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Growing Up: My Baby Boy Fell Asleep...On His Own

Last night was a night I wasn’t mentally prepared for. Not at all. I thought, at the end of the day, I would still be what my not-so-tiny baby needed to fall asleep when the sun went down and the time for bedtime snuggles came about. 633 more words

The Journey To Sleep

If you had told me a few weeks before my littlest’s first birthday that by the second week of January I’d be getting 8 hours of (mostly) uninterrupted sleep a night, feeling fresh and rested, and able to run 5km three mornings a week, I would have laughed at you. 1,651 more words

Life With Littles

Post Holidays and 14 Months

Our holidays have come and are almost over.  I say almost because I am hosting one last family get together this weekend at my home.  Then I can… 746 more words


Gonna go ahead and jinx it

I know speaking of the Good Sleep will only jinx it and/or chase it away, but I have to write this down somewhere in case it never happens again: 140 more words


“How is the baby sleeping?”

Everyone wants to know. I try to take it as a good hearted question. Many people want to know because they either haven’t been here before and are stricken with pure curiosity or honestly they want to know what state you (the mother) may be in and why. 243 more words


Sleeping through the night

Everyone wants to know: “Is he sleeping through the night yet?” I dread this question. It seems like an innocent thing to ask, but it’s a sore subject for many moms, like me. 495 more words

Middle of the night wakings

When we were dropping bottles and formula, I was dead set on dropping that middle of the night waking that my child insisted upon as well.  417 more words