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Killing the Ocean

Recently, there was murder that took place on the high seas. The culprits fired two harpoons into their victim and tried to cover the body with a large tarpaulin… a dead corpse of a minke whale. 76 more words


Breaking! France Passes Historic Bill Ordering Cameras In All Slaughterhouses

By Carole R. Davis as published on World Animal News

“The new law includes an independent commission, a national slaughterhouse ethics committee and comes loaded with stiff penalties for… 477 more words
Cruelty To Animals

Debunking : The Humane Myth

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”
― Paul McCartney

Factory farming refers to the keeping of livestock, often holding the animals in extreme confinement, limiting movement which aids infection and disease.

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Stay out of the creature’s way, is my way. The plants have it all. It’s the way we’re using the plants that needs to be explored. 19 more words


A thought about what 'better' means

All of us are sentient individuals, the majority of whom have never been confined, never been tortured, never been mutilated deliberately and without anaesthesia, never been forcibly impregnated, never had our babies taken from us, never been hooked up to… 370 more words