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Lights Out Night 6

I did something different last night. Instead of just waiting till I was tired, when the sun went down, I tidied my bedroom. It felt so good to be getting into bed without sharing it with a bunch of clothes. 356 more words


Lights Out Night 5

This is the first time during this challenge that I have felt bored. Is it because it was a Friday night? Is it because I got ready for bed too early? 92 more words


Lights Out Night 4

I am starting to really enjoy sunset now. There is something so calming being in the darkness with one or two candles on. I wrote in my diary last night. 164 more words


Lights Out Night 3

I didn’t feel as much of a withdrawal as I did the night before, even though I was playing games up till sunset again. Again with not much to do, I lay down on my bed and just think. 97 more words


Lights Out Night 2

Last night was a bit boring at first. I was playing games up to sunset so I had a few withdrawal feelings when the sun went down. 229 more words


Lights Out!

I am trying a challenge this week. The challenge is to switch off all electronics and all artificial lights at sunset. You are allowed candles or artificial candles as a light source and that’s it! 291 more words


An Open Letter to my Sleep Pattern┬á´╗┐

Dear Snooze,

Why do you do this to me? Seriously…what have I done to you?

You’re a nonexistent intangible um thing. I really don’t know what to call you. 196 more words