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Technology ... is it stunting your sleeping?

Personally, I believe and from my expereince, you get two types of sleepers … those that have to kill the lights, close the door and require complete silence, and those that don’t. 657 more words


Sleeping shenanigans

When we sleep, we are essentially just recharging ourselves. Being active (even inactive) results in mental and physical toll, therefore, rest is warranted in order to take on the tough world out there. 454 more words

Curious George

4 months old! 

K is 4 months old!

Sleeping patterns: He falls asleep between 8pm and 10pm and wakes up between 430 am and 9 am. Yay mom can finally get a decent night sleep! 143 more words



Time and time again I’ve been told that the key to getting a good’s night sleep is having a good bedtime routine, a fixed routine which isn’t overly complicated and which involves going to bed at the same time every night. 609 more words


The Day of Ginter Part 3

It’s not surprise that when I don’t get enough sleep a lot of things get misplaced, both in a literal and a figurative sense. It’s not at all surprising that I’m having trouble keeping track of my belongings when right now it feels like I can’t even keep track of myself. 900 more words


3 months old! 

K is 3 months old!

When I greet K in the morning he gives the biggest smile! This child is never unhappy he is such a happy baby. 138 more words


Fighting the Good Fight

I could be fighting against a lot of things right now, god knows there’s enough idiots on the internet to contend with and in real life for the matter. 560 more words