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From Plantation Songs to Hip-Hop: The Evolution of Black Music Through the Centuries

From the time of slavery until now, music has played a vital role in the lives of African Americans. During slavery, it was used to overcome oppression and increase the quality of life. 951 more words


YouTube-accessible Documentary on Dena Epstein, the Jewish librarian whose book on slave music proved Africans brought the banjo to the New World

This 56-minute documentary is to me something Jon Bekoff would call “made with love,” his expression for non-fictional works that are both profoundly scholarly and attentive to the human spirit. 17 more words


Billy Stevens attributes African slaves to American popular music success

Billy Stevens, a lecturer and musician, spoke at Elon University Wednesday evening, February 20. He addressed students, faculty and community members on tracing the origins of American popular music, and to whom he accredits this origin, in his lecture entitled, “Sincere Forms of Flattery: Blacks, Whites, and American Popular Music.” 703 more words

Thank You Ebony Hillbillies :) The Cooking Gene Has a Soundtrack for its Campaign Video!

Rique Giving an Impromptu Lesson on Enslaved People’s Fiddling Traditions

Special and Heartfelt thanks goes out to the Ebony Hillbillies for allowing us to use their music in our video for Indiegogo.   184 more words

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