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Sleeping City

The horizon lit
up with the morning sunlight.
The city still sleeps.


Stop Overthinking It. You're Smarter Than You Know.

You know that saying, “the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know”? As creatives, we’re often (not always, but often) on the hunt for more information, more knowledge, more experience, more more more, in a quest to be better and do better. 415 more words

Creative Process

Day 17: Short Post

Hey all.

I started a post this morning, but I haven’t finished editing it. And based on past experience I was unhappy with my less than stellarly edited posts. 57 more words



One thing I accomplished during this break was watch (or listen? ish?) to almost the entire TV series The Office. It….it probably contributed to this dream. 330 more words


Better Sleep in Palm Beach FL

We all know, if in fact, you can try something over the counter and…