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KXNG Crooked - "Shoot Back (Dear Officer)" [Single] / "Good Vs. Evil" [Album]

In the light of recent events that went down across the states, KXNG Crooked (fka Crooked I) decided to let loose an intense track dedicated to anti-police brutality. 110 more words


Slaughterhouse - Finished Product

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out as it was how I wanted it look. However, I am saddened also with the way it turned out and that’s because I’d made a mistake. 550 more words


Love your meat? See your meat!

Meat eaters!

Have you ever asked yourself this question: What is the quality of the meat you’re eating, and how well was the animal raised..? If not, then you can “pass Go and collect $200 along the way”. 729 more words

Yogibanker Values

The Lucky Pigs Died First

An early morning transport run to Fearmans Pork Inc. gave 37 of its 180 porcine passengers the first and only lucky break of their short, miserable lives by killing them just outside the slaughterhouse. 831 more words

Anita Krajnc

Driver of truck that flipped while carrying pigs to slaughterhouse facing charges

BURLINGTON, Ont. – The driver of a truck that overturned while carrying roughly 180 pigs to a Toronto-area slaughterhouse this week has been charged with careless driving. 163 more words


Judging Compassion: the Criminal Trial of Toronto Pig Save’s Anita Krajnc

Judging Compassion: the Criminal Trial of Toronto Pig Save’s Anita Krajnc

The young pig at the outer edge of the immobile transport truck bearing him to slaughter was so terrified and parched that his mouth was foaming. 904 more words