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Toronto blues-rockers catl hoping to avoid disaster with Femme Wave appearance

If the skies darken, the Earth shudders, volcanoes awaken, mountains crumble, and the oceans rise, no the end is likely not nigh. (Although recent occurrences might dispute that …) 843 more words


Winnipeg's Duotang ready to resume their career in the embrace of the Calgary music community

The beginning, the middle, the end and the new beginning.

Calgary has played an integral role in all aspects of the career of Winnipeg bass and drum twosome Duotang. 1,068 more words


Calgary electro act Melted Mirror organically imbue their debut Borderzone with humanity

It seems an odd but telling thing, that the word and theme of “organic” should hold such a central role in a conversation with Melted Mirror. 952 more words


Calgary band Miesha and The Spanks revved up and ready for motorin' with Stranger EP

It was formalized as most healthy, lasting relationships are.

At a swim-up bar at a resort in Mexico.

That’s where Calgary’s Miesha Louie received news just over a year ago from her at-the-time drummer — or The Spanks, as her seemingly constantly changing bandmate and skin-basher is known — Emelia Lovink that she’d have to tender her resignation as she was moving to Victoria. 945 more words


Sled Island 2016 photos and video

Big Knife Little Knife at the Ship & Anchor for Sled Island 2016. Photo credit Trevor Hatter @hatterphoto

Big Knife Little Knife at the Ship & Anchor for Sled Island 2016. 80 more words


Sled Island: Day 4 Main Stage

As the fourth day came upon me, I was a bit haggard from the nights before, but definitely   excited to see the following bands. I decided to spend my day at Olympic Plaza, the main stage venue of Sled Island. 796 more words


Sled Island: Day 3

It’s Friday, late morning, and Sled Island events are coming up quickly in the afternoon. First shows start at around 1 in the afternoon. At this point, my schedule has changed and fluctuated to where I know who’s playing and make instinctual choices where I would like to start my day. 1,304 more words