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Cunt brain

i have no brain for work, so tgif.

My cunt had taken over. After my chat with Sir regarding my emotions my cunt took over my brain. 295 more words

New Release - En'kara Silks in Blue

And here we have the last of the updates to the silks already available (rest assured, i will be making many more!).  I retextured the bulge for the red and green version of the En’Kara silks and made a blue version while I was at it.   57 more words



i don’t know how to stop this need.

I want to cry. My cunt is wetter than yesterday, it pulses and it won’t stop. Every step I take feels like an edge. 483 more words


im so very happy it’s Friday.

My energy level is nill, but I’ll get through the day.

My meeting yesterday with the domme went well. She is insanely interesting and we met at a great bar that I really look forward to going to again(even though it’s super expensive). 434 more words

Delia's Story, Chapter 132: Back Home

John had the limo driver take them home. After the three handcuffed women were out of the car and all the bags had been removed, the driver drove away and John led his harem into the house. 1,311 more words

Delia's Story


This is a brand new emotion. Brought on by Sir, a gift of sorts for our anniversary.

With so much emotional changes coming so fast at me I am even more needing of Sir. 261 more words

Review of 50 Shades of Grey.

Dakota Johnson is the sole reason to see this movie. Dakota?  She is absolutely fantastic!  I hope they put her in every movie for the next 10 years.  882 more words