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Why (why why) are animal "rights" orgs still promoting a vegetarian diet?

peta2 shared this absurd poster today (without the red “x”), and I wanted to share the comment I left on it with you:

“First, slaughterhouses *do* essentially have glass walls (i.e. 151 more words


[GRAPHIC] Footage of Actual Muslim Slaughterhouse for Christians Released

Posted on November 4, 2014 by Dom the Conservative

URL of the original posting site: http://madworldnews.com/muslim-slaughterhouse-christians

Proof of actual human slaughterhouses has been uncovered, and it’s the stuff of which nightmares are made. 367 more words

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Car Air Freshener Company Thinks Proposal To Open Slaughterhouse Next To Its Corporate HQ Stinks

You might’ve used a pine tree-shaped air freshener in your car to make sure your vehicle doesn’t smell like an animal died inside it. Car-Freshner, the company behind those rearview mirror accessories also wants to make sure its space doesn’t smell like meat, and is warning officials in a New York town that it’ll move its corporate headquarters if a proposed slaughterhouse opens up next door. 238 more words



The United States, Canada, Australia, France, Romania…The whole world. Today literally millions of compassionate humans across The Planet are marching for what is the greatest social justice issue of our time. 54 more words

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Economic crisis leads to the mass slaughter of Spanish horses

Story by Alexandra Malloy

BARCELONA–With a booming real estate and building market leading up to the Spanish economic crisis in 2008, horses were bought by many Spaniards as a symbol of their wealth. 1,506 more words


Beating a Rabbit to Death in Denmark to Make a Point about Not Killing Animals?

    Asger Juhl, the host of a live radio show in Denmark, took an adorable floppy-eared baby rabbit (photo above) out of a box, petted the nine-week old with what appeared to be tenderness (audio was made available on the website) then clubbed the rabbit to death with a bicycle pump.  409 more words

A Comment to A Post

How many of you bloggers have received creepy comments?  In a way it shows that one has achieved some success to have enough of an audience to even evoke a response, however unsavory. 178 more words