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Free online summit on sleep and stress


Another free online summit you might be interested in. This is on anxiety, overwhelm, stress and sleep. How cool is that? Dunno, have not seen it yet, but…. 77 more words

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No Sleep Even When The Children Do

I can’t put everyone into the same category here but out of all the people I have recently asked the answer has been ther same…after having children they are completely different sleepers. 343 more words


Here's what happens to your neighbourhood when you're trying to get your baby to nap

A fine dad friend of mine muttered darkly over the internets the other day about trying to get his daughter to sleep. ‘Whoever is revving their hairdryer moped outside our house,’ he wrote, ‘is going on the list.’ Boy, I understood that one. 705 more words


Is it true that you fall asleep more quickly if you wear warm socks? Can you lose weight while you snooze? Do you really need a solid eight hours sleep? 174 more words

Stories of sleep: A thematic analysis on how people talk about sleep difficulties

By Laurie Scarborough


Sleep is essential for optimal functioning, and problems in sleep can result in cognitive, emotional and social dysfunction. A greater understanding of sleep and the reasons for poor sleep is thus important, in order to inform interventions for people who suffer from sleeping problems. 11,182 more words

The Old Fashioned Way

Three a.m. …Three a.m.!

I tried to stay in bed. Honest I did. But the season’s first buzzing insect came in and dive bombed my ear – probably something that, if I heard like a normal human being, wouldn’t bother me but I DON’T hear like a normal human being – and that was it; I couldn’t stand the noise, my head started to race and after an hour of tossing and turning I said… 585 more words

Use OTC Sleep Aids With Caution

It annoys me when people dismiss sleeping pills as categorically harmful. Yes, they can be used inappropriately and it’s important to be informed about their downsides. 719 more words