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'A Human Sacrifice to... "Slender Man"?' (2014)

What is it about false gods, that they always demand human sacrifice? And what is it about their worshipers, that someone’s always willing to perform it–at someone else’s expense, of course? 40 more words


'SLENDER MAN' Producers and Studio Clashing Over Budget Causing Film To Be Shopped To Other Studios

We all know about the story of Slender Man. He is the internet boogie man. He’s caused plenty of damage in real life and scared plenty of people via the internet. 571 more words


'Slender Man' Likely to Have a New Home as Sony and Producer's Release Strategies Differ

Slender Man, a feature film based off the popular computer-horror game, has come into a little trouble; something that’s familiar to the project. Variety… 409 more words


The 'Slender Man' Studio Shuffle Is Proving That Memes Are Hard To Turn Into Movies

Amid the big blockbusters and splashy bets, for many movie studios, it’s the horror movies that keep the lights on. Horror movies are cheap, they’re always in demand, and while they rarely see the massive returns of a summer blockbuster, you can turn out a profit. 366 more words

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The Slender Man stabbing attack

May 31, 2014
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Two 12-year-old girls allegedly stab a classmate to impress the fictional figure Slender Man

Slender Man (alternative spelled as Slenderman) was created in 2009 as part of a paranormal photoshop challenge by Eric Knudsen. 315 more words

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