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Sleep Roundup 12/07/16

So, being the geek that I am I come across lots of interesting sleep talks online and resources which help me with my day to day research. 87 more words

Sleep Science

Sleep Trackers: Do They Work?

“I didn’t sleep too well last night, and I felt so groggy this morning”

“Stressful day at work?”

“No, my stupid SleepApp didn’t work properly and I spent the night trying to get it to play relaxing whale noises. 2,733 more words


Penelope A. Lewis's 'The Secret World of Sleep'

If Penelope A. Lewis doesn’t already run a health science blog, she should seriously consider doing so. “The Secret World of Sleep” explains the science behind sleep without hampering the reader with laboratory jargon.  619 more words

Book Review

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

As I start to think about this question, I can feel the inner scientist in me asking a range of questions in response to your first. 1,627 more words


Why Sleep Matters

My sleep research has, time and time again, cemented what most health professionals believe: Restful sleep, along with a nutritious diet and regular exercise, is vital to good health. 737 more words

Roger Sramek

Sleep and memory

Sleep and memory

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator


Learning with the Lights Out

Researchers are uncovering the link between sleep and learning and how it changes throughout our lives. 1,808 more words