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If You Poison Us, Do We Not Die?

In the previous post, I began to speak about the recently published ‘non-technical summaries’ (NTS): accounts of the animal research projects proposed and granted in 2016. 1,997 more words

Is your outlet really 'halal'?

Now I know what you’re thinking:

‘How can HFA of all people say my favorite outlet isn’t Halal?’
‘It says Halal on the shop window so that must mean it’s Halal?’ 597 more words


The global juggernaut of animal slaughter

This post highlights some material from this site’s memes and charts page, focusing on animal slaughter and meat production figures from 1961 to 2016.

Although there appears to have been significant progress in veganism (from a small base) in many countries, there is a long way to go on a global basis, with a strong overall increase in slaughter numbers over the full period and in recent years. 452 more words



Settled in,

window seat,

wet feet flooding past,

fleeting reflections

in the steaming glass,

looking for the light

in this city

now grown grey

like those hairs… 171 more words


The price of a life

There are many people who will tell us, ‘I love animals and I think they should be treated humanely but I eat meat’ and will see no irony in a declaration that they have possibly never even stopped to consider. 354 more words


To kill vast numbers, we must ‘farm’ vast numbers

When we are not vegan, and if we consider it at all, we sometimes have the idea that the reproduction of ‘farmed’ individuals is somehow a natural process and our use of their bodies for eggs, milk and body parts is some kind of fire-fighting that’s essential to keep down numbers and prevent the human population from being overwhelmed. 406 more words