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Blastoff to good dreams!

It’s cold in the basement at night and I always worry about Sprinkaan staying warm enough, even in his fleece footie pajamas. He had grown out of his infant sleepsack and I don’t like putting blankets on babies while they’re sleeping. 326 more words


DIY Baby Sleeping Bag - For Newborn to 3 years!

Sleeping bags for babies are a great invention. To buy them new however is a huge expense and honestly I don’t know why as they are a very simple item of clothing/bedding. 697 more words


Months 3 to 4 Must Haves

These are the items that we haven’t been able to live without this past month.  Of course, we still use the bouncer, baby wash, and the blankets that we used during the first three months, but things are a little different now.   455 more words



When someone says “NINJA” I tend to think of someone who is stealth.

What doesn’t come to mind is myself. I am not stealth, well coordinated, or sneaky. 216 more words

Bill Schmid Helps Babies and Parents Sleep Better

Bill Schmid is the founder of HALO, a Minnetonka, Minnesota-based company that makes sleep safety products for babies. About 20 years ago, Schmid and his wife lost their firstborn child to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 143 more words

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Crib Hopping

Our 19 month old just figured out how to hop the playpen a few weeks ago (while we were in Vegas out of all places), which gave him the realization he could hop out of his crib at home too.   357 more words

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