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'Slender Man' rumored to become horror film. Internet shits its pants.

I have mixed feelings about this, but needless to say I am still curious.

Having played the PC horror experience when it was taking the internet by storm, I enjoyed the intense and creepy atmosphere that the game created, truly making you feel like a child lost in the woods, running from some unseen enemy. 336 more words


Slender Man Movie In Development at Screen Gems

Who doesn’t know who Slender Man is in this day and age? The tall, “slender”, well-dressed white headed being has haunted forums and blogs and the imaginations of internet browsers for years now will finally get his own movie. 163 more words


Girl Charged In Slender Man Stabbing Appeals Bond

WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — One of the two Wisconsin girls accused of trying to kill a classmate to appease a fictional horror character called Slender Man is appealing a judge’s decision that keeps her in a secure facility. 113 more words



“To be successful, a media virus need not be ironic or oxymoronic. It must, however, be mobile, easily replicable, and well suited to the particular vectors of the media ecosystem that it has to travel.” -Andrew Boyd “Truth is a Virus: Meme Warefare and the Billionaires for Bush or Gore”

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Slender Man

Slender Man Crime

“Our media are our metaphors. Our metaphors create the content of our culture.”
-Neil Postman “Amusing Ourselves to Death” pg 8

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Slender Man

A Documentary About Slender Man

“Intelligence does not have quantity or magnitude, except as we believe that it
does. And why do we believe that it does? Because we have tools that imply that this is what the mind is like.” -Neil Postman “Amusing Ourselves to Death” pg 8

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ABC News: Slender Man

In contrast to the old documentary, ABC News has made a video on Slender Man in 2015. 72 more words

Slender Man