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The rooster

I WAS LIGHTING incense with a stove torch in the living room yesterday, standing next to this. The sunlight from the big window was doing a swell job of illuminating. 188 more words


an article on animal welfare

And wondering where we strayed, posterity will note that in America, farm animals were excluded from the very definition of “animal” in the protections provided in our federal Animal Welfare Act.

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Livestock auction in New Holland where meat men prey on horses is banning photos and videos

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — News of the Horse reports that the livestock auction in New Holland, Pennsylvania, is banning photos and videos.

New Holland auction is notorious among horse lovers chiefly because it is one of the largest sales rings where horses are dumped in some of the most deplorable circumstances imaginable and preyed on by meat man acting on behalf of horse slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico. 710 more words

Horse Slaughter

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I'm Gonna Break My Rusty Cage...and Run

Imagine being this bull–marked for death, sent to the slaughter. Doesn’t know why he was in the truck but happy to have survived the freezing journey, he emerges into the sunlight only to sense a new fear–the end is near.  405 more words

What's It Gonna Take To Stop Greed? Education. And Vegans.

What’s it gonna take to get people to stop consuming inhumanely slaughtered meat? To not drink milk? To not wear fur? To not eat veal? To care about the world around them? 409 more words

Know Your Abattoir

At Adams Farm Slaughterhouse in Athol, MA, they play classical music on the kill floor. Cattle carcasses—seemingly as big as dinosaurs—hang by the hock from metal hooks fitted to a track in the ceiling that winds around the perimeter of the cathedral-like room. 1,626 more words


Animals are reflections of our own humanity

Mahatma Gandhi said that the greatness of a civilization is measured by the way we treat animals. The quote is still topical, even if the images presented here, are from 1906 French magazine… 346 more words