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COWS AND BEAF BAN IN INDIA: When Mother Becomes Killer!

In 21st century, India is one of the leading developing nations but it’s a misery that its intellectual is still stuck in the cloven hoof of cows. 1,028 more words


Bottom 5: Hair metal, 1990

Ah, 1990 the year before hair metal died and the scene was so saturated. Don’t be surprised if you see a few albums here that should not be, this is all just a matter of opinion. 658 more words

Music Reviews

Pictures of horses in killpen sought

HORSE SLAUGHTER — We are looking for 2 or 3 stills of horses in kill pens or similar situations linked to the slaughter pipeline — nothing too graphic — for a horse slaughter documentary maker. 32 more words

Horse Slaughter

Poem: Led to Slaughter, Chicago Style

By: Keith Moul

“Modern travel: convenient speed”:
Railroad Promotion latter 19th century.

Amid squeals cattle came along as well.
Destined to the center of stink, ever rising, 164 more words


The Bible Antiquated?

People will tell you that the Bible is antiquated.

What does antiquated mean?

“Very old and no longer useful, popular or accepted: very old fashion, obsolete” 450 more words


Idul Adha


Pisau itu terhunus ke kepala yang merengek minta diampuni nyawanya.

Ia memohon agar tidak dipenggal, tetapi pemegang pisau ingin melihat

air mata merah yang konon sakral. 98 more words