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Women-Friendly Gaming: Child of Light

Child of Light is a stunningly beautiful, endearingly sweet, and story-driven 2D RPG/adventure/side-scrolling game by Ubisoft Montreal with a turn-based combat system. The protagonist, Aurora, is a young, red-headed princess in an iconic yellow dress who wields a sword nearly as large as she is. 923 more words


Aurora Ballerina Shoes


These past few days, I was busy being a tour guide for a good friend who are visiting from Vancouver. For me, there are still a lot of area to be explored in San Francisco and Bay area. 146 more words


Sleeping Beauty, part 2.

We left off where Aurora had pricked her finger on a spindle and fallen into a deep sleep. She is alone in the tower, and her parents have no idea where she is. 451 more words


Sleeping Beauty

Todays post is a little unrelated to anything, but I thought it might make you smile.

I have a storybook of Sleeping Beauty, but I have to say that the illustrations are INCREDIBLY beautiful. 292 more words


Child Post 1: The Royal Wedding and Prince Harry

This post isn’t about writing, but a story that happened a couple of weeks ago.

It begins with a little girl. Normally, I won’t talk about my children. 1,305 more words