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Night-Waking, Sleep-Deprived Mama Here #MamaRant

For the past 6 weeks, my spouse has been unemployed. Long story, but good news! He starts his training shift today (May the 4th be with him). 319 more words


Sleep regression

Have any of you ever heard of sleep regression? I hadn’t.

Kory has always slept through the night in his own room, he’s slept through the night since being 12 weeks old and has slept through the night in his own room from being 5 months old with no problems. 427 more words

Mum Blog

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 1

I’m crawling out of the blogging hole to give a quick update of what’s been going on.  Seven Quick Takes is a great way for me to limit my sharing but also bounce around a bit in what I want to share with y’all.  1,207 more words

Sleeping Through The Night And What It Entails

As parents, we have a list of goals and expectations for our children and at the top of that list is usually a baby that is sleeping through the night. 580 more words

Thank you, Papa!

Having a new baby is a massive learning curve as a first time Mum and Dad.

I’m lucky enough to spend all day, every day with this little lady, and I’m getting to know her pretty well. 367 more words



Not long ago, I came across a new phrase in an article from the Scary Mommy site: POOPCUP, or “Parents of One Perfect Child Under Preschool Age… 1,377 more words

Family And Children

They Are Different Babies

When you have a new baby, you often hear something like, “They don’t come with an Instruction Manual!”, followed by the chuckle of schadenfreude.

But then you have the last laugh when you have your second baby, and you’re like um, hello, I KEPT THE MANUAL FROM LAST TIME.  593 more words