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Advent Calendar Day 16: Friday Night Excitement & More New Jogi Pictures

The week could easily read like this, Monday a good day, Tuesday to Thursday – three days of nothingness. Friday – back to good again. Stuff happened, a lot of it not good, I wrote about some of it but I don’t remember anything, just a vague sense it wasn’t good. 479 more words

Jogi Löw

Could Technology Addiction be Affecting Your Sleep?

If you have problems sleeping, your phone may be to blame.

As a mother of four, there are probably about a million things in my life that I could blame for the reason I… 347 more words


Brain Overload

I am the type of person that needs balance in life in order to maintain and even flow in my mind or else all things fall apart around me. 512 more words

Managing Nocturnal Behaviour in Cats

Nocturnal, Diurnal and Crepuscular Cats

Almost all domesticated cats naturally fall into the following categories; nocturnal, crepuscular and diurnal and so understanding which describes your cat is useful in understanding your pet and knowing what is possible in terms of behaviour modification. 421 more words

Responsible Cat Ownership

Quitting Social Media Helped My Insomnia

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So a little bit about my Insomnia before I carry on:

I used to suffer from chronic insomnia triggered by chronic stress, which I didn’t know I had, as well as social anxiety. 1,789 more words

Life Tips

10 Of The Best Tips For Coping With Dialysis

Here at Joe Cosgrove’s blog, we always strive to give you the best information on everything related with kidney disease, renal compensation and topics alike. 825 more words


Basic Friday Night

It is Friday night, I am sitting home with Netflix and dinner that is my way of  relaxing after a long day spent in the library. 427 more words