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Cacofonía - My Spanish Word Of The Day 9/22/2016

¡Buenos días!

My Spanish word of the day is:


cacophony; a harsh jumble of sounds.

La cacofonía es la repetición de palabras o sílibas que suenan mal al oído. 303 more words


Rainforest construction?

In today’s class we were asked to increment a tweet and a slide show in our post.

When I entered twitter today, I saw a tweet that really captured my attention. 122 more words

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Aprende algo nuevo!

No todo en la vida debe ser rutinario! Si te interesa fuera de tu  “Comfort Zone” explóralo! Que tal el tennis? Les interesa? Por aquí les dejo algo para que se informen un poco sobre el tennis! 42 more words


New Post: Compartiendo Enlaces...

En la clase de hoy vamos a estar hablando de cómo compartir enlaces aka “share links“. Estaremos usando “slideshare.com” y “ 202 more words


Revision Options

With our seniors heading into practice exams next week, there’s been the usual flurry of emails this weekend from students in various stages of panic. While I am more than happy to give feedback to students who have come to class, contributed, met milestones and generally brought something to the learning table, it’s a little harder to know how to help those with questions like”Can you help with dystopia? 446 more words

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