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The Infamous Yawn

Its 9am as I sit down at my desk to begin writing this week’s blog about yawning. I notice as I begin thinking about what I am going to say, my eyes start getting a little glossy, my mouth gapes open and…yes there it is. 666 more words


The Science is In: Naps are Good for You

Sleep is as important as breathing and eating. We do it every night… at least we hope to.

When sleep comes, it’s pure bliss. When it doesn’t come, it’s met with angst and frustration. 1,040 more words


DREAM SCIENCE: Scientists Figure Out What U See While You're Dreaming

Scientists Figure Out What You See While You’re Dreaming | Science | Smithsonian. by Joseph Stromberg

(Please say the following line in an “Irish cop from Bugs Bunny cartoon” voice… YOU know the one I mean, the guy who goes “Ya might, Rabbit! 333 more words


Sleep is my favorite thing. Why do I have to loose it when I age?

Sleep is a very fascinating subject when studying the human brain. It is an altered state of consciousness, a time we can not eat, fight for our survival, or run from a saber tooth tiger. 621 more words


Sleeping on Back Linked to More Obvious Morning Erections

An intensive and highly rigorous study has concluded that sleeping positions play a large role in the quality of sleep, the level of tiredness during the following day and the obviousness of the morning erection. 148 more words

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Sleep like a baby . . . owl?

I love owls; I always have. They look smart (it’s the eyes and head), they’re finely-tuned hunters, and they stay up all night! My granddad taught me one of his favorite adages as soon as I could speak: 216 more words


How much sleep do you need? New study suggests about 8 hours.

Finnish researchers have published the findings of a study of sleep duration and its effect as a determinate of sickness absence in the October issue of the journal  236 more words