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The Slavers of Barakan

The Slavers of Barakan

Barakan is thought of as a colossal prison, the main part of the island consisting of a great rounded mountain (which the original settlers thought was FÆzteaochaelon (see appropriate appendix) that is pock-marked like a honeycomb and every cave (of which there are hundreds) have been fitted with doors and bars. 897 more words


Meat Machines

CS Drachensvard
holding position 120,000 miles from uncharted drift
Corfeth (Vanlir Edge) System

The sound of retching broke the silence on the bridge. Midshipman Lochran-ith-Lanth, currently manning the tactical/payload position. 501 more words


Umm Sayyaf, Captured ISIS Wife Admitts to Running All-Female Group of Sex Slavers and Spies

Daily Mail — Umm Sayyaf was captured by U.S. forces during a raid in Deir Ezzor, Syria. Her husband Abu Sayaff was killed and his laptops and phones seized. 122 more words


Transport part 8

The captives were placed in cells in the botom of the ship. The room was dark. The cells were smal cubicles.
The room had male and female slaves in wating. 1,274 more words


The Transatlantic Lie...

One of the biggest myth’s ever believed, was the Transatlantic Slave Trade. this story is sold to people who have lost their ability to think. The way they are packed in like sardines should tip anybody off. 62 more words

African American Community

The Sun God's Heir by Elliott Baker

No matter the era a person lives there are a few things many try to keep true in life. People can feel they are honor bound to uphold a family name, a friendship, or protect someone unable to protect themselves. 710 more words


Slavery and the Bible

Recently I found myself in a rather heated conversation that involved the very touchy topic of the Bible’s views on slavery. Criticizing the Bible’s so-called promotion of slavery has also become a favorite hobby horse of the New Atheists, such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. 1,516 more words

New Testament