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Daily Misadventure: Sleeping (with Sirens)

One of my life goals at present is to manage my sleeping hours because my circadian rhythm is fucked up. I say this because I usually sleep for 6 to 7 hours on a weekday and 12-14 hours on a weekend. 443 more words

Sleep Cycle

Insomnia: What to do when sleep seems impossible.

Everyone is familiar with that feeling of waking up after a bad night’s sleep – but imagine waking up like that every morning. This is what insomniac’s experience. 577 more words



It makes sense to start at the beginning: mornings. If I am outside – in fresh, spring air, walking through woodland – I love the beginning of the day. 770 more words

Bipolar diary - bipolar and circadian rhythms

I’ve been reading up on bipolar some more and learnt some very interesting stuff to do with how bipolar affects sleeping patterns. Once again I’m becoming more informed on the effect bipolar has on me and how it manifests itself in my behaviour. 1,216 more words


5 Things You Should Know Before Dating An Insomniac

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Insomnia, yeah, I hear you man. Last night I was up until like three in the morning. I’m a total insomniac!” Sorry, but staying up late isn’t the same thing as insomnia. 1,249 more words

Sleep is like a temporary death

I have to do things in exactly the same order every morning. Any forced change leaves me disoriented and throws off the rest of my day. 1,068 more words

Operation: Exhaustion

Last time I talked about how I’d been having trouble sleeping. Well, this had continued through the weekend, and I decided to take some drastic measures. 1,094 more words

Story Time