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Thanks to everybody attending my talk “Commerce as a Service vs Commerce as a Monolith – 2 Flavors of Hybris compared in Practice” at the code.talks commerce conference 2017 in Berlin. 46 more words

Making Sense of Polyrhythms

Making Sense of Polyrhythms

In Western music, you’ll most often see music written in simple or common time (4/4 time). This is especially prevalent in genres such as blues, rock, pop, folk, and country. 73 more words

Live Formative Assessment and Interaction

At 8AM this morning, I stumbled into Molleen’s Christian Morality class with a laptop in one hand and a foggy brain in the other. She began the class, sitting cross-legged on the table, leading the class in a meditative prayer. 334 more words


Quick Tip: Create a blank Google _____ with one address

I came across this tip on my twitter feed.

Instead of having to go to Google Drive, then clicking New, Then clicking the item which you’d like to create: 36 more words