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Darkroom sleep – good or bad?

According to a journal published in American Journal of Epidemiology found a strong association between low-level nighttime light exposure and depressive symptoms among elderly adults. The findings also suggested that sleep in total dark not only good for your health but your mental health as well. 300 more words


Shut Eye

I just want to get some shut-eye… Meaning go to sleep. The girls are gone to their aunties and here I am at home. This never happens! 175 more words


From Rebecca: The luxury of a good sleep-in

Greetings, Joe’s readers. Joe took a personal day today, so I am writing today’s post from the comfort of my own home, which makes me lucky because it is raining outside right now. 572 more words

From Rebecca

Being led by the baby from day one. Arlo's sleep routine.

Arlo’s sleep routine is a common topic of discussion. Even amongst my family. Since eight weeks old Arlo has slept between 10-12 hours a night, on the odd occasion he’s slept ‘just’ eight hours, I say ‘just’ because let’s face it that is still remarkably good. 2,081 more words


Big changes are happening!

So do you remember me saying that I had a potential job prospect that I was VERY hopeful for?! maybe not, but if you read a few posts back you will see… I ONLY WENT AND GOT THE JOB!! 443 more words

I cant be the only idiot that does this?

Since starting college I have tried to get myself into a good sleeping pattern. That’s been working until every Wednesday night.

Now I have Thursdays off and that seems to make me thinks it’s a cracking idea to stay up till the early hours of Thursday morning and sleep in till noon. 53 more words

My sleep pattern ruins my life.

My biggest downfall is definitely my sleeping pattern, and without a doubt this will be one of the hardest things to change. I know this because I have been living with it like this since I was probably around 13/14. 696 more words