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Parenting Tip For the Day: Don't Swear At The Baby

After a few horrible nights, I have been close to the brink, but have subdued myself from shouting profanities in my little angel pie’s face.  Apparently this rules does not apply to those working on book deals. 174 more words

The Trouble with Sleeping

Well, I’m no expert, but I am pretty sure we are in the midst of a sleep regression, teething, and/or the beginnings of separation anxiety, and it’s a doozy!   787 more words

Sleep Tips from the Mom Whose Kids Never Slept Through the Night

If you follow my instagram account (flynnandnola) you probably know that sleeping is not the Boone Babies strong suit. While I describe Flynn as a good sleeper, I realize (usually from a horrified look on someone’s face when I describe his sleeping patterns), that he really is no gem. 1,099 more words

Mom Stories


I’ve been back to full-time work for one week as of today. I eased in last Tuesday with a half day and followed suit on Wednesday. 1,044 more words


Five Things I Have Learned About Sleep Training


The reason why I didn’t continue my Mission for More Sleep series of posts past Night Four is because Baby J and I have made quite a bit of progress since we started trying the methods I read about.  815 more words


It DOESN'T get any easier

Parenting. Doesn’t. Get. Any. Easier. It doesn’t. Period. Well meaning “veteran” parents with tell you with sympathetic looks that once the current stage you’re dealing with passes, that it will get easier. 760 more words

Say It Like It Is

Make Late Night Baby Feedings Easier!

My daughter Kelsey is 7 months old now. But when she first came home one of the hardest things that my husband and I had to deal with is the lack of SLEEP. 318 more words