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How Camping Can Help Improve Sleep Patterns

California resident Emal Nessary serves as the operations administrator for the Writers Guild of America, West, Inc. He graduated cum laude from DeVry University in Long Beach, California, with a degree in business administration. 139 more words

Emal Nessary

Wednesday. The Coffee Break 9 Nov 2016.

Hello folks,

New president, and a new president means new plans. Yet I am just happy to see the election over and done with; I accept the results and I will move on because I have a daily life to lead. 459 more words

The Coffee Break

Good (Yawn) Morning, Teacher.

“Every single…school student I have ever measured in terms of their alertness is a walking zombie.”

–  James Maas

Opposite my sofa in the front room I have a rather large bay window and nothing outside escapes my attention. 654 more words

Friday, you made it. The Coffee Break 4 Nov 2016.

Hello folks,

Well here we are on Friday, the one day of the week where people are (somewhat) happy to go to work for the next day they are off (unless your “weekends” are on weekdays and you work Saturday and Sunday; were that the case rest assured that you get to enjoy Tuesday cheap movie tickets while the regular weekenders get to eat high prices and long line ups – you win some and you lose some (humor intended)). 941 more words


Got to get back to sleep!!

I am not sleepy!!! It’s only 3.26am and really hard to go back to sleep. I went to bed reallly early yesterday…(early for me). Turned in about 8pm! 209 more words

Being Happy

When Night Becomes Day

It was 3 am. My 21 month-old granddaughter, Isabella, tumbled over the side of her crib and padded into her parents’ bedroom. “Watch George Oooo Ahhhh Ahhh,” she asked? 269 more words


Celebrity Sleep Patterns: How Do You Compare?

To function properly, researchers recommend people need around 8 hours sleep per night. But that’s not true for everyone.

A small amount of the population are among the ‘sleepless elite’, who are able to get by on just a few hours shut-eye and still perform at a high level. 543 more words