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Yes, I am admitting here and now that a majority of time on most of my days for the past year or so is spent in sweet repose……………..from my toes to my nose, I sleep ever so deep and trust me, Mom is happy about that because when I’m awake I’m very…………………….VOCAL.    577 more words

Life With Cats

Sunday Selfie

Sunday Selfie Meme!

Just a little different – a sleeping selfie meme instead of the usual handsome shot of ME PERIOD.

AND if you wanna see some other way cool selfies, hop on over to The Cat On My Head, Sunday Blog Hop which is where this photo will be along with tons of others – add yours or just hop around and see everyone!!   8 more words

Life With Cats

April 3, 2016

Cat sleeping soundly
Belly up, paws over head
We’ve gained so much trust


Creepy cat

Mimi has developed this habit recently of getting herself well and truly twisted up into a little knot and then staring at everything you do… and it is pretty creepy! 106 more words

Mimi's chair

If you want the best seat in the house….. move the cat!

So, they always say for the best seat move the cat. Day 2 of having Mimi home with us and I can definitely say she has made herself comfortable.

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Tipper has been having too much fun over the holidays. Is it any wonder that after too much catnip, playing in boxes, gift bags and chasing discarded wrapping paper that he just needs a catnap? 8 more words

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