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The Slave Airplane

I’m realizing that I feel most fulfilled when I know that I add something to someone’s life. If I’m the airplane, I don’t really want to carry superman. 391 more words



It’s my time of month..sexy right? Not quite..

Ladies, do you get as horny as I am right now?? I swear whenever this is happening I just want to jump on Master and attack him. 90 more words



Why must you weigh
So heavily on my mind
Constructing my thoughts
Absorbing my dreams

I cannot seem to shake you
Cannot focus on the other… 57 more words


6 month in review

The biggest difference has been sleep. I don’t know if this is what Sir expected, but everything leads back to sleep.

He was so afraid of me becoming a sleep whore like him. 253 more words

I wonder...

“You will let her lick your pus*y if I say you will, understand sl*t?”
“Please Sir, I really don’t want to, don’t make me.”
It’s not that I don’t like other girls licking me out, I do. 190 more words

Mistress' footsteps...

Mistress’ footsteps are coming down the corridor
Slowly. inexorably, full of danger
The door opens
She looks in horror  and mumbles ‘NO, NO, NO!’


Tales of a Pervert Priest

I’ve never been one to say no to a challenge. That’s why when I found out my friends older brother , Josh, or as I now so affectionately refer to him ,Fatherfuckface, was joining the priesthood…I couldn’t stay away. 1,338 more words