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Tinashe "Nightride" - Mixtape Review

What sets Tinashe apart from other disposable R&B starlets of the past century is the artistic control she pronounces to have over the wonderfully crafted songs, consistently slick productions and shiny, sexy appeal integral to the work she has delivered throughout her discography. 510 more words


Cell Phone

Although ancient not quite yet

A cell phone I simply did not get

The woman thrust it in my hand

And yelled with voice quite grand… 165 more words


#MyWishForTheFuture Niall Horan - Team bus looking slick , team looking really good at day 1 o...

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Poem for...

***** Scrabbled Short Stories

What is this Scrabbled Short Story defined?
It’s a story on a game board aligned.

A story is many times very short, 221 more words


Can I trust my brain?

According to some apologists, the mind can only work if it is designed or permitted to work by a God. The mind can only access ‘logic’ and reason because such things are authored and exist in some sort of platonic realm. 1,307 more words

What Is This Scrabbled Story-1

Can you build a short story in ten, or less, words?

On the Scrabble board below, is a seven-word story.

Try your hand at unscrabbling the short story. 38 more words

Game Board