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The Key To A Happy Relationship

Everyone thinks the key to a happy relationship is communication, giving each other space and/or loyalty but you’re all wrong. The key to a happy relationship is actually… (drum roll please)… sleeping with separate covers. 401 more words


To Mount Dingo: Heading to and the Evening in Katoomba

I got home with the intent of leaving at a very specific time in order to meet Ewe at work so we could head up into Katoomba together, as it didn’t feel right going ahead of him. 715 more words


Anxiety hits

For the past months..I’ve been constantly battling anxiety. There are better days and there are days where I can’t even keep up.

My anxiety consists of sleeping and waking up in the middle of the night looking for something, looking for him or at times I cannot even sleep because i feel like I cannot breathe or I wont be able to breathe when I sleep. 187 more words

The Dream Circle Volume 2

It was all haunting me.

So, with my KGB Training, I came across a very recent photo of Him.

The one who “Got-Away.”

In the photo, I recognized him, those eyes. 233 more words

Is your cat sleeping too much?

Cats sleep for long hours and experts advise cat parents not to freak out until and unless they see some stark changes in the pattern. 249 more words


How to be more organised

My life is very busy right now and I’m constantly looking for trips and triks to be more productive. As I got deeper in the “organisation problem” I quite became a master and I want to share with you what I’ve learned so far. 211 more words