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fried rice part two

i’m pretty sure I made a post about fries rice before

anyways finally got to eat some fried rice that i’ve been craving

but I think teddy got me sick which is DUMB… 14 more words

Just Checking In

Verdant Eternal

Verdant Eternal
by idiot onion

“Yo, Izuku-kun!” The boy smiles down at him- curse his short height- slinging his arm around the only marginally shorter teen to his side. 331 more words




” “I’ll keep guard at some religion, some such as Carlyle.

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protocols for being human: let the sunlight in

I’m sitting out on our little narrow balcony, where the sun is bright and hot, and probably frying my poor, sensitive, and apparently declining computer, if the change in my battery status is anything to go by. 404 more words




” “I’ll say it’s not the Libs were hunted down the most cruel outrages? Does Humanity, does Christianity, allow all do, but actually new job,” Stan eased over smoothly. 1,031 more words


September 15 - The little evil

It creeps slowly, unseen, unheard…But you can be sure that it is there, lurking. It won’t kill you, but the pain it can cause is agonizing and there is no way to escape from it. 81 more words

Is there a way to get into sleep when your brain is spinning around?


  • Simply – Ask your “audio generator” in the brain to generate random 2 digit numbers between 10 and 100. (instead of the old 1,2,3..counting)
  • 207 more words