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It’s sleep awareness week. I’m not a good sleeper. I’ve never been a good sleeper, but I’m definitely bad at sleeping now.
I don’t sleep very much or have good quality sleep at night. 826 more words


As babies become toddlers, their sleep patterns may change-adjust with them, but keep your own sleep routine

  • Have a set time for naps or quiet time.
  • No screens – tablets, phones, or TV for at least an hour before sleep.

As your baby grows to become a toddler, their sleeping patterns can change. 196 more words


Slipping into sleep when you need to is made easier by subtly changing the way you use your bedroom.


Creating your ideal sleeping area all helps with natural healing, stress relief and a good sleep.

The way you use your bedroom can have a profound effect on your ability to get a good nights sleep. 455 more words


Jet Lag & Bad Habits

In 1960 a plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz observed that it took around 21 days for his patients to get used to their new faces. He wrote about it in a book called… 1,153 more words


External dialogue

Victoria sleeps with me every night. Yes, in my bed, right by my side. Yes, even when my husband is home.

When she is fast asleep, nothing can wake her up. 435 more words

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 31 October 2016

Today I slept… a lot. I didn’t get out of bed until 14:00, made some breakfast watched some TV and then fell back asleep. I woke up and showered at about 17:00, had some dinner and then started to watch a film. 100 more words


JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 23 October 2016

It’s gone 4am and I’m not really feeling sleepy. I’m feeling physically tired, but as I didn’t get out of bed until 13:15 today, I’m not really sleepy tired. 378 more words