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When It Rains...

It’s been raining here a lot. I mean, a crazy lot. More than it has rained in a very, very long time. Area lakes are at or near their capacity for the first time in years. 490 more words

Jane (The Oldest)

Finally Sleep

Mr. Finn is finally sleeping through the night! Or at least he has for the past week. I’m so excited!

The change came with him passing the thirteen pound mark, him sleeping more comfortably on his belly and with us feeding him A LOT more throughout the day. 117 more words


In need of sleep

This mama needs some sleep.

Theo’s cutting his two front teeth on top and between that and a little cold he’s had, our nights have regressed back to newborn status here – which means he’s been waking up every 2 hours for milk. 331 more words


Is your Baby a good Baby?!

As a new mummy – I’ve discovered a question that EVERYBODY likes to ask and it makes me SOOOO mad!

Is she a ‘good’ baby?

552 more words
Mummy Musings

Calling Boo on The 4-Month Sleep Regression

I don’t know if it was clear before, but I have no idea what I’m doing in the parenting department, but with all the expert opinions online, it’s becoming clear that nobody else does either. 246 more words

But I'm Sick!

Over the last week, I was sick and to my utter shock, I was still expected to take care of the baby. I can’t remember if I negotiated sick days with my boss or not… 203 more words

Sleeping through the night baby 2

Dear William,

Out of nowhere, you slept through the night for the first time last night. Jaw dropped! You just turned 5 weeks a two days ago. 266 more words

Sleeping Through The Night