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Do You Exercise Early or Late In the Day?

Hi Friends,

Even though I know exercise is very important to weight loss, I have exercised very little on my weight loss journey. The real truth is, when I first started I was too overweight to exercise. 396 more words

Jackie's Corner

She's Asleep! Ready, Set, Go!

Mj is not much of a napper. She hasn’t been since the day we brought her home from the hospital. When she was about a month old my husband said “I thought babies were supposed to sleep all the time?” Not this one. 283 more words


The Broken Wards

Every night before bed, before sacrificing myself to the gulf of limitless dream, I have a ritual.  There are wards – symbols and sigils and herbs known to only a few, only spoken about in books that should have been lost to the pyres of darkest history.   550 more words

Sleep Problems

Health News: Does Hitting The Snooze Button In The Morning Makes You More Tired?

Do you immediately bounce out of bed in the morning when your alarm goes off or are you one of those who immediately hit the snooze button? 60 more words

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Sleeping Safely...

Scarlett changed me. In many ways; my stomachs less flat now, my torso is decorated with tiger stripes and I quite often don’t brush my hair on a day to day basis (ok so that happened before Scarlett but what can I say, I have very curly uncontrollable hair!) I knew my life would change when I had her, as I have a brother a decade younger than me, I had experienced a second hand version of all encompassing love for someone you look after. 1,127 more words

What New Research Means for Your Toddler's Naps

Recent headlines have indicated that kids over age two shouldn’t nap. If you’re feeling like that’s borderline blasphemous, you’re not alone. And experts are clarifying exactly what new research entails. 240 more words


Quick Guide to Neurofeedback

Quick Guide to Neurofeedback

Hello everyone, I am one of FEO’s Neurofeedback Technicians. I love this job because I get to help clients achieve their goals and diminish symptoms with which they have suffered for years. 522 more words

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