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DREAM SCIENCE: Scientists Figure Out What U See While You're Dreaming

Scientists Figure Out What You See While You’re Dreaming | Science | Smithsonian. by Joseph Stromberg

(Please say the following line in an “Irish cop from Bugs Bunny cartoon” voice… YOU know the one I mean, the guy who goes “Ya might, Rabbit! 333 more words


Sleep is my favorite thing. Why do I have to loose it when I age?

Sleep is a very fascinating subject when studying the human brain. It is an altered state of consciousness, a time we can not eat, fight for our survival, or run from a saber tooth tiger. 621 more words


Sleeping on Back Linked to More Obvious Morning Erections

An intensive and highly rigorous study has concluded that sleeping positions play a large role in the quality of sleep, the level of tiredness during the following day and the obviousness of the morning erection. 148 more words

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Sleep like a baby . . . owl?

I love owls; I always have. They look smart (it’s the eyes and head), they’re finely-tuned hunters, and they stay up all night! My granddad taught me one of his favorite adages as soon as I could speak: 216 more words


How much sleep do you need? New study suggests about 8 hours.

Finnish researchers have published the findings of a study of sleep duration and its effect as a determinate of sickness absence in the October issue of the journal  236 more words


Helping teens prioritize sleep

The average teen in the US is chronically sleep deprived. There are a variety of reasons for this:

  • Early school start times that conflict with the circadian phase advance that happens naturally with puberty.
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"The Everything Guide to Sleep" . . . Isn't

New York magazine’s website has a set of articles collectively titled “The Everything Guide to Sleep,” which includes an infographic showing the sleep habits of a number of well-known artists, inventors, and so on. 109 more words