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Sleeplessness: Get Used to It

So here you are, delivery complete, the newborn fed and happy and you’re finally going to try to catch some z’s. Here’s hoping right? Well it really depends on what sleep actually means to you. 1,347 more words


Pop Quiz – February 6, 2017

Maybe your sleep patterns, Broadway shows, and Congress all have something to do with one another? Just a theory. Ron got one out of four, how about you?

Pop Quiz

Revise what you know about sleep

Ever suffered from disturbed sleep?  Here is an interesting interview with Professor Russell Foster about sleep and its importance.  💤



I Quit Co-sleeping and It Changed My Life

If you’re a parent that hasn’t experienced the joys of co-sleeping, you’re in for a real treat (insert sarcasm here). One of our two managed to hijack our bedroom for around four years and the… 944 more words


Sleep & the 7-10 day old newborn growth spurt

Aghhhhhhhhh….the 7-10 day growth spurt.  It IS a thing!  It’s a way to remind a new parent that there is nothing predictable about your newborn baby, so don’t try it!   609 more words



Season 11 is on Netflix!

I was an exhausted, frustrated mother and wife today. Hubby told me he needed to be on early today and I still snapped at him. 198 more words


Bad day

It was a bad day on Friday, not the day itself but the weather turned nasty at around two o’clock. I have to confess I didn’t get out of bed until almost one o’clock after four separate three-hour periods of sleep. 393 more words