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Learning Points from Lennart Green's TED Talk on "Close-Up Card Magic with a Twist"

Card manipulation and trickery here from Lennart Green, a magician. You will need to watch some of the footage in slow motion in order to figure out what exactly was going on and how he does his tricks. 55 more words

TED Talk

2015 Sleight of Hand The Magician Riesling

Yesterday, a day after getting home from a fabulous spring break road trip down to California on Sunday, I pulled a bottle out of the wine fridge.  145 more words

Of Doves & Calla Lilies

Symbolism is my favorite sleight of hand in writing.

In Cozy Mysteries, when done right, symbolism is the ultimate game of trickery.

Perch a few doves on the roof of a suspect’s house, arrange a couple of white calla lilies on her breakfast table and you’re leading the readers right down the road of innocence. 37 more words


Etymology is Great Fun!


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 


I know what the word can mean today, from conjuring up a delicious meal to conjuring a good story (or lie), or doing magic tricks. 307 more words

Daily Prompt

Why "sleight of hand" is the most important skill in magic?

These days many magicians keep looking for easy to perform self-working magic props. They keep on buying most of the automatic magic props which hit the market. 256 more words



Impeccable sleight of hand and a great sense of humor is a winning combination in a magician. Johnny Ace Palmer is one of those special few who astounds and amuses.

Thanks to YouTuber PHILA TV


Snow Day with Reviews

I woke this morning to a rare sight in Eastern North Carolina:

Yes, that is my front yard covered in 3-5 inches of SNOW, also known as white gold for its rarity in these parts of the country. 250 more words