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A girlfriend?

to say my past with most women suck is an understatement. There was my old crazy best friend m…and the cast of characters I’ve wrote about here. 312 more words

Cry bitch

thats actually the title of a play list on my phone and appropriately describes my morning commute.

Pandora decided to play every heart destroying song it could, so sunglasses on I silently cried my way to work. 235 more words

A Change of Scenery...

I have experienced the most challenging move I’ve ever had this weekend. I even broke out all over my face more than I have in years – I feel like I look like a teenager struggling with acne all over again. 1,159 more words


I Teach You The Superman... Slave Morality (Part 1)

Imagine for a moment…

There exists an individual (trying, testing and headstrong).

Through many a trail and error, he has come to terms with the monolithic construct called Life (‘living’ is the process). 244 more words


Cutting into Car to Save Steps for Replacing Clutch on Ford Focus

Watching ErictheCar Guy on Youtube, I see that he had to make a judgement call to cut away on a piece of metal to avoid extra steps. 96 more words

Ashtray Slave - Video

Did You ever use a human ashtray? It is very convenient. You never need to look for an ashtray anymore, since the slave is always ready to open his mouth and receive Your ashes. 320 more words


The Underscore

According to “Internet Marketing Blog” which referenced the Almighty Google… an underscore is used to “join” words together. an example of an underscore used to join words is red_sneakers. 378 more words