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Here's why you shouldn't sleep in on weekends

Sleep late on weekends? We have some bad news for you. A new research study out states that those who sleep early, are, er,  more prone to health problems eventually in life.  89 more words

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The best thing ever.

Let me tell you about the best purchase I have ever made. Or at least for 2015, anyways.

Fitbit Charge HR.  Best. Thing. Ever. 

Let me tell you the top 3 reasons why the Fitbit Charge HR is on my… 588 more words


What is sleep apnea? – (Posted late on 11/17 from 11/16)

Sleep apnea is a result of an obstructed airway. Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleep disorder that may be signified by snoring. This is no joke and as an elderly caregiver, if I was to recognize that one or more of my clients snored, I would suggest that they get to their medical doctor right away because this is no laughing matter. 165 more words

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Are you getting enough sleep?

Like food and water, sleep is one of the most important things that the body needs, yet many people do not get enough of it. There are many factors that can be sited as the cause for people getting less sleep: increased usage of technology, eating and drinking before bed, or disrupted sleep patterns due to smoking, drinking, pets or small children. 413 more words


Snoring becomes worse with age

One of the most significant reasons that a person snores as they age is because they gain weight. Weight gain around the neck means that a person’s throat becomes narrower which can lead to snoring. 177 more words

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The Importance of Regulating Your Sleep Cycle

The National Sleep Foundation states that “sleep is essential to helping maintain mood, memory, and cognitive performance.” Even with this, so many of us still undervalue sleep. 389 more words


Here's the Formula For a Perfect Night of Sleep

A new survey came up with the formula for a perfect night of sleep.  Don’t worry . . . there’s no math required.  Which is good, because I’m pretty sure the anxiety from forcing you to do math to sleep would lead to a BAD night of sleep. 60 more words