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Jim Feyen and his Siberian Team


Jim Feyen and I, are about to part ways after working together for 9 short months. I will be heading up to Nature’s Kennel, leaving Wisconsin and my first mentor. 1,565 more words


Dog sledding on an Alaska glacier: Part I

Wow. As a long-term Alaska resident, I wasn’t expecting to be impressed by Alpine Air Alaska Inc.’s Glacier Dog Sledding outing. I had been on glaciers, I had covered the Iditarod and other dog sledding races. 498 more words

Goodbye Echo

22 August 2016       1.00 PM    57 F       Raining

It’s been a week since Echo died. It’s been a week of unhappy days and unsettled nights. His circle is empty, his house unused and as I feed and work with the other dogs in the Happy Crew, his space is a constant reminder of his absence. 441 more words


How did this happen?

One of the first things I get asked when I tell people I’m leaving to go work at a dog kennel in Sweden is something along the lines of ” how did that come about?”, “have you done it before?”, ” how did you find out about that?”. 423 more words


That's A Definite Maybe

15 August 2016    10.00 AM     63 F     Sunny and bright

There are probably two topics of conversation that take place here on an almost daily basis, that provoke angst and indecision. 804 more words