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monday blues

Look at this fabulous work load I have! I have the Monday morning blues for sure. Appointments, studying, exams, AND trying to fit in a good workout…. 210 more words

Week 7 impression post option 2

I definitely agree that young students and children are not getting enough sleep and it is slowly but surly affecting their health and their daily life.  338 more words

5 things I do when I cannot go to sleep

Just in case some of you were struggling

  1. I do jumping jacks, run, skip, jump, dance. Whatever I can do to tire myself out.
  2. Milk n cookies, totally cliché but I like Cinna buns and french-fries before bed too.
  3. 67 more words

Mishlei Twenty: Sleep

“Do not love sleep lest you become poor, open your eyes and be sated with bread (Proverbs 20:13).” Awkward. I actively love sleep, particularly on days like today when it seems like everything has piled up, is happening, and needs to happen. 83 more words

The Writer and Her Subconscious​

This morning I woke up writing. I was half asleep with the idea that I was at my desk typing out The Dreamer. I was halfway through writing it out when I realized I was sitting on the edge of my bed attempting to find my glasses. 232 more words


Sleep - Vital for Health

Get enough sleep! 

Sleep is a crucial period where our brains and body rest, renew and regenerate.   Healthy and fulfilling sleep is necessary for long-term health (just ask anybody who suffers from insomnia!).   661 more words