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ឆព្វណ្ណរង្សី​ ២៥៥៩

រូបថតថ្ងៃសីល​ ព.ស ២៥៥៩ គ.ស ២០១៥


១ លោកអាចារ្យ​ អ៊ុំ ឧក្កសេន ២ ភិក្ខុកណ្តាល ៣ ឧបាសិកា ​មាស សុវណ្ឌី ភរិយាលោកអាចារ្យ ៤ ឧបាសិកា ម៉ម អឿន

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កសាងព្រះវិហារវត្តក្រាំង​ ២៥៥៩

ដំណើរមកមើលលើកទី ០២ នៃប្រធាន ដួង ចំរើន និងភរិយា ឡុង គឹមហឿន ព.ស​ ២៥៥៩ គ.ស ២០១៥ សូមអនុមោទនាត្រេកអរបុណ្យកុសលគ្រប់យ៉ាង សូមបានសុខចម្រើនតរៀងទៅ

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Reflection and Summary

WordPress was a site which I originally found quite daunting, however over the past month I have learned how to use it appropriately. Since I began using WordPress my attitude towards it have changed completely, at first I found that website was difficult to get a hang of and I felt somewhat overwhelmed. 407 more words

GALLERY: Terror attacks in Paris

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for eight simultaneous attacks around Paris, France on Friday, Nov. 13, 2015. 129 people were killed.