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What Makes a Murderer?

Back in January of this year, Julian and I went to see a screening of the documentary, Cowspiracy.  The screening was held primarily to raise money for a group called, “The Slaughterhouse 7″, a group of activists who were arrested… 1,445 more words

Animal Slaughter

SatOne "BRUTAL" New mural in Munich

This new and stunning mural is the work of German artist SatOne painted for the Deadline – Urban Art festival in Munich, Germany.
Painted at an abandoned slaughterhouse and titled BRUTAL, the new mural stands as an interesting and incredibly vigorous abstract interpretation of the history of the place. 37 more words


China: Woman Skins Live Cat For Cat Meat, In Main Street

China: Woman Skins Live Cat For Cat Meat, In Main Street

Driving along the road in China, an animal lover was horrified to see a fellow Chinese woman skinning a live cat. 713 more words

Why Vegan? #1 - Meet Your Meat

Even though I know some people will have a hard time seeing this video, I have been looking forward to sharing it since we started this blog.  450 more words

Animal Rights

Vietnam: Pet Dog Stolen By Dog Thieves

Vietnam: Pet Dog Stolen By Dog Thieves

The dog was known as Pốp and to keep her safe, her owners made sure she slept inside the house every night, alongside the family… 969 more words

Indonesia: Cruelty In It's Dog Meat Trade

Indonesia: Cruelty In It’s Dog Meat Trade

Please take a moment and look closely at the state of the dogs in the photograph, at an Indonesian dog slaughterhouse. 805 more words

The Slaughterhouse Massacre (2005) Film Review: I Don't Usually Review Films I Hate

Coming in with a whopping 2.3 on IMDB, I feel like some people out there were being a little too nice to this film. This film is the reason that I only sporadically use Netflix, when I can get a free month here and there. 340 more words