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I live a small life in obscurity. Can I really make a difference for God?

We see so many stories of people launching ministries, or selling everything to move into an inner-city, or striking off to a mission-receiving nation. They are doing Big Things for Jesus. 1,121 more words


Mariyah The Copt Was No Concubine

In previous articles on Mariyah, which can be seen here and here, I presented many classical to contemporary sources that Mariyah was indeed married to Prophet Muhammed (p). 1,100 more words


I am feeling horny now

I am at office now, I read it a day ago. But I see it again :

“I can say this easily.  I would be very happy to have you as my only slave.  14 more words


So i guess that is all i can do when you are not here to text with me like usual, our day will be idk , either good or bad, but think for hours in bed, feel like yet i sometimes wanting lots of free time but when it arrived, it was just so sudden, lifeless, i could not gain anything i want, i feel i wake up aimlessly, with a lot of  questions in mind. 107 more words


«Ραγιάς», ο υποταγμένος και υπόδουλος - Ακόμη και με ρότσες!


Με τη λέξη «ραγιάς», περιγράφεται υποτιμητικά ο υποταγμένος και υπόδουλος. Όχι ο σκλάβος, γιατί ο σκλάβος έχει την ελπίδα να λευτερωθεί, αλλά ο δούλος που αποδέχθηκε τη μοίρα του δεν αντιστέκεται και προσκυνάει τον αφέντη. Τη λέξη αυτή χρησιμοποιούσαν οι Τούρκοι επί Οθωμανικής Αυτοκρατορίας για να περιγράψουν τους μη μουσουλμάνους κατοίκους της αυτοκρατορίας.


2001 Yamaha XV 1600 A Road Star Clutch Slave

2001 Yamaha XV 1600 A Road Star Clutch Slave

The Clutch Slave is operated either hydrauliclly or via a cable. In either configuration, the Clutch Slave (mounted on the engine) provides the pressure to engage and disengage the Clutch. 42 more words

The Power of Joy (01)

Synopsis: I met Joy two weeks ago. Joy is a hooker, with her permanent spot on Berlin Avenue. But her customers get something different than they would ever expect …. 1,081 more words