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Teens Top 10 Rules for Professionalism

Authored by Anne Schmidt, Youth Services Prevention and Outreach Supervisor

As school comes to an end and summer begins, more teens may start looking for jobs.  821 more words


Summer Blast Program: A Place for Teens to Grow

Authored by Ricky Vigil, Youth Services Afterschool Coordinator

You can feel it in the air: temperatures are dropping, days are getting longer and the call of the great outdoors can no longer be ignored–the school year is mere weeks from ending. 492 more words


Theatre Arts Help Students Gain Higher School Scores

Authored by Jessica May, Youth Services Afterschool Coordinator at Copper Hills Elementary

It’s common knowledge that people have different interests. Some people carry the great athlete gene and are able to shoot 3 pointers, or score touchdowns. 381 more words


Raising Happy and Productive Children

Authored by Kent Larsen, Youth Services, Family Counseling, LCSW

Why are kids so unappreciative and entitled today? Have we spoiled them? Why are my kids so lazy?  983 more words


Tips for Building Stronger Families

Authored by David Christensen, Youth Services, Counseling Services, LCSW

Let’s face it; raising a family is hard work!  Whether you’re a single parent or in a two-parent family, caring for children can be a real challenge.  409 more words


Odds are High That You Know Someone Impacted by These Crimes

Authored by Susanne Mitchell, MSW, Director
Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center

This month is National Child Abuse Prevention month. You will see many agencies in our community supporting awareness for Child Physical and Sexual Abuse with the element of pinwheel gardens.  391 more words


Milestone Transitional Living Program Announces Expansion

Authored by Mina Koplin, Milestone Transitional Living Program Manager

Salt Lake County Milestone Transitional Living Program is celebrating the addition of a second home in Sandy City with an Open House on March 30, 2016 at 10 AM. 393 more words