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Magic in the Classroom

Magic in the Classroom: Using Extraordinary Claims to Teach Critical Thinking edited by Robert Blaskiewicz, 2015.

James “The Amazing” Randi began as a magician and then used his skills and knowledge of the tools of deception to unmask charlatans and frauds as a second career. 91 more words


Charters (Buicks) are Good Because They are Charters (Cars): DUH!

Does this sentence make sense? Just because I call it an car (charter school), it has high reliability and quality in build. Are all cars (charter schools) awesome because I call them automobiles (charters)!? 1,028 more words

Charter Schools

Reviews on the Crazy Train

So… I got to participate in the Lovecraftian Mythos. I got to tickle my inner geek in several places. The Mythos. Call of Cthulhu (the RPG) 550 more words


Ever had to do something and left it to the day/night before? ME TOO.

I entered my local magic club’s annual competition, and I managed to get all the way to the night before without having a finished act. 100 more words


Dancing with the Queen of Hearts - Steven Carlson

The Queen of Hearts, with her charismatic charm, completely enthralls her eight suitors.

Originally I wrote a little story, about a princess, to fit the magical effect of this card trick. 82 more words



It’s that time of year again, magical brethren, the time of the annual Blackpool magic convention! Where we all meet up, attend lectures, share ideas, stay up all night in pubs showing off new tricks and swapping methods and thoughts, and most importantly, spend all our wages from the last 6 months in the dealer’s hall. 82 more words


The power of deception.

As an old person I can, if I want to, be acutely aware of what things change in society and what things don’t. And, if I spend more than a fleeting moment pondering this, certain insights become apparent. 1,431 more words

American Society