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Card Trick in front of my favorite bookstore

I get it.I have a face made for radio.

I also have no explanation for what kind of spastic, contortive facial-flap I do at :40. Just move along and try not to be distracted by Captain Visage:


Performing for crowds--and enjoying what I do

I’ve been performing sleight-of-hand in some professional capacity for nearly 20 years now.  It really doesn’t seem like it.

I don’t do it every day anymore, but I’m still perfectly adept at it–and while recent videos would probably convince you that my skills in and of themselves are the things at which I am best in that situation, I assure you–they are not. 89 more words

Proving my abject uselessness on the weekend

Not completely worthless.  I have to head out to the Happy Valley Strawberry Festival and hector that masses with my card tricks.  Somehow, for the last few days, I’ve felt like someone took a broomstick and shoved a rolled-up sock through my ear and into my brain. 53 more words


Magician Confuses Dogs By Making Their Treats Disappear

This video is hilarious.  This guy is a magician specializing in sleight of hand.

He shows the dogs a treat and then makes it disappear. 31 more words


Sheffield Magician Russ Appleby: “If I wasn’t a magician I would probably be a virgin”.


Russ Appleby, 34, is a Sheffield magician with nearly thirty years experience. His love for magic started at the age of four, after he received a Fisher Price magic set for Christmas, which he used to put on ‘Very Bad’ shows for his family. 416 more words


James Freedman: Man of Steal

There’s actually not a lot I can tell you about this particular show without giving everything away! I went to see it after a magician friend of mine recommended it and it was amazing. 47 more words