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Colds all round.

The common cold has descended upon this house. Only Polar bear and daddy have avoided it. Poor Ton is ill for the first time and it’s hit him the worst. 188 more words


Become an early riser

I have been an adept if early rising for few months now. Has it changed my life? Well I surely am more productive, and feel that I can fit in more activitites in the day. 361 more words


I couldn’t sleep last night until two am… I woke up late, I’m sick. But thats not what hurts or what making me cry in class. 397 more words

Things That Have Happened To Me.

Lucid Dreaming: My Experience and Tips to get Started

To date I have had a number of lucid dreaming experiences, but after almost a year of practice I am still very much a newbie. Nevertheless, lucid dreaming has been a fascinating experiment and I will forever be impressed with the limitless potential and power of the brain. 643 more words

Long live the Afternoon Nap!

Little Man is at that age at the moment when he might decide he doesn’t need his afternoon nap anymore. That age/stage that all mothers dread. 322 more words