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Over 30

30 July 2015 – “Don’t trust anyone over 30!” I remember this 1963 rallying cry and, in a summer of repeated Extreme Heat Alerts, I have reinvented it. 37 more words


Cuddlemud Cuties

Today is Thursday so that means it’s Cuddlemud Cuties time.

And our first ever cutie really knows how to sleep!

40 winks upside down?

No problem! 33 more words


Sleepy cat

My cat would like to spend most of the day on the balcony. But because I can’t watch him all the time, that is not possible. 321 more words

Post 836: kitty nap time...

Both boys take their daytime naps. Well, all three of us do, to be honest! Yet I never know where the cat brothers will chose to nap on any given day. 70 more words

Cat Behavior

Toby and the World Cup

#tbt He just slept right on through… without a care for who was winning. I believe this was during a USA game, but can’t remember which round it was.

Toby and the Bigger Bed

A bed that truly fits his size. It took him a bit to get used to it, but now he sleeps in it every night and naps in the smaller one during the day.