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Sleep Talking

Somniloquy: to sleep talk, or not to sleep talk? That is the question. Simply put, somniloquy is a sleep disorder that involves unconscious talking during sleep, or sleep talking. 243 more words

Sleep Improvement Tips

Myth Busting Napping

If you’re like me, you rediscovered your love for naps in college when your schedule was a bit haphazard and you had a small chunk of time in the middle of the day. 465 more words

Sleep Improvement Tips

Are you awake to sleep deprivation?

By James Brown, Education and Public Engagement Manager, Biochemical Society

How much sleep did you get last night? Did you manage your full eight hours? Or do you prefer to burn the candle at both ends? 831 more words

Science Communication & Public Engagement

Why we should be logging off from social media well before bedtime

So I am trying to experiment with shorter style articles a little bit. For those lovely people out there reading this, any feedback you have on this short pieces would be much loved!  816 more words

Sleep Science

Tired After Eating? There's a Nap for That

Have you ever experienced that after lunch sleepy feeling? If so, don’t worry, it is completely normal as it is natural for people to want to sleep about 7 hours after waking up. 252 more words

Sleep Science

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams ~ Matthew Walker

Happy Book Birthday to Why We Sleep!

I’m always looking to learn more about my sleep patterns and how I can improve them, since I spent a good chunk of my life unable to sleep. 405 more words

Book Review

Lack of Sleep is Killing Us, Scientist Says

A whole cornucopia of big-time medical problems, from assorted cancers to galloping dementia, arise from a chronic shortage of sleep and could lead to “catastrophic” results for the whole human race, warns the director of the Center for Sleep Science ( 250 more words

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