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ARC Review: Final Girls - Riley Sager

After ten years, Quincy Carpenter is just trying to escape the title of Final Girl and what happened at Pine Cottage. The lone survivor of a massacre that took the lives of her five friends and killer, she is one of three girls known to the world as the Final Girls. 615 more words

Book Review

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Classically Cheesy

Ever since eight I’ve heard about Freddy Krueger. He’s pretty much engrained in the slasher lexicon, alongside Jason Voorhies and Michael Myers, as one of horror’s greatest villains. 1,190 more words


Throwback Thursday: Who is Freddy Krueger?

Who is Freddy Krueger? Within the world of Wes Craven’s first Nightmare on Elm Street movie (1984), he’s a supernatural being. Unlike his slasher “brothers” Jason Voorhees ( 954 more words

Film And Video

Slasher.com (2017)

Plot: Two people who have just met decide to go and stay in a remote cabin. Their quiet weekend away to get to know each other doesn’t quite go to plan when they’re left to fight for their lives. 301 more words


What to Wear, What to Wear?

But then I think, you know, that chick with the matching lingerie is always — but always — among the first to die in every B slasher film ever made. 35 more words

Everyday Musings

Don't Go in the Woods

Don’t Go in the Woods introduces itself via a Teddy Bears’ Picnic musical retread, but instead, we get a lyrical switcheroo to “don’t go out in the woods tonight, you probably will be killed…” 425 more words


The Slasher: Evolution

by KJ Ross-Wilcox

From the Greek tales of the minotaur and the cyclops to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the horror genre has a rich history. For a century, one of the most common ways that horror has manifested itself is on film. 1,337 more words