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Meet Your Meat: Vegetarian to Sunday Pig Slaughter

We’ve found that a lot of people are a funny mixture of curious and uncomfortable/squeamish about the reality of pasture to plate – one day a pig and the next pork. 998 more words

Intergenerational Knowledge, Ethics & Butchering

It boggles the mind how far removed we are from the realities of how that $6 1.5kg packet of bacon went from being a pig to mounted on toast and eggs on our plates. 292 more words

리토 익스트림 #181 Slaughter - Strappado

캐나다의 전설적 스래셔의 유일한 정규 앨범. 데스(Death) 등에 비하면 그 지명도는 떨어지지만 후속 밴드에 미친 영향의 크기는 크면 컸지 적지 않다. 데스의 척 슐디너(Chuck Schuldiner)도 보컬리스트/기타리스트로 1986년에 단기간 있었지만 이 밴드에는 세컨드 기타리스트로 재적했다. 12 more words

리토 익스트림

Featured book - Anthropocene Apocalypse - Index

I think the index gives you a bit of a clue as to the content.


Quote & dedication


My worst nightmare

My best outcome… 364 more words


Poultry Processing Procedures

(Caution, Graphic Photos)

These are the steps in poultry processing:

  1. Birds taken off food night previous to processing day
  2. Birds calmed and loaded into cones…
  3. 144 more words