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SlideShare: Three Reasons Why Object Storage is the Best Defense against Ransomware Attacks

Backups, by themselves, are not an effective defense against a ransomware attack. The systems that store backup data also require protection, but backup storage is as vulnerable to a ransomware attack as production data, if not more so. 123 more words


Would you use Slideshare or Prezi?

Would you use Slideshare or Prezi?

For those who have completed week 3 here’s this week’s question – would you use SlideShare or Prezi?

If so, why?   91 more words

73:31 screencast

Something which never occurred to me when I took up the challenge laid down by my fellow-blogger Richard Kefford, to write a blog for everyone on a list of  seventy-three suggestions he had come across, something which never occurred to me was that I would actually learn as much as I have about blogging. 558 more words


10 Things - week 3

10 Things – week 3

Welcome to week 3 after a hopefully enjoyable weekend.  This week we’ll cover presentation and meeting tools.

We hope you enjoy trying these out and find them a good alternative to tools you may already be using such as PowerPoint.

SlideShare: 10 Reasons Why Backup Breaks and How to Fix It

IT professionals have been struggling to develop a consistent, reliable backup strategy since the beginning of the data center. Yet the more the data center has evolved, the more difficult the task of successfully protecting data has become. 189 more words


SlideShare: 3 Steps to Controlling the Secondary Storage Deluge

Primary storage is no longer the most expensive tier of storage. Secondary storage, storage that stores copies, backups and archives, is now far more expensive than primary storage. 157 more words