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Dear sleep...again 

Dear sleep
I recently wrote you a very nice letter to say please come back and have a relationship with me again. You completely ignored it….the… 158 more words


Dear sleep....

Dear sleep
I know I let you down, I introduced a new person into our relationship, I’m Sorry. But it’s been a year; can we work something out, I miss you. 156 more words


Daily Prompt: Reach

via Daily Prompt: Reach

So today I decided to take the Daily Prompt (what a fabulous idea) and post on Reach.  It is a word that resonates with me at the moment, as I reach in many directions. 374 more words


It’s 6.30pm, it’s at least half an hour until reinforcements in the form of Laurence arrive, I am at the end of my tether. I’m tired, sore and the babies are screaming. 392 more words

And now we are four

Well. I meant to write and I didn’t. I meant to do a lot of things but I have two children under two. Nearly two under one when B was born. 536 more words

SleepThief :: Excerpt

Structure reveals space. Space reveals her. In a room spaced between the bellows of my thoughts, Rebecca sits. Waits. Then raps at my mind’s door, tap, tap, can she come out yet? 36 more words


Jody Quine Covers Pat Benatar

April 22 will bring the release of Stand Up, the newest record by Jody Quine. Quine became famous for her work with EDM acts Balligomingo and Sleepthief, however in her solo career she is an acclaimed singer-songwriter. 68 more words