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Transitioning to Menopause? Don't Give Up on Sound Sleep

I often hear sleep complaints from women approaching menopause. Hot flashes and mood swings are other common complaints. What can be done to improve sleep and reduce perimenopausal symptoms? 791 more words


Early riser

During the week, the Hubs and I are usually awake around 5 am. This isn’t awesome for many reasons, but it is particularly un-awesome when Anson has managed to sneak into our bed undetected. 350 more words

Little Moments

How to Stop Snoring

There are many peoples who have snoring problems due to some bad habits that they equip like extra usage of caffeine, alcohol, obesity and many other ways. 19 more words


Meditation: You only miss a good thing when it's gone

I sometimes feel that when the word ‘meditation’ is dropped into conversation, it can fall victim to many stereotypical associations: hippy, floater, dreamer, wanderer – or any word that can be coupled with the opposite sensation to being grounded or in control. 485 more words


The second trimester.

Today marks 28 weeks and as such we are finally in the third and LAST trimester- woop!

With that little milestone, I wanted to reflect on the second trimester as I did with the first. 676 more words


7 Natural Sleep Disorders

There are many sleep disorders in many peoples like not having sleep, still tired after sleeping till 10 hrs, and many others.


11 Sleep Apnea Side Effects… 18 more words


4 types of Snorers

Nowadays, snoring is a common issue in peoples but to stop it is not easy. Different peoples sleep on their side but sometimes sleeping on your side causes it. 30 more words