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Help save my pet lambs from slaughter!

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You’d think that the parents might understand that these three were always meant to be pets, and leave them alone. I feel so bad about the others, that are not considered pets.


It's Not The People...

It’s not the people – it’s the culture.

Any and all cultures that enslave, torture and slaughter other species as the foundation of their economy must die. 129 more words


MEPs oppose Spanish corrida as 'cultural' tradition

Slaughter without stunning is practiced in bullfighting, a notorious Spanish corrida, using the exception based on so-called ‘cultural traditions’. During the bullfight, the use of several instruments causes deep wounds, significant bleeding, intense suffering and painful death.  173 more words


Did democrats get a message from above?

It has been said that God communicates with us very often through everyday events.

That said, one can’t help but wonder if the democrat party has pondered the events of this past week. 115 more words



What would it feel like

To live without you

One move I make

Would guarantee I never see you again

What would it feel like… 37 more words

Slaughter Rituals Come From Satan Within

The Gods look unfavorably upon those who brutally enslave, torture and slaughter animals meant to roam free on this earth.

Humans pay through disease and misfortune all their lives for these egregious acts of hatred. 97 more words