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Slept in.

I woke up when there was silence,

And slept right through my alarm,

Now I have to run to work,

But now I’ve slept I’m rather calm.

Co-sleeping or should I say just sleeping.

There’s so much controversy around sleeping with babies, whether it’s in a crib, cot or in your own bed. Currently we are dealing with co-sleeping, yes some may find it ridiculous or unsafe or whatever. 300 more words

The Sleepyhead

Even if you are a very new parent, I’m sure you’ll already be aware of the struggle most face when it comes to settling a baby in a cot. 283 more words


Out with the old, in with the new...

So!! As much as I loved the image quality that the Canon 5D3 and 50L produced, I have to confess I became a bit fed up with the size and weight of the camera. 136 more words


Dear Sleep...a love affair

Hi there! Remember when we were young, adults used to tell us to take afternoon naps or go to sleep early? Well, my mum urged me to take those naps all the time. 316 more words

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It’s a sad fact of life that the more babies you have, the less you need to get for them, which is a shame because I have found the more stuff you buy, the more prepared you are. 608 more words