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A few days ago I posted some photos of a rowdy mosh pit during Strugglefish’s final show. Here are some shots from the rest of the small music festival known as Strugglefest at… 39 more words

gimmeesum mor whuskey

that’s right. gimme that whiskey.  here’s a track from the Big Three Trio, featuring Chicago bluesman, Willie Dixon.  Besides being a musician, Dixon was a professional boxer and was a sparring partner for Joe Louis, world heavyweight champion from 1937-49. 142 more words

Keep on keepin' on

First and foremost, howdy.

Secondly, how goes it?  Over at the Holler, we’re gearing up for winter.  You know, the cold?  Gathering a bunch of firewood, longjohns, and (duh) whiskey.   173 more words

Music in the Pub on Halloween

This past Halloween weekend Oakland bar tender Gene Ney of Gene’s Place specially opened his pub for a special Sunday night show featuring SleepyV and… 83 more words

#11 "the Showdown & Home/ the Vow" by SleepyV feat. Joe Kennedy

(watch on Vimeo for optimal viewing experience)

If you get to the end of this video, you will have experienced about 1/4 of the upcoming SleepyV release “the Storybook E.P.” Just listen to the flute! 106 more words

Bryan Heller

#8 "Laguna" by SleepyV

Another exclusive track from the prog-pop evangelistic trio-quartet, SleepyV.

Funny story about this song, if you want to hear it, Leave a comment, or post this video somewhere if you like it. 89 more words

Bryan Heller

#7 "Out the Window" by SleepyV

This summer the Sleepy boys (and girl) are at it again working on their 2011 release, the “Storybook EP.” Here is “Out the Window,” performed live on the Mall.

Bryan Heller