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While you were sleeping

The brain is like a waste paper basket that accumulates rubbish during the day and needs emptying overnight. Neuroscientists call this the glymphatic system. Fluid pumps around the brain and flushes toxic proteins and cellular remnants into the circulatory system, and on for disposal in the liver. 252 more words

Night And Day

How about a CNH Ear Protector? (Posted late on 09/01 from 08/31)

A Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis (CNH) Ear Protector is not intended for sustained, direct pressure on the ear with the painful affected ear. Instead, it is recommended for inadvertent pressure that occurs during the time when your client sleeps. 191 more words

Elderly Care

Dream of Me

I love dreams. The older I get, the weirder they get. Last night in dreamland, my ex-husband cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving. He boiled it (neck, gizzards, and all) in a big pot. 494 more words


The awful business of settling in

I had my first cup of coffee today. The first in five weeks. I burnt my tongue.

But oh, it was such a sweet burn. 98 more words


August 18, 2015

The battle for internet access has been joined, and the enemy is clueless.

I almost feel sorry for the internet provider…almost. When the great grey army of Marrowstone is awakened, the results can be awesome. 980 more words

Running the Gauntlet

I’ve officially been up longer than I usually can, in order to fix my sleep schedule. I feel like if I am going to oversleep I should at least give myself some time during the day when the stores are open to replenish my food supply. 940 more words

Mental Health

My Toddler Sleep Experiences

All things considered, my darling Angel Baby has been just that:  darling…an angel… She was an easy baby.  She was quiet, slept well (unless she was sick), and was a breast-feeding champion.  1,113 more words

Angel Baby