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Star Box

Here is a miniature star box folded when I was 11, designed by Robin Glynn. This is a type of modular origami, which means that multiple pieces of paper were folded and then locked together without glue or scissors. 77 more words


Mini Cranes

Here’s two tiny cranes I folded from the joke I found in my Christmas cracker last Christmas. I thought that the bronze “frame” around the joke would make an interesting effect on the crane, and I was happy to discover that it added a color change to the tips of the wings, beak, and tail. 10 more words


Turkeys (Original Design)

Here’s my original design for an adult and a baby turkey. The design processes were similar, but for the baby I made the tail shorter and gave it upward pointing wings. 50 more words


SlideShows - A Day

A shout out to our top Slideshows for Spring Break – 100%

Kianelys DeLeon

Arilys Leonard

Brandon Mikolainis

Michelle Mirabel

Emily Nunez

Layal Sabouni

Runners up – 85+ 43 more words


The Endless S[l]ideshow to Hell

The starry-eyed young lady in the above photo is the first image in one of those multi-page Internet slideshows that are there to devour your time. 390 more words


The 3D Cemetery

(Stereoscopic 3D)

There’s three tombstones in the 3D cemetery, and the stereoscopic 3D media player that shows 3D videos and slideshows has been moved out of the stereoscope and placed on top of a pole, along with new speakers that still need to be tweaked and adjusted.

3D YouTube Video

How Finnish Education Flourishes...

Just in, how to create the best and most successful education system on the planet!  Not forgetting that it is all about culture…

Finnish Education – the Secret Sauce by Pirjo Suonen… 15 more words