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What Does The Year 1619 Have To Do With 2019

The date are dates that should be remembered by people of color because it was 400 years ago August 20th 1619 that slaves were said to be stolen from their homeland in Africa. 54 more words


New Jersey Man Found With Drugs, Gun Arsenal, and ‘Manual for Owning Slaves’ — BCNN1 WP

Police say they found a New Jersey man with an arsenal of guns, Nazi paraphernalia and “an instruction manual for owning a slave.”

The suspect is allegedly a drug dealer and was caught with  36 more words

White Supremacy/Racism

1619 400 Years Later

This is the year historians tells us that 20 African slaves where exported to Virginia to begin the exploitation of human life as chattel. This arrival of enslaved Africans began the original sin of America. 419 more words


Bonnie and Clyde, JFK assassination, Audie Murphy - East Texas

I am making a quick road trip around Dallas and East Texas ( The 6th Floor Museum in Dallas is amazing!) I hope to get pictures of the plantation used in “Slaves” soon….keeping my fingers crossed! 60 more words

Brigitte Bardot

Slaves and Slavery

1 Corinthians 7:22 – “For he who is called by Yahweh as a slave is his freedman. Likewise he who is called as a free man is Yeshua’s slave.” 1,429 more words


The Truth behind the Study of History

The below article has ideas adopted from the masterpiece War and Peace, by Leo

What is History? Is it just a memorisation of some years, 992 more words