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Slight Problem

Designed and manufactured for mostly insecure, immature, slight, young, women into “counterculture style”, these unusual shoes are future crippling foot and back (medical) problems creators awaiting the unwary. 128 more words



Do not settle
for something slight

for an airy
false word

but seek Me
with all your heart

until My voice
is heard.

You establish what is true and what is false to me. 27 more words


Beauty in the eye of the beholder

I find beauty

even from a thing they considered ugly.

The thing you give Slight importance

I give great significance.

There’s something more than meets the eye… 30 more words


Lucy Chats

Hello again, its me, Lucy One White.

My Mama Steph uses writing words sometimes (aka Daily post/prompt). I Lucy don’t do that, cause I don’t like nobody bossing me around. 702 more words


Three things can’t be long hidden: The Sun,The Moon & the Truth ‘Buddha’

slight 13 more words

#philosophy Through Photography


Engrossed in laughter,
reshaped in harmony.
I munched on my tasty cheeseburger
as they listened anxiously.
Another turn, more words.
A slight but exquisite woman walked in… 159 more words



To the heart
To the heart
A slight muttered
From the lips
Of a bitter one
Strikes deep
It is for me
To know that I… 33 more words