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It is 3 am. Fucking 3 am and instead of sleeping like normal people do, I am writing a post that was neither wished for nor intended. 227 more words


I like awake while all around me sleep.

My mind is active, wild thoughts creep

through my consciousness

a seemingly bottomless

amount of angst and concern… 67 more words



It would be great to sleep well again.

Better sleep pending next month…

– Yuji


Coping Without Addiction

We all have our struggles. Parents of special needs children and caregivers have more than most. Looking for a crutch is tempting. A little something to lean on sounds like such a relief. 329 more words

Caregiver Health And Wellness

Bedtime Fears

A couple of months ago number four woke up and and came downstairs to discover the mouse that we had been trying to get rid of scoot across the front room. 275 more words


Have Trouble Sleeping At Night? These Tips Might Help You!

According to Ayurveda, sleep imbalance is usually caused due to an imbalance in the three doshas namely, vata, kapha, and pitta doshas.

Usually, when the coordination between dhi (learning), dhirti (retention), and smriti (recall) becomes weak, a vata sleep imbalance occurs, where even if you are trying to fall asleep, your mind will be continuously thinking of the events that happened today or in the past, and you’ll be unable to detach yourself from the emotions. 1,094 more words

Beauty And Natural Remedies

The Real Monsters Are In Your Mind

Do you remember the last time you slept through the night? What about the last time you woke up feeling truly rested? Is it every day? 634 more words