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#196 How To Protect Yourself From EMF With Dr. Libby Darnell

Dr. Libby Darnell talks to us this week about EMF (Electromagnetic fields) and how it’s dramatically impacting our sleep, brain function and even causing serious health issues like cancer. 42 more words


Sleep hygiene chaos, plus essential knowledge gained

I finished What’s the Alternative?:  Career Options for Library and Info Pros by Rachel S. Gordon, last night…at about 3 AM.  I may want to go back and reread sections of it, and I know that I will want to look back into the books referenced, in Appendix D. 490 more words


I Was Wrong About Her

So a few days ago, I wrote She Can’t Even Fake It On Text where my gf Mona said she was “Eh” but didn’t go further about why, and I assumed it was about “us” because if it were about anything else, she’d tell me. 217 more words


Can Reading or Listening to Books Before Bedtime Improve Sleep?

The tenth variable that I will be manipulating across a two week period to examine its impact on sleep is reading. I will be seeing if reading a physical book or if listening to an audiobook before bed is a helpful way to improve sleep quality.  1,311 more words


Stop and listen

There is something about a good nights sleep that makes the morning that much better.

This morning was perfect. The appointment I had with the chiropractor on Friday seemed to fix the issue I had with my left hamstring, the temperature was upper 50s, and I had the trail to myself. 102 more words

Wake up and keep fighting

Today was one of those days when I was tired for no reason at all 181 more words


Is your kid getting enough sleep?

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: We know it’s a struggle to drag your child out of bed to face a school day. But maybe that’s also because their bodies are protesting a lack of sleep. 636 more words

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