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A Sunday Musical Meditation

A little Hindustani Guitar played by Manish Pingle, a remarkable musician by any standard.  Enjoy!


Skip James, Mississippi Delta Blues and the shaping of my musical taste

Not sure when I got my first record, but I remember who it was by.  After seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show sing, “I want to hold your hand”, I got the first Beatles album and I played it over and over again on my parent’s phonograph until the record’s grooves were worn flat. 573 more words

A Lesson From An Old Guitar

Over the last year I’ve spent some of my free time trying to teach myself how to play guitar.  I’ve always loved music, and I find that my time spent with a guitar is relaxing and centering for me – even if the music I make sounds terrible.  647 more words


Be Having a House Concert with RvZ

We are living our dreams right now.

Our why is clear.

Our how and what is not.

We love it!

For almost twenty years, Sexy Neck and I have dreamed about Rachelle Van Zanten playing live in our home or yard.   149 more words


No.13 - TAM's Top 15 Best Blues Songs of All Time

Here we go again and it’s time to do the do!

Today we’re putting down a little number that comes from a band with a very long history. 421 more words


250 Word Album Review: Dismal Swamp Lords EP

The Dismal Swamp Lords could be any bar band. They also could be your favorite bar band just as easily. Their bluesy rock pulls few punches, they just hold steady on their righteous path. 207 more words

250 Word Album Reviews

The Audio Museum's Top 15 Best Blues Songs of All Time - No. 15

I’ve tried to not just list songs but also give a little history about them when I could. Some of my favorites are not necessarily performed by the original artists. 364 more words