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Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Living in Asia and set to return to Europe, one sensibly has their eye on any objets desire that will spark conversation and gossip while greening envy.   559 more words

How to put a toddler to sleep in 40 seconds flat!

Sleepless nights – hyperactive children – exhausted parents. Anyone on board? Every single person who has raised a child, right? My God, I myself have spent countless nights praying to the almighty God in heaven that I, the exhausted mother – may be able to close my eyes, if only a little, before the sun rises. 144 more words


Ain't a Night Owl on Big Water

Though it’s tough to break my night owl proclivity when home, soon as I’m on big northern lakes, I morph into morning lark.  That makes me more hummingbird though it’s a new distinction to me:  121 more words


Fading fast, here

I took a five-hour nap this afternoon/evening, and less than five hours later, I’m ready to go to sleep, again. We did get out, around ten o’clock tonight, to do some grocery shopping. 110 more words


The Lost Hour

We are now on BST, having put our clocks forward this past weekend (March 28th/29th).
To ensure we don’t get it the wrong way round, Hubby remembers it by… 286 more words

Calcium deficiency causing sleep problems?

As an acupuncturist I am meant to make you, the public, aware of the benefits of acupuncture without deluding or deceiving. In my humble opinion spending money on acupuncture is money well spent. 400 more words