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William "Bill" Shirley: The boy with the golden voice

Bill Shirley is a name you probably don’t recognize, but if you were born in the last 50 years chances are you’ve heard his voice and saw his work. 439 more words

I Have a Bone to Pick with Disney

So lately (and by that I mean like within the last five years or so) people have been giving Disney a pretty hard time about setting up kids to have warped views of romance.  509 more words


BUTS 2017 Classical Weekend 2.2 – Sleeping Beauty (Act III)

Before we begin, a prize to Yorozu Kensuke for saving the day by picking a diamond off the stage after his first Bluebird solo on Saturday night. 1,919 more words



For those of you who don’t know my husband, Anthony likes to make Metal Earth models for fun. He’s really good at constructing these intricate, laser-cut metal models and has even become a minor celebrity on… 720 more words


Angelina Jolie Officially Starring in Maleficent Sequel

From www.cbr.com – Maleficent star Angelina Jolie confirmed she will reprise the role in the upcoming film, which she described as ‘a really strong sequel.’


The Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale | Interesting Literature

I found this very interesting, being a ‘child of Disney’ I only knew half of this fairystory, and believed Sleeping Beauty’s tale came to an end upon waking and falling in love with the Prince – and they all lived happily ever after – but apparently not! 1,503 more words


A Summary and Analysis of the Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale

The meaning of a curious fairy story

‘Sleeping Beauty’ is, depending on which version of the story you read, called Sleeping Beauty, Talia, Little Briar Rose, Rosamond, or Aurora. 1,443 more words


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Another take on history of Sleeping Beauty. Or, that being my favorite fairy tale, and some fun facts about it from another perspective. A nice little look into the tale for a fun, short little read. Do go check it out for some nice fairy tale history.