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In some dreams, nothing happens, but I feel the buzz of dots

night time wanders, and I’m still. Stumbling over creases in the linen,

silently listening (to my inner monologue arguing with itself). 62 more words


A Composer Being Interviewed About A Sound Effect

Last night I barely got any sleep because I went to bed very late and I had to wake up early for work, and so I got less than 3 hours of sleep last night. 422 more words

Dream Journal

Glowing Mouse Heads and How Our Brains Get Washed

Herewith, edited excerpts from a Washington Post article of special interest to people with brains:

The lymph network carries immune cells throughout the body and removes waste and toxins. 680 more words


Best Ways to Keep Yourself Busy in a Long Car Ride

Hey guys! So has anyone ever gone on a really long ride, like a 9 to 10 hour ride, that’s just gruesome and long. You can only stare outside for long enough before you start going insane and losing your mind (I know I do). 329 more words

Long Day

Left for work at 6.50am and arrived back home at 8.10pm. Still, I got the chance to meet my new team, received a whole bunch of information about management plans within that team and got a couple of free pizzas. 138 more words


Best Video Game Music To Sleep To Online

Best video game music to sleep to online

013 Sleep Music to beat Insomnia, Deep Relaxation and Meditation. Listen together with friends! Download Now. Featured Playlists. 457 more words

A break from my significant other - 10 weeks alcohol free: Week 3

Day 15: Monday

Another week goes past. I’m starting to feel like things are getting on track. I’m still feeling tired, but I’m putting that down to a weekend in Sydney and a few late nights. 1,096 more words

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