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Sleeping Patterns Eve

Dear Dater,

Night owl or early bird?  Which one are you?

Do shared sleeping patterns assist compatibility?

Examples like Adams that:

  • wake at 5am
  • are thankful that you don’t jump out of bed at 5.30am to go to the gym…
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Of Routines And Dogs

The four-footed one has changed up her routine.  Not because of anything  we have done, this is all her.  Unfortunately the routine she is altering up is her pre-bedtime routine.   215 more words

Whims And Wonders

Night-time Terrors

I used to love co-sleeping with my son, we do it very safely and not often.

As a result I barely EVER sleep when it happens. 370 more words


Dear Emily, (14-15 Weeks)

I’m writing these over a month in arrears, and as I read my notes I think wow, I had it relatively easy… A lot has changed Emzy, you are definitely giving mummy a run for her money now (at nearly 5 months).   428 more words


Who's Up At This Time?

For the past couple of days I am unable to catch up on my sleep. There is too much going on really. This week will be filled with so much on the to do list. 176 more words


Lana at 13 months 


I now understand why parents count a babies age in months for so long. You at 12 months seems a world away from you at 13 months. 526 more words


Vivid Dreams and Sleep

How many of you have had dreams so  Vivid it almost feels like, just for a few seconds upon awakening, that it was real and it really happened? 645 more words

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