul Downey

It’s been something Nightmare on Elm Street fans having been asking for, for as long as we can all remember – a prequel of sorts of the original film. 373 more words

Krueger - The Slasher from Elm Street review

By Paul Downey

As we all know fan films of famous horror franchises are very easily accessible, with every fan with a camera and a dream trying to re-create the magic of Myers, Krueger and Voorhees. 216 more words