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6. The beautiful creatures called dogs

There are two things that are making this summer unforgettable. Mountains and dogs. Some of you already knew that our family had two big dogs. They were incredibly awesome and were a significant part of our family for many years. 1,093 more words


A Little History.

This whole crazy idea started with volunteering at a horse rescue organization in Sonoma called S.A.F.E.R ( Sonoma Association for Equine Rescue) run by a tirelessly altruistic woman named Kate. 1,499 more words

The Answer to Five Truths and a Lie...

Earlier this week, I posted “Five Truths and a Lie.” I listed six items, and asked you to pick which one was the lie. 255 more words


Day 'I Hit A Wall'...


I hurt. I’m sore. My right shoulder and neck.  My forearms in all kinds of ways.  My wrists and elbow joints.   1,100 more words

Juneau, Alaska

I am jumping out of order here and skipping day two of the cruise, because really all we did was cruise, nap, watch Seinfeld,  eat, watch a show and eat again. 303 more words


Man's Best Friend

What do dogs and a distillery have in common? Not much. However, distilleries make liquor, people drink liquor, people love dogs. How’s that for six degrees of Kevin Bacon? 453 more words

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