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Sleeping Beauty Wide Awake

Photography by Gwen Von Sousukë Art. Sourced from Dark Beauty Magazine’s Facebook Page.

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She lay awake among a bed of roses

Risen in the power of her newfound glory… 148 more words


The Nine Old Men: John Lounsbery

Today I talk about the last animator to join Disney’s Nine Old Men.  John Lounsbery started with Disney as an assistant animator on Snow White like about half of the other Nine Old Men. 136 more words


Briar Rose & The Wheel of Fortune

You know the story.

The king was planning to hold a christening for his daughter Briar Rose.  He invited many important people, including 12 fairies whose magical powers were well known throughout the kingdom. 606 more words


[FandtheFBlog] 18 Lines Strong: Aurora


She’s one of Disney’s most beautiful princesses and one of the most iconic with her colour changing dress and luscious blonde locks. Aurora, Briar Rose, Sleeping Beauty, whatever we call her is a Disney princess who girls and boys all across the world have adored and will continue to adore. 669 more words


Patience, Lady

Patience, lady

these humdrum days are humming, drumming

you can feel it, I know

so sing them

patience, lady

this is the enchanted time

between spells… 20 more words


Definitive Hotness Ranking of the 11 Disney Princes

Editor’s Note: I actually wrote this for another site a while ago, but I think it’s good enough to be posted again. I’m allowed to plagiarize myself, right?  343 more words

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