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Wow! I am a cow


Call me a cow, 

Call be beef

After being hammered, cooked and served to eat

Call be by any name

After all, as you intellects say… 176 more words

'Meat' Pastels.

These pastels may look yummy and absolutely scrumptious – from the outside. But you would not divulge from a restaurant that served  ‘meat’. Why? – ‘meat’ – all meat comes from violence.  1,078 more words


My uncle.

My uncle was a real villain but now he’s dead.

It was bad. It was really bad at times. Three women and one MN in this house. 300 more words

Journal Entry

Robinson and Cento are Safe!

Thanks to our wonderful friends and patrons we were able to save two more very special lives. Meet Robinson and Cento. Both came to us from a riding school. 339 more words


Kicking the God's Asses & Killing Animals in Sacrifices

Dakṣa’s Demise

Rudra came before Bhṛgu and declared, “While you poured oblations into the fire, people warned you to dedicate some portion to Śiva. You merely smiled at this advice, and proudly stroked your beard…” Then he grabbed hold of Bhṛgu’s beard and tore it off. 485 more words

Case Solution for Grupo Financiero Inverlat

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Grupo Financiero Inverlat

Authors :           Henry W. Lane, Kathleen E. Slaughter, Daniel D. Campbell

Source :             Ivey Publishing… 96 more words


My Short Life

Here I sit all alone on cold hard ice
My mom and I had just recently met
She called it my birthday, which does sound nice, 98 more words

Animal Cruelty