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the thought of going away isn't exciting and relaxing

Counting down the days to my vacation should be exciting. Planning what to wear, where to go, what to bring.

I’m excited but I’m anxious. Anxious in the dread way, not the ~nervous~ way.  382 more words


How Naps Are The Greatest Thing Ever

Sure going to bed early if you’re tired is always an option, but taking a nap gives you the option to wake up and feel completely rejuvenated without wasting more than a couple of hours.  106 more words


dream diaries...9

June 29th 2014 (Crystal Palace)

It is the past. Night time. I am walking up Charmouth High Street with two older boys. They are mean. One of them scoops some soil from the roadside & places it into the palm of my hand. 245 more words

Creative Writing

Oh no! You're Sicky-Poo!

As far as I can tell there doesn’t exist a human being that actually enjoys being sick. I mean, it is obviously awful. Whether you have a cold, stomach virus, flu, persisting condition or what have you, it sucks. 1,666 more words



Warning: contains excessive self-loathing and self-pity which may induce vomiting.  Do not drive while reading.

I felt really agitated again late last night, although I managed not to post again, although that was a struggle.  1,127 more words

5 Tips For Getting The Best Sleep Of Your Life. TONIGHT.

After a long, crazy day, the only thing on our minds at night is getting some zzzzz’s. But with our phones at our fingertips, e-mails beckoning, and a quick-firing mind still agonizing over stress at work, it can be hard to get a good night’s rest. 220 more words


Study Highlight -- HRV during sleep in autistic children

Content Warning: To help me back-up my points with other sources, I am citing sources that medicalize and pathologize autism and posttraumatic stress injuries. Please read with caution and take good care of yourselves. 878 more words