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New York runaway cow escapes slaughterhouse, gets a new home

A cow destined for the dinner table found a new fate after escaping a New York slaughterhouse. It roamed the streets of Queens before NYPD Emergency Services caught the cow several hours later. 148 more words


The Anita Kranjc Case

Anita Kranjc is the co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, a group who films pigs on their way to slaughter, hosts demonstrations to raise awareness about the atrocities of the slaughterhouse, and gives water to pigs deprived of it during transport to the slaughterhouse, sometimes for days. 254 more words


Slaughterhouse floor

All around her death tumbles and screams

Heavy in her heart is the knowledge

Her time is coming too

The female in front of her drops… 110 more words


Killing the Beautiful and the Innocent

Earlier on my way home I saw a truck. To be more specific, it was a slaughterhouse truck. It wasn’t empty. In it were cows. Cows on their way to their death. 109 more words


Cruel Slaughterhouse Awarded $2.5 Million

The governments of Canada and Manitoba announced today that they are giving $2.5 million in funding to producer-owned Granny’s Poultry to expand its slaughter operations. 74 more words

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Slaughterhouse Fifth Estate

One normally thinks of banking as a safe occupation, unless you are a customer of course. It certainly isn’t a calling that brings to mind murder, assassination, suicide and unexplained ghastly deaths. 469 more words