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Morning Lark vs Night Owl // Marli Stellhorn

I spent my entire life wholeheartedly believing that I was a morning person. I considered myself what they call a “morning lark”, someone who functions best and is the most productive earlier in the day. 1,273 more words

World Sleep Day

It’s World Sleep Day! And ironically, I have literally slept two hours today, finishing up this blog… So, I think it’s important that I step back and evaluate whether I meet my daily sleep requirements, and how can I work on getting more sleep, being a high-school student and soon-to-be undergrad. 858 more words

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Too Smart to Sleep?

True or false: Night owls have higher IQ’s then early birds? True. Although early birds do have a strong case for appearing more intelligent, this is because they are generally more put together and can adjust more easily to the 9-5 world. 453 more words

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Does sleep loss affect men and women's memory differently?

Sleep loss is a major cause of serious, and sometimes fatal, accidents. There is consistent evidence linking poor sleep to road traffic and numerous industrial accidents such as the nuclear explosion… 695 more words


Dr. W. Chris Winter, MD Review

One of the most common questions patients and reporters ask me is, “What is the best mattress for sleeping?” To me, this question is as helpful and meaningful as, “What car is the best for driving?” A mattress, like a car, is a fairly complex and personal decision. 391 more words

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How Does the Sleeping Brain Improve Our Memory?

It’s an enticing idea. While we are sleeping soundly away in bed, our brains are working on the day’s memories and organising them appropriately. If sleep is undisturbed, we are better equipped to remember our day time experiences the following day. 855 more words

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2018 Resolution

It’s no secret that the New Year starter pack almost always includes a gym membership, eating healthy, learning something new, and spending more time with family. 217 more words

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