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Cruelty is Cruelty

I read this article on the Calgary Herald this morning and couldn’t help but feel outraged. I don’t know why I subject myself to the upset I feel after reading stories like this. 213 more words

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Abuse of Animals Won’t Stop Until We Stop Eating Meat

When Animal Liberation was published, I hoped that, 40 years on, there would be no more slaughterhouses – and therefore no more newspaper stories about atrocities like the one at an abattoir in the north of England. 44 more words

Video: British Halal Slaughterhouse Of Horrors Exposed

ary 03, 2015

Video: British Halal Slaughterhouse Of Horrors Exposed http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2015/02/video-british-halal-slaughterhouse-of-horrors-exposed-345.html

A halal slaughterhouse in Britain has been caught “hacking” and “sawing” at the throats of unstunned sheep. 109 more words

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Vegan Ethics. I Wish I Had Known.

I don’t know what I did wrong. I know I keep forgetting to add photos. It just tasted off. The vegan macaroni salad, however, isn’t too bad. 511 more words


Animal cruelty

I just read an article about a slaughterhouse in England and its abuse practices. Usually I prefer not to read or look as I cannot stand it. 474 more words