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Sleep Snippet: Why Bother Even Trying to Understand Sleep?

It’s a fair question (although don’t tell my supervisors that I said that…) We enjoy doing it, it refreshes us, and we tend to find ourselves doing it in any spot we find ourselves last thing on a Wednesday afternoon. 542 more words


The Creature at the End of the Bed: What is Sleep Paralysis?

My limbs won’t move. I can’t scan the room or, more importantly, run if I needed to. This feeling in itself is terrifying, but I become aware of an evil presence in the room. 1,023 more words


The Science of Lucid Dreaming

Not all dreams are equal

Lucid dreaming is at its core, simply the awareness of the dreamer to the fact that they are in fact dreaming. 1,612 more words

Lucid Dreaming

Step Over, Step Into

Good debuggers allow you to “step over” or “step into” code as needed. There are some programming languages (I’m looking at you, Scala) where “stepping in” is really asking for it! 341 more words

Who Asked Me

Street Level, NYC

Gotta post these dream drawings here more often. Posting “art” on my Facebook page is too seductive. Too easy. Posting art on Facebook is like demanding all the customers at your Popeye’s Fried Chicken franchise read a poem first before they’re allowed to order their hush puppies. 146 more words


Where would you like to go tonight?

We’ve all dreamt up some amazing scenarios: meeting famous people, conversing with animals, flying over waterfalls while shooting lasers at forest fairies down below. For many of us, these experiences disappear the moment we open our eyes, and our potential, greatest memories are simply forgotten. 285 more words

Sleep Science

Women Sleep More Than Men

Get your sleep on ladies, science proves it.

Sleep Science