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Why Is So Important To Massage Your Feet Before You Going To Sleep!

Massage, apart from being the perfect way to relax, is shown to have positive effects on the proper function and health of the body organs, so it actually acts as a remedy as well. 45 more words

To Pee Is To Be ... To pee and to be ADD

Title: To Pee Is to Be … To pee and to be ADD

I always made strides … !/Reliving the moment !!
(Another exapmple of radar.) 29 more words

5 ways to bring Hygge into your life

Denmark is one of the happiest country’s in the world and there are many factors for this. Among them is the priority Danes place on gender equality and health care which for its citizens is deemed a human right. 77 more words

A Nook

Bejing at Last (Part 2)

At last, we arrived at the hotel and were given an hour to freshen up before the welcoming dinner in the hotel dining room. Would I stay awake that long? 752 more words


I am Sleepless Nights & Schoolbags Mum

​Hello Ladybelles.
It’s been a funny old week here at S-Mumblehill.

I feel like it’s been 16 days since Monday. I’m knackered.
Monday was apparently officially the shittiest day of the year. 654 more words


3 Steps to a more Productive Weekend!

We all have those weekends that fly by and you have done nothing.

And by nothing I mean, binged on netflix or slept.

That is my special scenario. 630 more words


The Sleep Deprivation of Donald J. Trump

SHC is just the messenger…

…but keep in mind, this curation resource is not without its biases, and any public figure known for “waging a war on napping… 516 more words