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Facebook post saves a horse from slaughter — and perhaps many more in the future — Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Tom Eblen as published on Lexington Herald Leader She was a 10-year-old Belgian in Pennsylvania, a former work horse, rescued from a slaughter pen with hooves so damaged she could barely walk.

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Fattening up wild horses for slaughter

“BLM’s got those wild horses as fat as butterballs–all paid for with taxpayer dollars,” explained an anonymous source. “That way they always have buyers wanting them by the truckload.” 300 more words

Wild Horses

Movie Review: Harpoon: The Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre (2009)

This Icelandic horror has been described as Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Gunnar Hansen even has a role here) on a whaling ship. That there is enough reason to check this movie out but the real question is does it really compare? 411 more words

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Yes, They Slaughter Racehorses

The willfully ignorant excepted, everyone in and around Racing knows that slaughter happens – that is, that “retired” American racehorses (of all breeds) are being shipped to foreign abattoirs to be shackled, hoisted, slashed, bled-out, and butchered for European and Asian dinner plates. 327 more words


Abraham became Imam at the end of his life

The prophet Abraham became Imam at the end of his life in age 99 235 more words


What’s the difference between eating a veg burger fried on the same flat top that an animal burger was fried on and eating seaweed that is harvested from an ocean in which humans slaughter fish? 130 more words