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The Two Rocks

Two rocks sat on the edge of a river
Dreaming about the other side
They both enjoyed dreaming about traveling across
Although the river was quite wide… 363 more words


Keep Dreaming

After you are born into this world
It doesn’t take very long
To know your head is full of dreams
And your heart is full of song… 242 more words


Oh! The Humanity!

I am dying, I swear
The pain is too great
If you want to help
I fear you’re too late

It’s as though I’ve been stabbed… 53 more words


Don't Lie To Your Mother

Don’t lie to your mother
Don’t even try
Don’t lie to your mother
I’ll tell you why

It’s useless, I say
She’ll always find out… 72 more words


Zach "Sleepyhead" Morris

Zach Morris, 24, (not be confused with “Saved by the Bell,”) recently hit the Evansville hip-hop scene, and is taking local fans by storm.

The Henderson, Ky. 473 more words


The Heart Knows

Every so often

I catch myself

Wishing I was

Someone else

How these thoughts

Get to start

Is my stupid brain

And not my heart… 267 more words


The Sock Drawer Goblin

There’s a goblin in my sock drawer
When he got there, no one knows
But since he took up residence
He’s eaten all my heels and toes… 28 more words