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Track your Sleep with Zopiclone 7.5 mg

Zopiclone 7.5mg belongs to a sedative hypnotic class. Due to its addictive nature it is recommended for short term period. You can buy Zopiclone online… 385 more words

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Getting old

Getting old has nothing going for it

It’s a right pain in the hole

The years of late nights and carrying on

Will begin to take their toll… 274 more words

AtoZ 2016

My Addiction

As I wrote my last post I wondered what other people do to help them sleep at night.  For so long, since Kevin died actually (11 months ago), I have been on sleeping pills.   435 more words


Sleeping Pills and Likes

Oh boy my perfect streak is ruined, I was trying to post one post every day even it it meant I wasn’t really writing anything. The blog is evolving from being a simple place for me to vent. 1,018 more words


I Am the Dowager Countess

Confession: When I stay awake a little too long after taking a sleeping pill, all my thoughts sound like Maggie Smith saying them. Makes me feel classy and not want to go to sleep. 26 more words


Here's why you can skip the new insomnia drug, Belsomra It’s expensive, barely helps, and poses safety concerns

A sleepless night or two can leave you so tired and miserable that it can be tempting to take a medication that promises to help you slip into slumber. 171 more words