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[Playlist-fict] #20: Remember Me

xianara presents

#20: Remember Me

A song-based story from Korean Drama I Remember You

Lee Hyeon (Seo Inguk) and Min/Jung Sunho (Park Bogeum)

AU!Siblings, Angst, Comfort/Hurt, Family, Life, Sad | Drabble, Song-fiction | G… 158 more words


[Playlist-fict] #19: Flame

xianara presents

#19: Flame

A song-based story with Red Velvet Kang Seulgi and OC The Shadow

AU, Dark-fict, Family, Fantasy, Supernatural, Wizard | Ficlet, Song-fiction | PG 15 | 260 more words


The Economist - Videographic: Migration

“The Economist reports on how immigrants help both the countries they leave and those to which they move. Added to http://www.audiovideo.economist.com in October 2009”

1-5 Minutes

[Playlist-Fict] #18: Thinking about You

December 2015©

xianara presents

#18: Thinking about You

A song-based story with miss A Bae Suzy

Alternate-universe, Crack!, Fluffy, slice of Life | drabble, song-fiction | general… 98 more words



SLIGHT is a producer from LA and his latest EP ‘LOST & FOUND’ shows why he should be heard. It’s a 6-track of instrumental music; pure trap/hip-hop with shaolin vibes running right through it. 32 more words


Ferris Wheel

Here is a picture of a ferris wheel.
As you can see, it is equal parts ferris and wheel.

I think.

I like this picture as the ferris wheel looks, to me, slightly bent.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.