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Talk about the practice of selling horses for slaughter: Part 5

I found an excellent article here, reblogging from “Straight from the Horse’s Heart.”

For Horse Lovers Everywhere: The Truth About Horse Slaughter

By Kim Sheppard, courtesy of Animal’s Angels… 994 more words

This world is a ruthless war zone…

mass slaughter of innocent people , bombing and wars covered up by saying its religion based. Poor people suffer to get a meal a day while the government charges is tax and promises to use a certain amount to help the poor and jobless . 365 more words

The Oceans Turn to Blood… (The Cove, 2009)

The filmmakers follow Richard O’Barry as he takes them around Taijii, Japan.  He comes across as a paranoid conspiracy theorist early on.  O’Barry wears a Sars mask and hunches over as he drives to fool Japanese police as they drive by.  642 more words



Another day of much interaction between people

a more temperate climate

an air of happiness and a harmony abounded

streets crowded with shoppers

that opened up into a large communal space… 218 more words


Talk about the practice of selling horses for slaughter: Part 4

I have not written in a while, and I apologize for that.  My computer does not work the greatest.  I have had quite a few things happening in the month of June.  999 more words

"SCREAM" TV Show Pilot Review

20 years after a cop murdered a would-be serial killer, the town of Lakewood faces another string of murders.  The pilot starts with the airing of a lesbian make out video starring an outcast of Lakewood High School, and soon after one of the girls involved in the upload is murdered.   403 more words

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Slaughter on a Tunisian beach

Last week saw a lone wolf jihadi causally stroll onto a tourist-packed beach in Port el Kantoui, Tunisia and, with deadly effect, open fire with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle. 759 more words

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