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Sleeping Beauty

Dr Chan works every day.  He doesn’t quite go on holiday.  His patients get nervous when he’s not around.  He gets nervous when he’s not around.   491 more words


Free Writing 1/27/2016

Sleep is so damn hard to comprehend. Maybe it’s just me but there are nights that l lay there like the proverbial log and don’t move (they are rare but they can happen) and there are nights where I’m all over the place. 458 more words

Free Writing

Social Media Can Mess Up Your Sleep Pattern

Lots of stressful situations can cause one to lose sleep, and a new study reveals social media may actually cause sleeping issues. According The Daily Mail… 146 more words


This alarm clock rug will force you to get out of bed

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Are you one of those people that hits “snooze” three times before actually shutting off your alarm? 165 more words


Those Days When Your Engine Stalls

No, I’m not talking about your car. I am referring to your get-up-and-go, your energy, your motivation to do anything on a given day. We all have those days when we lack the pep to charge through the day, when the bed seems unusually cozy and warm, and when our ability to rationalize our way out of everything on our to-do list for the day is particularly strong. 542 more words



That’s right. I got a fitbit for Christmas – a fitbit Charge. H wondered why I didn’t want the next step up as in the one that monitors your heart rate. 444 more words

My Dribbles


If there is one thing I have been ALL IN on doing the last few days, it has been sleeping. I LOVE to sleep.I also happen to live in Alaska where daylight is a short and distant memory this time of year, so like all other animals in these mountains, I am taking time to catch up on my beauty rest. 351 more words

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