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Sleeping at last - Light

This is the second blog on the music of ‘Sleeping at Last’ that I am writing. The first one revealed a deeper meaning to me than I expected and I could see a master piece at the end. 1,742 more words


The first time I heard a song from Sleeping At Last (the moniker of singer-songwriter, producer, and composer Ryan O’Neal) it was like falling in love with music all over again (I wrote a little about that first song… 499 more words

On The Bright Side

Songs to listen to when you are feeling down

Sometimes, when you are already in bed and ready to go to sleep, your brain decided to betray you by thinking a lot of things. It sucks especially when you have a bad day that time. 374 more words

Feeling Down

How rare and beautiful it is to even exist

I couldn’t help but ask you to say it all again
I tried to write it down but I could never find a pen

The best things we experience are the ones we least expect, the best advice we receive are the ones we aren’t prepared to write down. 37 more words


Sleeping At Last's Atlas: Poetry in Music

*The featured image is from Sleeping At Last’s official page and can be found through this link: http://www.sleepingatlast.com/atlas-yearone/”

Before I start, I have to say that this is my first time reviewing music so if there are certain terms which are wrong, please do let me know. 270 more words


Sleeping At Last's The Spring

Sleeping At Last, otherwise known as Ryan O’Neal’s musical endeavors, has been out and about creating soft vibes and chill tunes for Shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, and Bones. 633 more words


Obsessive Year-End List Fest 2016: EPs and Last Year’s Leftovers

I don’t like a lot of hodgepodge in my year-end lists of favorite albums. But sometimes the good songs don’t end up on full-length LPs, or else they do and I just don’t discover them in time to put them on that year’s list. 941 more words

Sleeping At Last