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Noah’s New Room, the second release by children’s author @JennaLynField out now!

Noah’s New Room, the second release by children’s author Jenna Lyn Field is available now in both print and Kindle!

Noah isn’t happy when the time arrives for him to have his own space.

186 more words
New Release

Day 146: Doctorphobia

I’m sure there’s a scientific name for this (there is – latrophobia) but I’m going with Doctorphobia for the lulz. Lots of people seem to squirm at the idea of going to see the doctor. 484 more words

A Walking Night Owl

Good morning to all my wonderful followers and new readers alike.  Today I am going to be talking a little about sleep and it’s effects. 641 more words


The beginning of a routine

No, we aren’t there yet, not by a country mile. What I’m going to share over the next…however long it takes…is how getting some kind of order into our life goes. 546 more words


I failed as a patient today :(

So, how would you react if Dr Hands was standing above you at 5am asking if you wanted him to make you breakfast now or leave it to make yourself at a more respectable hour? 430 more words


Down in the sea where the fishes sleep

The water is wet

And the water is deep

And all the little fishes keep

Their eyes wide open while they sleep… 6 more words

Early Childhood

Sleep:The Main Key Factor for Fitness ঘুম ও ফিটনেস : ঘুম ভালতো, সব ভালো

আসসালামু আলাইকুম, প্রিয় পাঠক| কেমন আছেন সবাই? অনেক দু:খিত, কারণ অনেকদিন পরে পোস্ট দিচ্ছি|

এইবারের পোস্টটি তাই একটু অন্য রকম দিলাম| এতদিন খাবার ও ব্যায়াম নিয়ে বেশি গুরত্ব দিয়েছি| এবার বিশ্রাম ও ঘুমের উপর, কারণ ঘুম ও বিশ্রাম যে কত গুরুত্বপূর্ণ তা বলার অপেক্ষা রাখে না|