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BS 27

Chapter 27: story discourse

– – Spirits of Gods, in my room.

“Even so, Melfina is not going to come home yet.”

I take a card from Efil. 1,215 more words

Web Novel Translation

The fire, it burns ,

The desire to end it all , takes turns.

Caught in the milieu of these good ‘trips’ and bad , 85 more words



Prompt: When you climaxed with my collar, did it feel different than your regular orgasms, and how?

This orgasm was different in a way that it held a more spiritual meaning. 90 more words


Spring cleaning

__ spent my morning unpacking boxes and getting rid of unused and unwanted items since moving. My sister’s place was a temporary hub but it was time I needed my own space again. 74 more words

Pompey's Circumstance

The previous blogs, “Twice on Sunday 1 & 2,” described a fictional day in the life of the commander of Fort George, Capt. Benjamin Larrabee. Everyone Larrabee interacted with in the story was real, including his “Negro servant” Pompey. 1,098 more words

Brunswick History