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I didn’t sleep well last night as I was thinking about my first day at work. It didn’t help that Loved One was talking in her sleep about pulling down blinds and that she kept pulling the bed clothes off me. 162 more words

Random Thoughts

Teach Your Children... Well!

I want to teach my daughter to be a free thinker, to question authority, to be self actualized and independent. I also want her to brush her teeth and go to F$@&ING BED at 7:30. 100 more words

Pondering Life

I don't know what it tells you about me...

… that two of my most vivid/fondest childhood memories are about falling asleep/dozing.

We moved to Savannah, Ga when I was in the second grade. We moved into a brick house that had a sunken living room with a fireplace in one corner and frosted skylights. 876 more words


Settle your petal with a stimulating sleep workshop

One of the most challenging obstacles of parenthood is getting your baby into a bedtime routine. For the most part, it’s trial and error, but establishing good sleep hygiene early on will make you and your little one’s life a lot easier (and happier). 1,578 more words


Winter Hygge

Winter has arrived in all her glory at the bottom of Africa. Icy mornings, winds that make your bones ache and darkness cloaking us from 5 p.m. 324 more words

The Night Air

I was middle-aged and didn’t know what was happening to my mind. I wasn’t ill. I was tired, but everyone is tired at that age. I had my aches and pains. 676 more words

Pet Me!

The human walked in. Pepe rolled onto his back and showed his soft tummy. He wanted some attention.  The dutiful human obliged.

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