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Some Kind of Number

“You and your mother went to get some bedding without my say so. They came back with a sort of dusky rose Oxford bordered damask kind of number which I did not like at all. 118 more words

Naomi Woddis


Lying in my bed

Staring out the window:

Looking at the dark blanket of night….

Sleep comes with dreams,

As I pull the blanket over my eyes.


Hands up, who has an early riser?

Who wishes their child would sleep in a little later in the morning?

Spring is in the air (yay!) but with that brings lighter mornings and often an earlier wake time for our little people. 571 more words

Choose sleep.

I never imagined waking up alone to be liberating. Clinic days are early, but when you’ve woken up earlier than your alarm has you know today is going to be great — even the anger from last night dissipated quite quickly and all I cared about was that I had the best sleep that I’ve had in the past month. 302 more words


21 Sleep Tricks

I worked the graveyard shift for 13 years. I don’t recommend it. Your whole life begins to revolve around the desperate pursuit of sleep, and you turn into one of those people who curse your neighbors for mowing the lawn. 1,337 more words



A good track to accompany my ramblings lol….

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I thought I’d record why I can’t sleep at a normal time and just basicaly get my thgoughts down and listen to it later. 1,881 more words

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