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My Dailymotion Art Slideshows

On my long ago abandoned DailyMotion channel, I have a total of three slideshows posted. Here they are.

The Next 3 Billion in Financial Services

watch time: 21 minutes

Traditional banking services have fallen flat for an enormous segment of the population — whether because they’re “unbanked,” or because the state of those services makes it even more expensive to be poor. 73 more words


Kristi's Freebirth Story of Baby#7

Fifth UP/UC, Third Son (Seventh Child) born on 01/07/2018!

Despite being our seventh babe, the pregnancy came as a surprise. Once the original shock wore off, we were so thankful for the newest babe growing in my womb. 1,379 more words

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When Biology Becomes Engineering

watch time: 23 minutes

As the product of millions of years of evolution, biology is incredibly complex. And until now, the science behind understanding biology has largely been driven by… 128 more words

AI, Machine & Deep Learning

Freebirth Slideshow of Chelubai

Here is the slideshow of my fifth freebirth, the birth of my seventh child, Chelubai.  Birth story to come… Enjoy!

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