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BB Bloody Brilliant.

Firstly, a comment about my beauty posts. I am no beauty expert and I am not going to pretend to be. I have worked as an opera singer for the last sixteen years so I do know a thing or two about applying make-up, taking it off, putting your skin and hair through the wringer. 517 more words



sing to me

gold and free

of lies, deceit

let me be


under trees

shelter me

don’t pierce

me through

my heart of steel. 31 more words

Rock bottom... figuratively

I am a creature of hustle and bustle. I may not be organised but my everyday activity is continuous. I go from one task to the next without thinking about slowing down. 246 more words

The Travel Of A Dream

Last night I lay my head on the pillow, by the window, by the pier.

We kept the window open to hear the wind.

And hear it, we did. 547 more words

Life Chatter

Five-Hundred Word Challenge 298: What Suffering

The desk is made of wood and I am sitting in front of it.

I don’t feel as tired as I have over the past few days. 508 more words


there is no safety; not in this life.

She is always lost, save for those few moments of ┬ápure bliss. She doesn’t think she will ever find those again. Because she realizes those moments were not safe at all. 42 more words
She Is Not Coherant


Go to bed

When instead

You’d rather sit and binge a thread

of Netflix


or email

Kill the lights

and sleep until

you wake afresh… 9 more words