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I Quit Co-sleeping and It Changed My Life

If you’re a parent that hasn’t experienced the joys of co-sleeping, you’re in for a real treat (insert sarcasm here). One of our two managed to hijack our bedroom for around four years and the… 944 more words


Sleep & the 7-10 day old newborn growth spurt

Aghhhhhhhhh….the 7-10 day growth spurt.  It IS a thing!  It’s a way to remind a new parent that there is nothing predictable about your newborn baby, so don’t try it!   609 more words



Season 11 is on Netflix!

I was an exhausted, frustrated mother and wife today. Hubby told me he needed to be on early today and I still snapped at him. 198 more words


Bad day

It was a bad day on Friday, not the day itself but the weather turned nasty at around two o’clock. I have to confess I didn’t get out of bed until almost one o’clock after four separate three-hour periods of sleep. 393 more words


Wine: Not a bedtime drink

Health authorities say you shouldn’t drink alcohol during the hour before you go to bed because it will disrupt your sleep pattern. True, a drink before bedtime may help you nod off quicker, but you will wake up earlier than you should and won’t get the deep REM sleep you should have had, thus making you feel tired throughout the day. 273 more words


My Feet Are Cold And Damp

It’s officially winter and like a dope I cleaned my white car yesterday only for it to pelt down dirty rain all over it this morning. 400 more words

How Camping Can Help Improve Sleep Patterns

California resident Emal Nessary serves as the operations administrator for the Writers Guild of America, West, Inc. He graduated cum laude from DeVry University in Long Beach, California, with a degree in business administration. 139 more words

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