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Hacer Pellas - My Spanish Phrase Of The Day 7/26/2017

¡Muy buenos días!

My Spanish phrase of the day is:

hacer pellas

to play hooky, to be absent, to cut class

Example Sentence

Me arrepiento de haber… 59 more words


Ethics in Data Science and Machine Learning

HJ van Veen

Introduction and overview on ethics in data science and machine learning, variations and examples of algorithmic bias, and a call-to-action for self-regulation. Given by Thierry Silbermann as part of the Sao Paulo Machine Learning Meetup, theme: “Ethics”.


Machine Learning Frontier

SlideShare: 5 Steps To The Perfect Storage Refresh

An Independent Process for Assessing & Refreshing Storage

Every data center eventually needs to increase capacity, resiliency, performance or the cost efficiency of its storage architecture. 143 more words


SlideShare: Hyperconvergence is Broken, Learn How to Fix it!

While hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) offer rapid startup they lock organizations into a specific set of vendor compute, storage, networking and hypervisor configurations. And, as the infrastructure scales it becomes increasingly difficult to deliver workload specific levels of performance and data protection. 76 more words


Prueba de atención (cómo seguir unas instrucciones de mala manera)

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

Winston Churchill


Alguien compartía conmigo esta hoja de instrucciones hace tiempo. He encontrado el documento mientras buscaba unos textos en el correo. Para qué voy a engañarle, yo hice la prueba y caí como un chino. 276 more words


Word2vec in Theory Practice with TensorFlow

Bruno Gonçalves

Neural networks for word embeddings have received a lot of attention since some Googlers published word2vec in 2013. They showed that the internal state (embeddings) that the neural network learned by “reading” a large corpus of text preserved semantic relations between words. 86 more words

Machine Learning Frontier

SlideShare from the webinar

In case you missed the webinar on June 28 about alternatives to keywording for photography, here is the SlideShare: