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What's Really Holding You Back?

The Chains Are Real

Debt is a modern day slave master. Debt makes bondservants of us all. Debt hinders our economic freedom and casts a shadow on our future. 271 more words


Ain't I a woman?

Yesterday, May 29th, was the anniversary of Sojourner Truth’s famous extemporaneous speech at the 1851 women’s rights convention in Akron, OH. There’s plenty out there to read about this woman and her speech, so I’m just going to touch on a couple of things to put it in context. 567 more words

Download Slavery And The Making Of America

Download slavery and the making of america

Slavery in the United States was the legal institution of human chattel enslavement, primarily of Africans and African Americans, that existed in the United States of Throughout the revolutionary era, Americans chanted “SLAVERY” as a rallying call to oppose Britain’s autocratic rule. 485 more words

A word about Facebook racists

You all know the kinds of people I am talking about. Lurking in the comment section so ready to try to argue that reverse racism is real and that it’s the confederate flag is “heritage”. 1,233 more words

I'm Pissed

just breathe

Nope, that is not the opening to one of my fairly gentle political posts. Just breathe. Those are the words I repeat to myself the night before I attempt to set up my first installation for the exhibit… 325 more words


Overcoming Cultural Inertia Part 2

This is part of an ongoing series this year on Overcoming the Cultural Inertia that holds our society back. For those of you that never delved further into history than what was presented in school, and for those that claim to be White allies of People of Color, allow me to present you with a reminder of just how deep, and how far back, into our history the #CulturalInertia of maintaining racial inequality goes. 490 more words