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Jim Feyen and his Siberian Team


Jim Feyen and I, are about to part ways after working together for 9 short months. I will be heading up to Nature’s Kennel, leaving Wisconsin and my first mentor. 1,565 more words


Dog sledding on an Alaska glacier: Part I

Wow. As a long-term Alaska resident, I wasn’t expecting to be impressed by Alpine Air Alaska Inc.’s Glacier Dog Sledding outing. I had been on glaciers, I had covered the Iditarod and other dog sledding races. 498 more words

Goodbye Echo

22 August 2016       1.00 PM    57 F       Raining

It’s been a week since Echo died. It’s been a week of unhappy days and unsettled nights. His circle is empty, his house unused and as I feed and work with the other dogs in the Happy Crew, his space is a constant reminder of his absence. 441 more words


How did this happen?

One of the first things I get asked when I tell people I’m leaving to go work at a dog kennel in Sweden is something along the lines of ” how did that come about?”, “have you done it before?”, ” how did you find out about that?”. 423 more words


That's A Definite Maybe

15 August 2016    10.00 AM     63 F     Sunny and bright

There are probably two topics of conversation that take place here on an almost daily basis, that provoke angst and indecision. 804 more words


Denali National Park and Preserve Sled Dog Kennels

Here are just a few of the 37 sled dogs at Denali’s Kennels. I have many more photos of the dogs, which I will upload in order of oldest to youngest of the litters. Stay tuned!