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The Golden Age of Cybermen Part 1: From The Tenth Planet to The Moonbase

For the Doctor’s 52nd birthday, a time to look at a race of monsters who would have once understood the importance of that number. Our long removed cousins, tragic victims of universal fate. 3,934 more words


Doctor Who - Sleep No More

This is an interesting episode, but ultimately a failure. Part of the problem might be that this episode doesn’t look like a two-part episode, as most of the other have been. 996 more words

Doctor Who

I live on podcasts and wine, apparently

Yes, I owe this blog, um…four posts about Doctor Who. And I will make them. It’s just this has turned into a ridiculously busy time, and I’ve had to do a smidgen of prioritising, alas. 365 more words

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Second Opinion - Season 9, Episode 09 "Sleep No More"

Brent: Welcome back to Second Opinion! Tonight we’re going to be talking about episode 9, “Sleep No More.” Jerry, what were your thoughts on the show? 1,231 more words

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Sleep No More Recap & Review

Watch and let us know what you thought! Did you feel the same way we did about Doctor Who’s Season 9 Episode 9 “Sleep No More”?

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Doctor Who Review: “Sleep No More”

Dear DocBlogger:

I’m so tired of being the voice of reason. Sometimes it seems like all the people around me are sleepwalking through life. I’m worried that at some point my vision may get clouded. 990 more words


Doctor Who: Sleep No More Review

If there’s one favourite trick of the Moffat era of Doctor Who, it’s making you afraid of the seemingly ordinary. We’ve seen homicidal statues that move when no one’s looking, carnivorous shadows and being alone in the dark. 864 more words