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Apocalypse Now: The Smell of Turkey Since the Coup Attempt

The best summary of the aftermath of the coup attempt is best served by Capt. Willard as he sailed up the Nung River in Vietnam in Coppola’s classic anti-war epic movie… 1,217 more words

Bilal Erdogan

Sledgehammer Model Build

Sledgehammer has been my favorite ride at Canada’s Wonderland ever since it debuted in 2003. It’s a fun ride, but, for me, it’s an extremely interesting piece of machinery and engineering that I enjoy just watching and listening to. 484 more words


Rihanna Sledgehammer Review

Rihanna Sledgehammer Review – from the soundtrack to Star Trek Beyond

Rihanna Sledgehammer Review

I was almost as excited to hear this song I was to see the trailer for Star Trek Beyond!   80 more words

Dave James

Record Setting Evening!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve had some activity here on the blog.  I would apologize for that, but the facts of life have left me grizzled, irritated and generally cranky.  557 more words


There are many things I have learned in my  life so far. There are many things I have yet to learn, knowledge I have yet to acquire. 617 more words


Workout of the Day - Saturday 7/23/16


8 min Circuit – 45/15

  1. Farmer Hold (53/44)
  2. Dumbbell Thruster (25s/15s)
  3. Sled Push (210/120)
  4. Battle Ropes
  5. Air Squats
  6. Plank hold
  7. Sledgehammer
  8. Shoulder Carry…
  9. 18 more words

Tahoe Trip: Rock, Paper, Scissors

If I told you that the concert that I went to at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe with Sting and Peter Gabriel, two brilliant Englishmen, was AWESOME I would be understating the experience. 157 more words