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sleeping beauty part two

And her is the second part of the sleeping beauty post.  If you missed the first part, I guess it is in the archives…

There are many things that could be said about Tucker.  571 more words


a different sort of Sleeping Beauty

This, I imagine, is the beginning of my new project.  I have an idea of where it is going in terms of setting up the frame story followed by the stories that will accompany it to make a cohesive story. 900 more words


Edward Burne-Jones's Art, in The Legend of the Briar Rose, inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty, with artist's studies and footnotes

The Legend of Briar Rose is the title of a series of paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones which were completed between 1885 and 1890. 2,691 more words

Project 1.16: Sleeping Beauty

Before We Begin

You know exactly why this is happening.

Yes, just as Kingdom Hearts was a big motivating factor in me starting Project One (and by extension, this blog), it’s now the biggest factor in my continuing it. 897 more words


The Royal Nap-Taker

A long time ago in a land of royalty, fairies, and noticeably absent female agency, Disney had its third go at a princess. The comatose Snow White rocketed the company to fame in 1937, the dancing inanimate objects of… 923 more words

Movie Review

Sleeping Beauty: a Wake-Up Call

I have been thinking about Sleeping Beauty lately—remember her? She was never one of my favorites. I felt on early reading that she was rather a twit, stumbling upon the one and only spindle left in the entire kingdom and then pricking herself with it. 858 more words

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