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Fighting The Doldrums Of Winter

(Reposted, as yesterday’s version somehow had the commenting section disabled.)

A blogging brother in Christ asked this question in a recent post (here): “How do you fight the doldrums of winter?” 464 more words

Slice Of My Life

Open Pages

Oh, the array of documents that sit with open doors across the top of my laptop screen! It’s like a messy kitchen waiting to be organized so the main meal’s cooking can take place. 383 more words


Reading and Writing

I’m sitting in my fave little local cafe (there are only two – one we call “The Dry Place” because the food is too dry for our liking and the coffee always tastes burnt, and this one my family and I call “Taste”, short for “Taste Of Home”, because we kept forgetting its real name years ago, which first was “One Another, A Coffee House”; then it was “Bicycle Tree”; and now it’s “Rise & Grind Coffee Shop”, but one of my sons calls it “the kaif”, phonetically pronouncing cafe that way because he plays with words like his mom does). 233 more words


Impressions, 10

Traffic lights

It’s dark outside. You can’t really hear the thunder or see the lightning, but something about the air in our Anthropology classroom is different when it rains. 726 more words

All These Kids

I never used to like kids. They annoyed me. For several months when I was 14 to 15 and super-selfish, my parents took care of a baby for a friend of theirs who had to be away in a hospital for cancer treatment. 678 more words

Slice Of My Life

Hippie Coffee

Look at that golden froth atop the coffee. That’s what happens when you blend hot soy milk, turmeric, and a few other goodies into your brew. 143 more words

Slice Of My Life

On Social Media and Self Love

Social media is all but saturated with posts about self-love. Love yourself, they say, Love your stretch marks and ingrown hairs and permanent dark circles. Love yourself despite the personality flaws that you know you have and want to improve. 161 more words