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South Korea-Bongeunsa

Started my trip in Asia by going to the Bongeunsa in Seoul, South Korea.

The Bongeunsa is a Buddhist temple in the ward of
Samseong-Dong which is located in the Gangnam-gu, or Gangnam District, of Seoul. 68 more words

Scottish Terrier


The canyon that is Asbyrgi is in a horseshoe pattern.

In fact, it is said to have been made by Sleipnir, horse of the Norse god Odin. 49 more words

Anna Olswanger


That mountain was twisted like a bit of yarn!

I hope it didn’t hurt. Plus, can you knit anything out of a mountain?

Anna Olswanger


I would wish that they’d get this giant glass ball from behind those pillars so it can be played with. But then it might roll over everyone’s home. 26 more words

Anna Olswanger


This church at Reykjavik, Iceland has lots of thin stairs on the outside that lead to the top but they don’t seem to actually go into the church. 27 more words

Anna Olswanger

Hungary-Vajdahunyad Castle and Statue of Anonymus

At the Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest, Hungary, there’s a cloaked man sitting all alone with a big stone book and pencil in hand.

Seems like it would be very difficult and take a very long time to write into stone. 16 more words

Anna Olswanger

Bulgaria-Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria has domes built right on top of one another.

It makes me think of scoops of ice cream all piled up. 13 more words

Anna Olswanger