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I had a bunch of mini dreams last night, so I can’t remember most of them. I remember in one my mom and I lived in a different house. 231 more words

Complex PTSD

Renos: Living on a Prayer

It feels slightly odd to be posting on a non-training related post tonight. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are training posts, because those are the days that I train, except when I don’t and today I didn’t. 791 more words


Man Falls Victim to Acute Attack of Comfort

Brownwood, Texas— For many shoppers, Black Friday means struggling through a 2:00 am food hangover to become the latest Wal-Mart version of Rhonda Rousey on their way to YouTube stardom. 216 more words


Sleep Better with Black-Out Curtains: Sources for Buying & Making Them

Blackout Curtains
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Blackout Curtains 10 curtains we love How to make blackout curtains tutorial Starry skies for daytime naps with Twinkle Curtain… 34 more words

Josh Freed: Mattress mania and the search for the perfect sleep

I’ve just been through an experience that makes buying a new car or computer seem like child’s play. I’ve been shopping for a new mattress. 791 more words

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Nothing left unfinished

Nothing left unsaid

Accompany my thoughts as I go to bed

While I fall into slumber

Sort through my dreams

Clean me up a little and mend me at the seams… 22 more words


My Shopping Senses Are Tingling

If there’s one thing sleep is good for, it’s repairing your rationality. If there’s one thing you lack when you don’t sleep, it’s rationality.

For the last few days I’ve been up until 6am and rather than sleeping the entire afternoon away, I wake up four or five hours later and toss and turn making attempts to fall back asleep. 1,037 more words