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Sleight of Hand

“Mighty” Mitchum Tate danced around the ring as he delivered what his grandfather would have described as a right jolly lamming to his opponent, Francis More. 150 more words

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Sleight of Finger


While you, Mr. Magician, are YouTubing coin rolls and card flourishes, the really cool high school students are watching videos featuring finger tutting. So, … 30 more words


Everybody Here Has Done the Right Thing

The last couple weeks have been difficult.  Oh, personally, I’ve been fine.  Today, I got booked for another week at the Magic Castle (July 11 – 17).  904 more words

Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Jennifer Fales

At Outskirts Press, Inc., we take great pride in celebrating the work of our successful self-publishing authors, and we do so each week through our Self-Publishing Author Spotlight. 907 more words

#AudioBook #Review - HIDDEN TRUMP by Mark Henwick #UrbanFantasy

I am ashamed to say I’ve had this one sitting on my kindle and my phone for an absolute age. Not because I didn’t want to listen, but because I simply could not find the time! 379 more words

Urban Fantasy

Shedding art's symbolic skin

As I have begun to read the second book in this trilogy, what has struck me as an inherent challenge, and by extension an underlying theme, is the idea of rendering the abstract into words, into something known, concrete. 353 more words

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Angel Stakes (by Mark Henwick)

Urban Fantasy

After travelling to New Mexico to rescue Diana (book 4, Cool Hand), Amber was on the brink of going rogue. With her kin’s help she managed to fight it off but there remains a sickness in her soul that is poisoning her. 248 more words