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Sleep No More

I’ve been reading a lot of books previously reviewed by Kinsey and Rebecca on this blog, so haven’t had much to post about, but I’m going to piggyback on Kinsey’s review of a play, and tell you about a performance I saw on a recent work trip to New York City. 849 more words


Shameless (S06E11): "Sleep No More"


In tonights episode of Shameless, that ending was not a shocker, but even more despicable than the things that he’s done earlier this season. I mean putting a hit out on the man your daughter is going to marry, is a low blow. 326 more words

TV Series

‘I’m beginning to suspect that the reason SNM is so successful may be less that the experience is immersive but the fact that it is complex, compelling, and difficult to understand or complete alone.

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“In an immersive theatre production, the audience in some way plays a role, whether that is the role of witness or the role of an actual character.

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High Notes: Raw, Powerful New Operas Tackle Human Trafficking, Sexual Deviancy

Why has it taken more than three years for the shattering opera Dog Days to reach New York City—particularly since it has been revived in venues as far-flung as Los Angeles and Fort Worth, Texas, since its 2012 premiere in Montclair, N.J.? 1,100 more words


Doctor Who - Sleep No More

It’s Doctor Who day! By which I mean there is new Verity! out today, so getting back to my Doctor Who reviews seemed thematically relevant. 1,728 more words

Doctor Who

What Kind of Dance Is This? - The Comsat Angels reissues

1980-81 was a period in music when I really started discovering new things and there’s a good few records from that time that were so important in shaping my tastes. 1,044 more words