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Daycare Day 2

Allie started daycare Tuesday and I’m told that’s the reason she’s had two nights of restless sleep. Josh did amazing at getting her to lie down for sleep at bedtime without being rocked and staying asleep all night without us having to go in. 33 more words


There's No Place Like Home

After a flight from hell I made it home in one piece. No more aeroplanes for another year at least I hope. The pilot said “we will be having a smooth ride home” – what a lying bastard! 322 more words

Random Ramblings

Bipolar And Having A Baby

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years now having a baby.

I’ve come back round to the idea and have decided it’s definitely something I want to do and am now definitely going to do. 319 more words

Random Ramblings

Colossal Unhuman Snoring: Problem Solved!

Oh my god last night was bad!

I had to wake my mother up in the end which wasn’t really worth it as about a minute later she was off with her unhuman snoring again. 124 more words

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Finally in Tenerife!

What a nightmare yesterday was!

We had extra leg room seats on the plane which was good considering my height and I’m usually sat with my knees under my chin (and not in a good way!). 454 more words

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Sleep your way to the top

We’re often told that we need more sleep, but it’s easier said than done. Our fast-paced society and glowing computer screens make it difficult for us to get the right amount of sleep. 531 more words

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