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Toby and the Small Bed

This was Toby’s first bed. Clearly he’s too big for it now, but still likes to snuggle in it every once in a while. Below is reference for how small he used to be.

Toby and the Ball Scratcher

“Aw yisss… Right there… riiiiight there.”

Daily Dose of Dapper: Imposter!

Wait, who is this?! It’s an imposter! It’s not Feline Friends Friday yet! Ohhhhh, mom said it’s Prissy, one of the cats from the cat cafe… 56 more words

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Tiny Metal Cat Box

This tiny pewter-coloured metal cat box is 1 inch by 1 inch by .75 inch. The finely molded cat lays sleeping on a cushion. The box opens and there is a plush red lining. 7 more words