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Smart drugs not so smart after all

There’s been much discussion over the years about smart drugs, adults taking medication intended for treating ADHD to keep them more alert, and students using them to stay awake as they prepare for exams. 272 more words


Are you struggling to get a good night's rest? Expert tips reveal what you can do TODAY to ensure you sleep well tonight

Article from Mailonline Austrialia 20th July by Josh Hanrahan

There are few things more frustrating than lying in bed, tossing and turning for hours and just wishing you would fall asleep. 603 more words

Sleep Problems

the problem with kids.

People used to laud Lily on her sleep habits. “Oh,” they said, “How wonderful that she’ll sleep anywhere!” “How fantastic,” they said, “that she sleeps through the night.” “She,” they said, “is a great sleeper.” 514 more words


Be aware of these consequences of having hemodialysis

What are the side effects of a hemodialysis? Joe Cosgrove asks himself. What changes do people experience when they are treated with Hemodialysis? In fact, what can patients expect when the treatment starts and all the changes in the body start to appear? 784 more words


Hodgkins Lymphoma Symptoms

On my first post for this blog I talked about the most pressing symptoms (a cough and shortness of breath) that triggered my diagnosis, but they were by no means the only symptoms I had been experiencing. 816 more words


Putting my emotions to work

I suffer from morning anxiety.

I actually suffer from general anxiety all the time, but today I’m here to talk about the torture that is unintended early wakeups. 722 more words


Sick Days

Hello Friends,

Last night I went to sleep a little later than normal. I was working on getting some paperwork done (which is, most often, only possible when the kids are in bed). 1,011 more words