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Breaking: The Game Reveals Blac Chyna Is the Third ‘Kardashian’ He’s Slept With on ‘Wendy’ (Video)

Not just did he concede that he had oral relations with Blac Chyna in his Meek Mill diss ” 92 Bars ,” but now he’s telling Wendy Williams that Chyna is really the third Kardashian lady he slept with. 64 more words


Boy George claims he slept with Prince

One of the many things that’s kept people’s interest in Prince through his mystique is the sexual transgression that’s laced his ’80s work. There’s carnal impulses in “Let’s Pretend We’re Married,” incest in “Sister” and the masturbation scene in “Darling Nikki.” There’s been tales of how that sort of stuff isn’t limited to his music. 124 more words