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Climate Change Is Making It Harder to Sleep


Climate change is coming for you in the night.

That’s the conclusion of scientists who study how heat disturbs sleep—and how projected warming is expected to make bad sleep even worse.


Do Senior Citizens Really Need 8 Hours of Sleep?

In terms of time spent sleeping, do senior citizens need more or less sleep?

We have all heard the joke that seniors sometimes say about… 312 more words


#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things Z

Zzzzzz’s (okay, sleep)

I used to think that missing sleep was not a big deal, if I could make it through the next day all right. 440 more words


Insomnia and Mental Health

For most of the winter I had the problem of sleeping too much.  I’d sometimes sleep until noon or even later and still be wanting to sleep by midnight.   369 more words

Life With A Mental Illnes

Middle of the Night Ramblings

In addition to a change in the seasons, my routines have been changing too.  I now stay up well into the night but I am sleeping less.   469 more words

Life With A Mental Illnes


Hi there!

Myk was a regional manager in his company with
numerous obligations, working until seven in the
evening every day.
By the time he returned home he was so tired that… 664 more words


It's decision time...

Excuse my absence.

Over the last two weeks my life has literally spun out of control.

All decisions we made last year, and this year, have come back to bite us on the arse. 843 more words