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The Heroic Slave + Uncle Tom's Cabin = Django: Unchained?

The movie Django: Unchained was released in 2012, and follows the adventures of Dr. King Shultz and Django. The film takes place in the deep South during the late 1850s, set in the pro-slave states of Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee. 1,890 more words

Bonne fête de la pistache! and thoughts on the American and French revolutions against the English

I just opened one of my favorite books—L’Agenda en révolution—to today’s date and realized with a chuckle that today is the fête de la pistache… 1,393 more words

French Revolution

"Immigrants-- We get the job done!" -- Susan Johnson's Diary, part 4

This is the 4th part of my look at the diary of Susan Edwards Johnson, a Connecticut woman that visited the North Carolina coast in 1800-1801. 658 more words

Love In The Archives

This Sierra Leonean man led the Amistad slave revolt and won his freedom in a U.S. court in 1841

by Farida Dawkins,  September 13, 2018

Sengbe Pieh, in a 1839 portrait by Nathaniel Jocelyn

Sengbe Pieh was an African slave who led an uprising on the Spanish slave ship, La Amistad. 571 more words


Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, a Pirate's Life For Me

I recently finished playing “Uncharted 4” on my new PlayStation 4, (thanks again, Noah). A really fun and exciting game. The story-line was about Nathan Drake’s desperate search for the $400,000,000.00 treasure of the pirate, Henry Avery, thought to have been the richest pirate of the Golden Age. 192 more words

Black Caesar

Sold! - To the Lowest Bidder

The madness of sin…

Thus says Jehovah, Where is the document of your mother’s divorce? Or to who of my creditors have I sold you? Behold, you were sold for your perversities, and your mother was put away for your trespasses.

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Consent is complex, because in order to fully understand the underlining purpose of consent, we have to define a myriad of terms to ground that understanding. 830 more words