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SlideShare: DRaaS – It’s Not Just For Disasters Anymore

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions have vaulted to the top of the considerations list for organizations looking to improve their ability to recover from major disasters like hurricanes and floods. 137 more words


SlideShare: Endpoint Backup is not Enough – You Need an End-user Data Strategy

More data outside of the data center is staying on endpoints and in the cloud than ever before. That means the risks to that data are also at an all time high. 113 more words


SlideShare: NVMe, NVMe over Fabrics and Beyond – Everything You Need to Know

NVMe is an industry standard protocol designed specifically for memory-based storage like flash drives. It unleashes flash arrays from the chains of SCSI that hold it back. 103 more words


SlideShare - Showdown: Hardware-Based Hyperconvergence vs. Hyperconvergence Software

Hyperconverged architectures come in two flavors; hardware-based hyperconvergence or hyperconvergence software. Hardware-based hyperconvergence is where the hardware and the software are licensed together and pre-integrated from a single vendor. 245 more words


SlideShare: How To Leverage Cloud Storage for Hybrid VMware

The VMware environment, for most data centers, is the beginning of their cloud journey. But they struggle with the next step, moving applications or storage to the cloud. 86 more words


SlideShare: The Showdown for Data Preservation: Iron Mountain vs. The Cloud

Join Storage Switzerland and CloudLanes for our on demand webinar as we compare Iron Mountain to the cloud and provide ways to solve the gaps in public cloud storage’s ability to be a viable data preservation service. 100 more words


Cómo detectar el bilingüismo (Verne)

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

El delicado tema del bilingüismo en la sociedad española moderna. La revista Verne lo trata en el siguiente artículo bajo la firma de Virginia Mendoza: 1,647 more words