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[TiA] Slices of Life 03

Little Surprises

Fatigue claws at Starscream from top to bottom. He’s been working since before “sunrise” this morning, and it’s long past “sundown.” Meeting after meeting with no break in between. 447 more words


[TiA] Slices of Life 02


Blurr chews on the ends of his styluses. It is simultaneously one of his most adorable and disgusting habits.

When he works on finances for the bar and has to concentrate, inevitably the stylus becomes a gnawed, useless ruin. 613 more words


[TiA] Slices of Life 01

Sleeping Arrangements

Try as he might, Blurr could never manage to be stealthy.

He came home late most days that he worked, sometimes long after Starscream had retired to recharge since their schedules rarely coincided. 527 more words



In my darkest hour

You spark off a burning flame,

fanned into fire.



One more prayer to

keep You living by my side.

My cross is Yours, too.


Par-dessus le toit

Par ma fenêtre se déverse le toit de mon voisin. Avant notre séjour à Paris, c’était celui d’une voisine. Elle s’appelait Susan, elle était canadienne, et quand elle vous regardait c’était toujours le printemps, une éclosion de myosotis. 346 more words

Slices Of Life


Stumbling I mumble

some wordless prayers and psalms.

Kisses on my soul.