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Bedtime Routines that Work!

Not everyone gets enough sleep!

Regardless of how comfy you make a bedroom appear, it is not just the outside appearance that makes the difference of how you sleep it is what you DO that matters. 503 more words

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I Want To Take Sleeping Pills Every Night But I Can't And It Makes Me Pissed

A Sleeping Pill Problem

I’ve been taking sleeping pills for a week now.

And it has been a miracle for me, for my insomnia.

I could sleep early and wake up fresh and happy. 81 more words


This Is Why You Have Trouble Sleeping in New Places

THURSDAY, April 21, 2016 (HealthDay News) — When you sleep in a new place, a part of your brain remains alert for potential threats, a new study finds. 299 more words

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What is a comorbidity?

Disorders do not always appear alone, but another one (or more) might be attached with it. For example, those with anxiety disorders may also suffer faster from depression. 1,344 more words


No sleep

I have wanted to post on here for the last week but I have had some real issues with my sleep, anxiety and self-esteem. All these things have made it difficult to write anything, even this feels difficult and I apologise. 252 more words

Sleep series: My crazy sleepy mind #fixmysleep

Last night, #latenightbloggers had a Twitter chat about sleep – and lack of it!

While we were all telling stories about funny or weird sleep habits, I realised that I have had my fair share of odd occurrences surrounding sleep. 998 more words

Fix My Sleep