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Hidden Figures


No, not the film (not perfect, but worth seeing for some excellent acting, and a tautly written account of a little known but important event in US history), but magicienne (that’s what she calls herself) Julie Eng. 117 more words


Hey, look over there! *quietly steals all your stuff*

I’ll be honest, I just don’t understand how in 2017, it’s not a foregone conclusion that women and men, people of all races, people of all sexual orientations…people, in general…are equal. 707 more words

Westworld: Sci-Fi Sleight of Hand

“Are you watching closely?”

These are the first words in The Prestige, the first (credited) film that Jonathan Nolan co-wrote with his brother, Christopher… 792 more words

Television Shows

Sleight of Hand Artist, Steven Carlson

Sleight of Hand Artist, Steven Carlson, performing his elegant style of close-up magic for guests at the beautiful Forepaugh’s Restaurant in St. Paul, MN.  The magic event was on Halloween night, a tribute the great escape artist, Harry Houdini. 81 more words

Steven Carlson


Fleapeople generally don’t like interacting with humans, which is why fleapeople evolved to be invisible. Humans would always step on them, so the unseen ones lived. 354 more words


It's Magic! (In Your Face! ALL the time!)

We bought our 9-year-old son (8 at the time) a magic set for Christmas last year. It was a huge hit and he actually got pretty good. 476 more words