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It's a "grand" life for A. 

With my second little, it has been quite different in so many ways. My older little was in her own crib by 2.5 months, got pumped breastmilk along with formula, and slept through the night by 3 months. 306 more words


My postpartum survival must haves. 

So you have your hospital bag all packed and ready, the baby bag is ready, and your nursery all set up. But as a first time mum you can easily overlook preparing what you will need post baby, I know I did first time round resulting in my sister making daily trips to the supermarket.. 794 more words


My Favourite NewBorn Items

Us, new mums, can go OTT when a baby is on the way. That bundle of joy you are expecting is so special that every time you pass by a baby shop or see baby stuff online you feel as if your baby will need it all. 948 more words


Slept in.

I woke up when there was silence,

And slept right through my alarm,

Now I have to run to work,

But now I’ve slept I’m rather calm.

Co-sleeping or should I say just sleeping.

There’s so much controversy around sleeping with babies, whether it’s in a crib, cot or in your own bed. Currently we are dealing with co-sleeping, yes some may find it ridiculous or unsafe or whatever. 300 more words

The Sleepyhead

Even if you are a very new parent, I’m sure you’ll already be aware of the struggle most face when it comes to settling a baby in a cot. 283 more words