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A bewildered, scared
Animal, rides to its death–
Every single day.




Animal-eaters will often hear animal rights activists/advocates/vegans refer to all animals as sentient beings.

What sentient means is the capacity to perceive, sense and feel. Thus all animals can think, feel emotion (joy through sadness and grief), and experience pain and/or a sense of well-being. 65 more words


Pheasant shooting begins today - and forget the rural idyll! - The Ecologist


Birds shipped in cramped cages across the Channel, factory farmed and bred just to be chased and shot, shooting season is a far cry from the rural tradition it is still sold as. 50 more words


Unfinished Business (★★★★★)

Anne-Marie Slaughter   *  Random House  *  September 29, 2015  *  352 Pages

Anne-Marie Slaughter was Director of Policy Planning under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton–but she’s most familiar to me as the author of her controversial Atlantic article, … 518 more words

Book Review

Id Ul Zuha

I am writing on this very sensitive issue because as the issue i am raising is important for us and for our mother Earth. “Id Ul Zuha” was observed this Friday and as we know thousands of goats and other animals were sacrificed for the sake of “Religion”. 104 more words

We have done nothing wrong (Ps 44:20-44:22)

“If we had forgotten the name of our God,

If we have spread out our hands to a strange god,

Would not God discover this? 75 more words

Russia Reopens Investigation into Jewish Slaughter of the Romanov Family

http://adf.ly/1Ovgd8 Just like everything else: Jews did it.

More good news, people.

Russian investigators have exhumed the remains of the last tsar and his wife, as they re-examine their 1918 murders. 463 more words

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