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Is Sleep Loss Priming Us to See Food in a Different Light?

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a late night and the following day you find yourself lunging for the chocolate and crisps conveniently located on the office snack table (and don’t tell me you don’t have one). 961 more words



If you know someone who suffers from somnambulism you know a sleepwalker, which occurs in the deepest stage of sleep during the first few hours of sleep. 310 more words

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Should We Start Drinking Cherry Juice To Improve Our Sleep?

The internet is awash with advice based on rubbish science, and it’s not unusual for news outlet to pick up on this. Luckily, I have a source who expertly scours the internet and provides me with the best of the worst scientific journalism. 1,235 more words


A Good Night's Sleep Helps With Job Performance

If you’re nodding off during meetings, yawning at your desk, or your thoughts are foggy throughout the day, it won’t surprise you to hear 497 more words

10 Science News Roundup #12

Here are 10 science news that I find interesting and important to take note.

Pancreatic cancer survival linked to four genes – Alterations in four main genes are responsible for how long patients survive with pancreatic cancer, according to a new study in JAMA Oncology. 399 more words


Tired Driving

It’s no secret that lack of sleep takes a toll on your health, both mentally and physically. However, driving while tired is often overlooked. It’s the common misconception that you’re not that tired or you’re not that far away from your destination. 287 more words

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Biphasic Sleep: Should we stop sleeping in a single, uninterrupted, block?

“What’s the right amount of sleep I need? Should I be drinking cherry juice to sleep better? Why do you keep ignoring my voicemails?”

In the absence of being asked about dreams, people are generally keen to hear my views on how to get the best sleep possible. 1,044 more words