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Into My Playlist: Better Together

Welcome back to my playlist!

I’ve got a bit of a weird confession to make that will shape this section of the blog for a bit going forward. 416 more words

Charlotte Blackwood

Eraser or Sledgehammer?

There are some profound thoughts to go with this quote, but it boils down to this in writing – either use an eraser frequently, edit constantly, or you will have to rebuild when your editor finishes with your work.


"Yellow of the Sky" by Clara Pratt

Yellow of the Sky

Clara Pratt

It was something like the time – only a few years ago, though I was barely grown then and wore a flower in my hair – that I’d tried on sunglasses at Gethsemane Second Hand, and they had set a film of soft yellow over the ceramic mice and knitted baby hats and boxed jigsaw puzzles, and all the other unhomed knick-knacks I examined. 4,076 more words

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"What’s Not There" by Christina Lissfelt

What’s Not There

Christina Lissfelt

There is a man who stands at the door. You don’t know him.

It’s night, a peculiar venue. Why is this man standing at your door? 3,807 more words

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"What Nettie Knew" by Tonja Lanette Blizzard

What Nettie Knew

Tonja Lanette Blizzard

Trudy and Gail with their teased up high blonde hair, high-waist Levis, and red-painted lips, stopped their nearly over flowing shopping buggies for an update on any new gossip floating around town; never noticing taking up the entire aisle at a discount department store which was located in the middle of the small town of Archdale. 1,762 more words

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"Troy" by Edee Lemonier


Edee Lemonier

I work in the Women’s section at Nordstrom at the mall.

That’s a lie. I work at Nordstrom Rack at the outlet. Not even real Nordstrom. 1,282 more words

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"The Ghost of the Spire" by Joe Vance

The Ghost of the Spire

Joe Vance

“Let me get this straight.” He coughed, a bit theatrically, hand cupped at his mouth. Gathering himself. Trying not to offend me, though everything in his demeanor was patronizing. 2,453 more words

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