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Some Kids

Some Kids

Some kids just fool
around in school,
thinking it’s cool
not giving ear.
Nothing to hear;
nothing to fear.

Let’s make this clear: 70 more words

NaPoWriMo 2017

Teachers: Care About What you Teach

I try not to fall asleep in class because I know that if I were the teacher I would be offended if as I was teaching people were just so incredibly bored that they couldn’t stay awake. 514 more words

Care About What You Teach


The moment the prayer had finished, a voice shattered the speaker. The Giant – he suffers from a surplus of growth hormone among many other phenomena, and thus the name – was shouting at the mike. 725 more words


Notes from the Dark Side of the Classroom

Parent/Teacher Conferences and Stuff

Parent: As long as _______’s grade is good, you and I will be fine.                                   Me: You mean you and _______, right? 88 more words

Tips on how to avoid sleeping in class

Have you ever experience being scolded by your teacher because your sleeping in her class? Or having low grades in your seven o’clock because you we’re sleeping when your teacher was discussing the lessons. 504 more words