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Monday Music | Saturn - Sleeping At Last

Exam season is just a few weeks away and I am terrified. I’m probably more stressed this time around than all the other years put together. 116 more words


Sleeping at Last - North

One of the most beautiful songs I have heard…

Chill Vibes

Eternal (excerpt from 'Love Bites')

Providence, 1734

Icy raindrops splattered against her upturned face and mingled with her hot tears before they fell, together, to the waterlogged earth. The footsteps and chants were louder now and Aimee could spot the torches dancing among the trees. 1,472 more words

Dream Chasing! (Along The Writing Road)

Sunrise: Robin Williams Tribute

The news of Robin Williams’ death hit me hard. I just couldn’t believe that a talent like his was lost to the world forever; I couldn’t believe he was actually gone. 650 more words

"bright Sides"

Ugly Honesty

I finally broke today.

I finally broke and all of it came pouring out in such complete ugly honesty that it really did make me sick. 215 more words


Put One Foot in Front of You

The first time I ever ran a mile, I thought my lungs would explode. For the longest time I associated running with side stitches, calf cramps, and an inablinliy to catch my breath. 3,596 more words


Emphasis - Sleeping at last

There are far too many incredible Sleeping at last songs to name any one of them my favourite, but these lyrics are so simple and hopeful and this song has always resonated with me: 237 more words