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In the quiet of the evening after a long day, it is not unusual to think about and evaluate the events of the day. But, thoughts can be disturbing especially if you are faced with problems that remained unsolved throughout the day.Sometimes these thoughts are not eas… 192 more words


How Irregular Sleep Hurts Your Mind And Body

Does it matter how much and when you sleep? Yes, because a messed up sleep schedule invites unwanted risks to your health.

But how much damage can irregular sleep do to me? 933 more words

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Apple’s iOS 9.3 update might help you sleep better

Apple is known to throw in some pretty useful features when it updates its mobile operating system, from battery improvements to smarter notifications.

But with iOS 9.3, the tech giant hopes to give you a better night’s sleep. 401 more words


Sleep Effects On Mental Illness

Since the end of the holidays things have slowed down in my life.  I have gotten quite a bit done.  I have also more stable than the last several months.   286 more words

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3:30 a.m. It’s that time that’s too early for morning proper but I’ll be damned if I can sleep. Oh, I’m tired enough. My eyes are barely fucking open. 985 more words

Identifying a Good Night's Sleep

In America, so many people are suffering from sleep issues that we may have forgotten what a good night’s sleep looks like.  As a way of reminder, we will paint a picture of what we should hope to experience from and during the hours we spend in bed trying to sleep. 404 more words

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What is chronic insomnia?

Insomnia is a lot more than just a bit of disturbed sleep, it is what can result from prolonged, sleep problems and repeated, distressing experiences of sleepless nights. 789 more words