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Dominance and Dominion

And so the carnival rang and marched forever into the distance.
A chorus of buckshot, flies buzzing over rotten flesh.
A mountain of skulls ghostly voids proudly marking the trail of their crossing. 20 more words


Like A Lamb To The Slaughter

Today, I mortally wounded one of my characters, which was difficult for me to do because I have grown quite attached to him. But unfortunately, he was always meant to die… in fact, the whole reason I invented him was so that his death could illustrate an important plot point. 165 more words


The Story of Palo Duro

[…. The Indians had fled on foot. Mackenzie marched his troops back to their camp, 20 miles away, and there on the following morning he ordered all the horses, except a few hundred spared for use, shot. 109 more words


Of Beatification - Massacre of the Innocents - and the BEEB



It cannot have escaped the attention of even the most casual listener to BBC Radio 2, in the course of the last 24 hours, that a process of beatification is well under way for Pudsey’s primary accomplice. 154 more words


Decoding 'Never Again' by Sherry F. Colb :: SSRN



This article, Decoding “Never Again,” narrates its author’s experience as a child of two Holocaust survivors, one of whom participated in rescuing thousands of his fellow Jews during the war. 104 more words


Don't stand by

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. There’s a reason why the anniversary of the mass slaughter of 6 million Jews along with countless communists, gypsies, blacks and dissidents is held on January 27th. 404 more words

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Rare sea lion mutilated by fishermen just to get its jaw and teeth (Russia)

HORRIFIC footage of a rare sea lion being mutilated by a fisherman is being investigated by the Russian police.

January 26th, 2016. An axle grinder was used to cut off the sea mammal’s jaws and teeth so they could be sold, it is being claimed. 139 more words

Endangered Biodiversity