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February 7, 2016 | Dream Journal

I had several dreams that I remembered from last night but I went back to sleep each time without voice recording any of my dreams, and so now I can barely remember any of my dreams from last night. 141 more words

Dream Journal

The Grind Before The Grind

Grind while the world sleeps

Have you ever accidentally slept-in or over-slept for something? I definitely know I have and the feeling of guilt and shame sweeps over me. 1,182 more words


Is It Nap Time Yet?


Ever since I became a mother sleep Is one the of main factors I am missing oh so bad and took for granted when I didn’t have children. 114 more words

Surface Pro 4 Won't wake up from Sleep


I put Surface Pro 4 in Sleep mode but it’s not waking from Sleep. How to fix?


1.Hold the power button down 20-30 seconds. 30 more words


From "The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters" by Adam Nicolson

So uncatchable is Odysseus that when the poem describes his state of mind, you can never be certain where to find him. When he is lying in bed, anxious and unable to sleep. 106 more words

Through A Long And Sleepless Night

Bigger isn't better

He was tall. He was cute. He was unbelievably muscular. His name was Josh. He came over.

I was poised for an evening of pure bliss, of wild fun with his adonis-like body. 376 more words

Love Life London

sweet (cavities)

get up

why are you sleeping

when you only wake up

with the arresting

thought that you are tired

of feeling like you are sleeping… 159 more words

Spaghetti Knots