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Parenting Tips for Discouraging Underage Drinking

Authored by Jodi Rushton, SSW, Case Manager, Substance Use Prevention & Outreach

Some things that we can be sure of this time of year is that the holidays will be filled with lots of presents, food, parties, and unfortunately, deadly myths about teenage drinking.  562 more words


Navigating Holiday Family Gatherings as an LGBTQ Person

Authored by Whitney Hardman, Milestone House Manager and Lorri Lake, Family Therapist

The holidays have a way of adding a little more food and a little more stress to each of our plates. 286 more words


Why We Keep The Lights On Afterschool – A Recap

by Megan Attermann, SLCo Youth Services Afterschool Coordinator, Lake Ridge Elementary

Salt Lake County’s afterschool program aims to increase academic achievement, parent engagement and community engagement, while decreasing behavioral issues. 484 more words


National Work and Family Month

Authored by Cory Ybarra, Shelter Care Program Manager

Did you know that October is National Work and Family Month? No, neither did I! National Work and Family month was established in 2003 and celebrated every October, focuses on the challenges working families face every day. 454 more words


National Coming Out Day 2017 is Wednesday, October 11th!

Authored by Maria Drummond, Youth Services Recreation Therapist

National Coming Out Day is just around the corner, so let’s have a little chat about what that means, and how you can participate! 555 more words


We Have New Teachers for our Kids at Crisis Residential

Authored by: JD Green, Program Manager for Juvenile Receiving Center and Crisis Residential

We are pleased to introduce our new teachers for the Crisis Residential classroom! 353 more words


Ease the Back to School Transition

Authored by: Chris Bereshnyi, Family Therapist

It’s that time of year that children dread, but parents love: back to school. Although it provides a break for parents, starting out the school year on the right foot is important. 229 more words