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To the Chronically Sleep Deprived Mama

Benjamin started sleeping through the night between six and eight weeks of age. Tabatha was sleeping through the night by two months. Dinah Jane followed the same pattern. 1,858 more words

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Sleeping Through the Night! (Mostly)

*NOTE* I meant to publish this nearly a year ago (soon after J started sleeping through the night), but now that he’s almost two, I figured I’d better finally hit publish on this post. 845 more words


Napping Is My Jam

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My four month old son is (thankfully) a heavy sleeper during his naps. His siblings run loudly up and down the hall past his room. 291 more words


6 reasons why I will never co-sleep with my children

I don’t believe in co-sleeping. I never have, and it’s pretty safe to say, I never will. If it’s done occasionally, I can understand, such as in situations when my child has a nightmare, or if she isn’t feeling well. 692 more words

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Segmented Sleep

Segmented Sleep

So there you lay, awake, after only 3-4 hours of sleep. You worry, you toss and turn, finally you go back to sleep, but you know something is wrong with you. 648 more words

Sleep?! ...what's that?

So, this has been a huge topic for our family.  As it is with everything else, everyone has their own opinion on sleep.  Which is fine; obviously people are entitled to their own opinions.   437 more words

He Sleeps!

I have been hesitant to write this post, as I feel it will be a jinx, but I have now had a few nights of good sleep, so I am willing to take that risk. 603 more words