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Dạo này mệt quá. Lịch ngủ của mình tự nhiên bị điên chả hiểu vì sao. Sáng plank đc 95s. Nhưng vì bây giờ mình bấm đồng hồ giật lùi nên không chụp lại được nữa. 70 more words

Slices Of Life

Overlanding as a hobby

So I’ve just completed another trip this weekend. That is the fourth I’ve done and I am really starting to get into this Overlanding thing. We also camped this time making it a real overland trip not just a trail run. 265 more words

Slices Of Life


Sang tháng 9 rùi nè.

Đợt này mình hơi mess up a little bit. Lúc nào cũng thấy thiếu thời gian. Nhưng mọi việc rất tuyệt vời <3

Slices Of Life

Why I Decided to Start Writing

So, up until last year-ish I’ve always been the quiet person, well not exactly quiet in the usual sense of the word, but I hide my true feelings, intentions, and my thoughts under meaningless words and self deprecating jokes. 277 more words

Slices Of Life



Mình đã khỏe và tinh thần đã tốt hơn nhiều rồi.

Mình đã từng nghĩ : Sometimes all I need is a gap year. 299 more words

Slices Of Life

A walk on the moors

Late August views from a Lancashire hill, which last April was resounding with the skylarks’ song.

The heather was much more purple than can be seen on these pictures, but nonetheless fading. 33 more words

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Things My Babysitter Taught Me Part 1

Happy Monday!

It’s been a while, huh?  I missed my regularly scheduled blog last month and for that, I apologize. Can you believe it’s the end of August already?  1,109 more words

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