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Beating a Rabbit to Death in Denmark to Make a Point about Not Killing Animals?

    Asger Juhl, the host of a live radio show in Denmark, took an adorable floppy-eared baby rabbit (photo above) out of a box, petted the nine-week old with what appeared to be tenderness (audio was made available on the website) then clubbed the rabbit to death with a bicycle pump.  409 more words

A Comment to A Post

How many of you bloggers have received creepy comments?  In a way it shows that one has achieved some success to have enough of an audience to even evoke a response, however unsavory. 178 more words

From the Land of Buddha to Butchers' zone?

It’s true that deep inside our hearts, we all know that we are a Buddhist nation and that it’s against the teachings of Lord Buddha to even eat meat, forget about killing animals. 518 more words

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West Miami-Dade Slaughterhouse, One Of The Largest, Torn Down

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – One of the largest illegal slaughterhouses found in South Florida was torn down.

A five month investigation revealed that animals were being starved and slaughtered in vicious ways at the West Miami-Dade slaughterhouse. 90 more words


Halal House of Horrors

The brutal treatment of sheep at a halal abattoir led to demands for a crackdown on slaughterhouses yesterday.

Shocking undercover footage of workers ‘hacking and sawing’ at animals’ throats has provoked a public outcry. 252 more words


Consumers Want To Eat More Local Beef, But There Aren't Enough Butchers These Days

Does the idea of a hard day at work cutting up cattle carcasses appeal to you? If not, you’re not alone: Despite the growing trend toward eating more local beef, there simply aren’t enough people going into the profession of butchering to meet the increased demand. 305 more words

Cruelty is Cruelty

I read this article on the Calgary Herald this morning and couldn’t help but feel outraged. I don’t know why I subject myself to the upset I feel after reading stories like this. 213 more words

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