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you better not be up all night playing the grinch on your playstation one

Dear Future Katy

Today I didn’t wake up till 12. It’s my own fault, I was up till 2 in the morning, sorting out my money and monthly budget. 1,419 more words

Mental Health

Consider Side Sleeper Pillows to Promote Good Sleep

      The majority of us comprehend what it resembles to think about a standard cushion that is rectangle fit as a fiddle. They generally appear to be so impeccable directly after you purchase them and after that you think about them several times and they simply don’t feel extremely good any longer, they appear to simply straighten right out and after that the resting issues start. 321 more words


Sleep becomes a foreign concept.
It becomes a strange idea that floats within the recesses of my brain,
bouncing between the tissues and firing neurons… 41 more words

Germanic, Greek, Japanese, Welsh, Feng Shui, and REALM OF SOLACE dragons!

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Let The Sleeping Dogs lie...







Dreams are weird: lumberjacks and headless dogs

Last night I dreamed I had just bought a new house. It was large and luxurious, with huge windows and richly brocaded curtains. I was running about with a camera taking photos so I could share them with my friends and family, who didn’t know I’d bought it. 396 more words



Parakeets in droves

Flecks of green on ashen trees


The yellow afternoon sleeps

undettered by their shrieks