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Exercise your way into the best sleep EVER

Hey guys! so I came across a relatively new breakthrough that I thought you all would find to be of particular interest…

There have been a lot questions over time whether or not exercise can hurt an individual’s sleep pattern…well, we finally have more solid answers and evidence to show that exercising DOES NOT interfere with sleep patterns as much as everyone may have thought-in fact, it does a lot more good than harm. 276 more words

When Night Becomes Day

It was 3 am. My 21 month-old granddaughter, Isabella, tumbled over the side of her crib and padded into her parents’ bedroom. “Watch George Oooo Ahhhh Ahhh,” she asked? 269 more words


Celebrity Sleep Patterns: How Do You Compare?

To function properly, researchers recommend people need around 8 hours sleep per night. But that’s not true for everyone.

A small amount of the population are among the ‘sleepless elite’, who are able to get by on just a few hours shut-eye and still perform at a high level. 543 more words



I’ve had a manic fortnight between my students finishing up in NUIG, Knockanstockan, the Galway Races AND Indiependence last weekend. With the amount of alcohol consumed and the copious late nights, it’s probably fair enough to say that my insomnia is self-inflicted and it’s definitely difficult to feel sorry for me. 559 more words


Rumpelstiltskin's sister ... 

I haven’t been sleeping well in WEEKS. It’s just part of my “normal” sleep pattern when I am stressed or out of my routine. It passes. 75 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Sleep fairy

Hello everybody,

Of the plethora of things no-one prepares you for with a baby, sleep (or lack of it ) isn’t it . Errrrbody has a word of advice about sleep, or an opinion at the very least. 387 more words


Change - Sleep Patterns - In-Spirations!! (HA!! In-Spirit-Actions)

I want to start today’s sharing by addressing a question someone posed on my blog the other day, it made me ponder deeply.  The question was simply: … 2,111 more words

The Shift