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Do Insects Need Sleep?

Anyone with even the slightest fear of creepy crawlies has probably been in the following situation. You settle down for the evening and quick as a flash you see a behemoth of a spider run out. 917 more words

Sleep Science

How to Sleep with Sunburn

Sunburn occurs when we are overexposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, which causes our skin to not only appear red but become swollen that is hot to the touch. 318 more words

Sleep Improvement Tips

Can sleep loss induce a negative implicit bias towards Arab-Muslim names?

People suck. Well they certainly seem to after several nights without sleep. As the lost hours pile up, those simple things sent to try us become all the more difficult to face. 1,090 more words


Have you considered sleep with that? How global warming may stop us getting a good night's sleep

When we think about increasing global temperatures we tend to think melting ice caps, flooding, and conspiracy theorists who believe scientists (or the Chinese) make this stuff up to exert some unknown power and influence. 886 more words


Is it true that you fall asleep more quickly if you wear warm socks? Can you lose weight while you snooze? Do you really need a solid eight hours sleep? 174 more words

Keep calm and kiwi on!*

Have you ever met anyone who said the kiwi was their favourite fruit? No, thought not. The kiwi is the jobbing extra of the fruit world, never destined to play a lead role. 392 more words


Heading back to work tomorrow? Already setting your alarm to go off at regular intervals before you wake up? Then this extract from our June release, … 879 more words