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Sleeping through the night

When you have a baby, one of the first questions friends ask you after enough time has elapsed is, “Is he sleeping through the night?” This milestone is viewed as the utmost achievement of babyhood, a feat far more applauded than rolling over, popping out a first tooth or even crawling. 570 more words


Settling into the old routine

Still continuing with my over-immersion in baby stuff (babycentre.co.uk I’m looking at you), I read that by 8 or 9 weeks, you should be putting a bedtime routine in place. 500 more words


Bizarre things that wake my baby

That phrase ‘to sleep like a baby’ – it’s an odd one isn’t it?

In the world of my baby that means to sleep peacefully and deeply if in the NOISIEST place EVER but when it’s all nice and quiet waking up at the most bizarre sounds. 156 more words


I’ve mentioned in previous posts how important I feel it is to structure babies daytime sleeps in order to ensure we all get the good night time sleep that we so desperately need! 1,097 more words


When It Rains...

It’s been raining here a lot. I mean, a crazy lot. More than it has rained in a very, very long time. Area lakes are at or near their capacity for the first time in years. 490 more words

Jane (The Oldest)

Finally Sleep

Mr. Finn is finally sleeping through the night! Or at least he has for the past week. I’m so excited!

The change came with him passing the thirteen pound mark, him sleeping more comfortably on his belly and with us feeding him A LOT more throughout the day. 117 more words


In need of sleep

This mama needs some sleep.

Theo’s cutting his two front teeth on top and between that and a little cold he’s had, our nights have regressed back to newborn status here – which means he’s been waking up every 2 hours for milk. 331 more words