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Councillor claims SNP hid Dundee V&A overspend to avoid losing independence referendum votes

Dundee’s SNP administration covered up the sky-rocketing V&A budget in order to avoid losing votes in the independence referendum, a senior councillor has claimed.

Labour leader Kevin Keenan has said that SNP members deliberately kept the public in the dark about the £31 million overspend for the troubled project to boost their vote on September 18. 109 more words

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Madonna is "profoundly grateful" hat a man suspected of leaking her upcoming album has been arrested in Tel Aviv.

She finally gets the 39 year old Israeli who hacked into her computer and leaked her album tracks for a fee.
In a controversial Instagram post which was… 64 more words


Ireland is baNAMAland

Coming soon to a city street

and a country lane near YOU!

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Lebron Welcomes a New Baby Girl to the World and Rick Dollaz went on a routine errand and ended up in the clink!!

LISTEN HERE!!! 22 more words

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