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Get Your Flu Vaccinations Today

Authored by Nick Rupp, PR and Communications Coordinator, SLCO Health Department

When it comes to health, teens and preteens often feel invincible. They’re too young to be concerned about most age-related ailments, and they’re old enough to not worry as much about childhood illnesses. 247 more words


Suicide...Signs and Resources to Help

Authored by Chris Berishnyi, Youth Services Crisis Counselor

Suicide…  It’s a word that’s been in the news much too often lately. Almost everyone has been impacted by it and or knows someone who has attempted it, whether it’s a family member, close friend, or a classmate. 367 more words


Programas después de la escuela en el Condado de Salt Lake

Authored by Nefily Ledezma, Youth Services Crisis Counseling Services

La división de servicios para los jóvenes (Division of Youth Services) del condado de Salt Lake, está aquí para ayudarle a usted y a su familia. 204 more words


What if My Student Doesn’t Like School?

Authored by Anne Schmidt, Supervisor – Prevention and Outreach Case Manager

Back to school can be an exciting time for some and a terrible time for others.  428 more words


Restorative Justice and Magna/Kearns Youth Court

Authored by Ricky Vigil
YS Afterschool Coordinator, Cyprus High School

We all make mistakes–what we do after those mistakes is what makes us who we are. 707 more words


The Power of Positive Movement with Tanner Dance Summer Camp and School Programs

 Authored by Maria Drummond, YS Recreation Therapist

Droop your face, slump your shoulders, lower your chin to your chest and let your arms hang limply at your side. 516 more words


Coping with School Stress

Authored by Kent Larsen, Therapist/Counseling Services

As we approach the starting of school many of our children and teens have mixed emotions as being in school adds a lot of stress that didn’t exist in the same way during the summer.  1,160 more words