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My baby sleeps all day and parties all night!

I’m in no way an expert. What I know is from experience and from my friends’ experience. But from what I can gather, this is 100% normal. 450 more words


I am tired. Not just sleepy tired. Not just I-stayed-up-late-playing-games tired. I am to the bone tired. I am eyes crossed tired.

Madeleine is six months old. 802 more words

Sophie Centric

England and back again

Well it’s been a while! Where have I been? Visiting the motherland, England. Me and mummy went to stay with my grandparents while daddy was off gallivanting on a business trip to Dubai and Pakistan. 620 more words


Babies can thrive with daily routines

My daughter is four months old. So far it has been such an incredible and amazing journey filled with surprises, tears and the most selfless love I have ever experienced. 866 more words

New Mom

Not So Sleepy Head

I knew it. I just knew it.

I knew if I talked about it, I’d jinx it.

But what are you supposed to do when people keep asking questions like, ‘Is he a good baby?’ ‘Does he sleep well?’ ‘Is he sleeping through the night?’ ‘How many times does he wake up?’ 235 more words


A Room Of Her Own

Well, we finally used that painstakingly decorated nursery last night. Izzy slept in her own room all night. This was not the plan we had. We’d planned to keep her in our room until she grew too big for her bassinet (6 months by manufacturers estimates, three months by our child’s massive growth rate). 767 more words


Food fussiness

Apparently I’m a ‘fussy eater’. Personally I think I’m very easy to please: just give me apple or pear. Three times a day. Every day. How simple! 450 more words