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– istilah sulap –

Awal kenal sulap dulu (SD), suka repot jika main trik ‘kecekatan tangan’ (sleight of hand), maklum bocah—tangan masih kecil (alasan!). Tetapi sulap bukan seni yang selalu menuntut ‘ketangkasan’ … 549 more words


The Magician

I’m not finished with this concept and I’ll probably create a few different angles on this one but I used to have a roommate and fellow US Marine who was a close-up magician and we would go over routines which we would perform together in bars almost every nigh. 166 more words


Book #review - SLEIGHT OF HAND by Mark Henwick #UrbanFantasy #vampires #werewolves #witches


So here I am, catching up on my reviews again.

I started out reading this book, but was then offered the audio version to review, so switched to listening. 727 more words

Book Reviews

Card Trick in front of my favorite bookstore

I get it.I have a face made for radio.

I also have no explanation for what kind of spastic, contortive facial-flap I do at :40. Just move along and try not to be distracted by Captain Visage:


Performing for crowds--and enjoying what I do

I’ve been performing sleight-of-hand in some professional capacity for nearly 20 years now.  It really doesn’t seem like it.

I don’t do it every day anymore, but I’m still perfectly adept at it–and while recent videos would probably convince you that my skills in and of themselves are the things at which I am best in that situation, I assure you–they are not. 89 more words

Proving my abject uselessness on the weekend

Not completely worthless.  I have to head out to the Happy Valley Strawberry Festival and hector that masses with my card tricks.  Somehow, for the last few days, I’ve felt like someone took a broomstick and shoved a rolled-up sock through my ear and into my brain. 53 more words


Magician Confuses Dogs By Making Their Treats Disappear

This video is hilarious.  This guy is a magician specializing in sleight of hand.

He shows the dogs a treat and then makes it disappear. 31 more words