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How sleep science helped me

I’m eager to share this before it disappears from the iPlayer. Here is a lecture from Professor Russell Foster CBE on the importance of sleep. It was the opening lecture in the BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking series, which sounds like the kind of improving thing I should be listening to more. 228 more words


How Might Escaping Technology Help Improve Our Sleep Problems?

Besides infancy, we don’t initially think of sleep as a big problem in childhood. Yet, a slew of recent articles have highlighted that insomnia and other sleep problems are not simply an issue of adulthood. 1,385 more words

Sleep Science

Sleep's Positive Impact on Traumatic Memories

Sleep is inescapable. Some will see it as a necessary evil and others will claw at it with limited success. It may leave us (largely) immobile but it is anything but a passive state. 1,600 more words


Sleep Science: From all Perspectives

   Sleep is an important aspect in almost every life form on this planet. From humans to birds, from animals to corals and from mammals to insects and fruit-flies, all life forms have some part of their daily routine dedicated to sleep. 1,052 more words

What Have Fairy Tales Got to Do With Sleep Medicine?

“Fairy tales? That’s the best you could think of to drag people in?”

“What’s wrong with it? It’s accurate…”

“I dunno man, you used to be all about the science. 1,095 more words


Why Do We Dream?

“What does my dream mean?!”


“I’ve heard you study sleep. I mean I think I’ve worked it out myself but I wanted an expert opinion.” 1,580 more words


7 Signs A Mattress Refresh is Needed

The real question is: how long have you had your mattress? 5 years? 10 years? Longer? Mattresses tend to be one of those things we forget about over time. 881 more words