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What is the best swaddle out there?

When my daughter was first born and the nurses swaddled her at the hospital she looked like an adorable little burrito all snug and tucked in and she slept comfortably in that swaddle, but once I got home it was a whole different story! 661 more words

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7 Things to Add to Your Baby Registry

When I got pregnant I was SO EXCITED to register for all of the cute baby things. My husband and I literally had the best time doing this. 269 more words

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Product Review - HALO Sleep Sack

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the HALO sleep sack for my little girl!

Don’t know what a sleep sack is? It is a wearable blanket for your little one. 207 more words

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Get them to sleep like a baby: The HALO Sleepsack

If you haven’t yet heard of the HALO SleepSack and you’ve gotten through the first few months of sleepless nights with your LO, I am so sorry. 259 more words

Essential Add-On Items Real Moms Need

If you’re a first time mom like me, you’re probably as overwhelmed as I feel. Nothing can get your world upside down faster than having a screaming baby who cries on every whim, on which you have absolutely no idea why. 526 more words


It's All About the Accessories

Accessories make the outfit. Same goes when it comes to baby’s sleeping habits – at least in my opinion. If you want your baby to have a goodnight’s sleep, you must provide all the necessary tools/accessories to make it happen. 557 more words

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