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How To REALLY Beat Insomnia

One leftover I have from my time with chronic fatigue is insomnia. I’ve been dealing with it on and off since I first became sick over 6 months ago. 1,631 more words

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Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a truly wonderful skill to learn and is beneficial to both baby and parent. As a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, my role is to provide a relaxed and welcoming environment where parents are able to and encouraged to respond to their baby’s needs while learning massage strokes. 320 more words

Sleep Patterns, Art Projects and Life Plans

Good morning beautiful friend unless you are indeed reading this in the afternoon or evening and then it’s hey beautiful friend!! Hope you had a great day! 589 more words

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Consistency in Sleep Patterns and Popsicle Testing in Progress

Hi ya’ll!  Happy Tuesday! How is your week going so far? Yesterday was very productive for me… until I hit the 3pm slump… do you ever hit that point where you either need a lot of caffeine or a long nap?   473 more words

Age & Sleep: Are old people more like dolphins or cats?

Dolphin sleep:

Dolphins are known to only sleep with half of their brain at a time (unihemispheric slow-wave sleep). This is because if they were to sleep properly and become fully unconscious they would drown, get killed by a predator, or freeze in the ocean. 970 more words

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Party Planning with the Guest of Honor

…When the Guest of Honor is going to be 3

Conversations with a toddler are sometimes interesting and eye-opening, sometimes deep and meaningful, but oft times downright confusing.  737 more words

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Understanding and Dealing With Teenage Angst

By far, Teenage is the most turbulent period in the life of an individual. Most of us wish we could blot out the memory of those awkward years; of asocial and sometimes cantankerous behaviour; of the hurt and bewilderment caused to our parents.The transition period, when one is neither a child nor a fully grown adult, can be frightening to the teenager and the people closest to him. 1,389 more words