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It's Sledgehammer Time!

The fourth round of the Lead Painter’s League has a “support weapon” theme.

I painted the following with this in mind, but I ended up entering something else instead. 390 more words


COD WWII's Best Pistol: P-08

Pistols are often overlooked as useless secondaries or novelty items that don’t really serve much practical purpose.  While this may be true of pistols in certain games, the P-08 in Call of Duty WWII is surprisingly one of the most versatile weapons in the game. 632 more words


Few music artists frustrate me like Peter Gabriel.

He has not released an album of new compositions since 2002.

You get the sense that he’d rather be investigating anything but his own music, such as teaching monkeys to Skype. 507 more words

Mini Sledgehammer March 2018

Character: An irate commuter
Action: Rollerblading
Setting: In a plum orchard
Phrase: “Are you sure you really want to do that?”

The Plum


by Sara Kachelman… 280 more words


Very Very Very

A “fine house” is a subjective description, certainly.

A very very very fine house is even more difficult to nail down.

Friends… that’s another subjective term, I guess. 340 more words

Misery (1990) 

An obsessed fan, Annie Wilkes  (Kathy Bates) rescues novelist Paul Sheldon (James Caan) From the wreck of his car following a car crash. Annie’s obsession with her favourite author takes a dark turn. 234 more words


Top 10: Most Sexual Peter Gabriel Lyrics

by Andrew Doscas

Peter Gabriel got his start as the lead singer of British prog-rock band Genesis. His theatrical antics, like dressing up as a giant flower or medieval knight quickly made the band a spectacle to watch. 178 more words

Andrew Doscas