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Sleep or Meditate

Sleep or meditate

either way

your eyes

are closed–

at least in

the meditation

I do.

You’re not

missing much

outside your


the world just… 56 more words

Sleep Deep if you Dare

Sleep deep

Sleep light

Lucky you

if you

sleep tight

Sleep long

Deep sleep

Eyes closed

yet you

still weep

Eyes open

Brain awake

Each breath breathed…

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30,120. NaNoWriMo Day 20 - After Party

Sleepy after-party.

I’m officially 1500ish behind.  Tomorrow, I’ll be closer to 3K, but after tomorrow, I’ll be 2500ish behind, I’m guessing.

Catch up, catch up! 79 more words


2017-11-19 The 11:30 Quick and Dirty

It’s getting close to that midnight hour and I haven’t blogged yet today. I’ve had quite the full day.. Jazzercise, Gym, Cooking, Christmas Decorating with the kids (yeah, that happened), and then a visit to Simon’s. 190 more words


Poetry: Battle of My Dreams

Battle of My Dreams


Night after night,

as my head hits the evening pillow,

I wish the moon adieu

and close my tired eyes tight… 275 more words

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NaNoWriMo17: Day 19

Well, 26k words later, I’m at 303k and have started to cut down on the words I need to catch up. I’m only 13.5k words behind now, which, if I can maintain the 16.5k tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday, will be easily made up from Thanksgiving onward through the weekend. 159 more words


Joey Bosa knew Chargers would have Nathan Peterman 'shaken up'

Nathan Peterman made his first career NFL start Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers in place of quarterback Tyrod Taylor and it was certainly a performance that the rookie would like to forget. 330 more words

Buffalo Bills