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Our top ten sleep tips for kids with sensory processing issues

If you have a child that has sensory processing issues (they may be over or under-sensitive to any sensory stimuli – see www.lanc.org.uk for a great overview of the typical symptoms), chances are they don’t sleep well because they often struggle with moving from one state of alertness to another so winding down to a state of relaxation required for sleep can be a challenge.   965 more words

The Man from the Dream

Sleep has been fleeting as of late – the infernal scratching and other noises keep waking me up, or else dark dreams disturb my restless mind.  863 more words

Photographic Evidence

The Super Cool Life of an Insomniac

I have been suffering with insomnia off-and-on (mostly on) for weeks. Falling asleep is not a problem, but staying asleep is damn near impossible. 694 more words


Excuse Me Pinky…

In my last post I wrote about my defensiveness I feel about the sleep-training I have been doing with my 9 week old daughter. The reason for this defensiveness is the attitude out there in the land of… 2,154 more words

Sleep Training

Sleep-Training Progress

Lottie has come out the other side of her 6 – 8 week cluster-feeding-clingathon and has had a fruitful week of sleep training. She’s has settled herself to sleep in her cot for the past four days, which she’s struggled to do previously, and has also had some other day sleep wins, self-settling with only short bursts of protest crying before going soundly to sleep. 1,007 more words

Sleep Training

I live to fall asleep

Sleep – when I was a teenager, I’d end up staying awake quite late into the night and sleeping in very late, especially during summer holidays because the lack of structure and regular activities made me feel very disengaged and I thought I might as well sleep.   421 more words