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Day 14: English Lit

I am feeling a little motivated to study literature. Even though my Accounting Teacher pressures me, but I can’t be hard on myself. My immune system is compromised enough from stress. 273 more words


[Vignette] A Ride for Sunshine

Miss A  Bae Suzy, SJ Cho Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk/Hyeokjae with Soloist Lee Jieun  | AU, College-life, Fluff, Friendship | Vignette | Teen and up | 1,664 more words


[Drabble] Pencemburu Dingin

by xianara

based on Sweet Seventeen Challenge by Liana D.S.

BTS Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin | Alternate-Universe, Angst, Dark-fict, Slash, slight!Romance | M-rated! | drabble / song-fict | beside the story-line, i own nothing! 160 more words


[Special-Fict] Sister, Help Me to Tidy Up My Room, Please!


amazing poster belongs to Leonahardt. @ Chionee Art Poster

starring  JUNG SOYEON / JESSICA AND F(X… 1,620 more words

CoolShort Bob Gold Slight Curly Wave side swept fringe

To start farming for gold, you must know the areas to farm. The main lands can be a good place, but you need to know that instances allow you to draw more enemies throughout the instance. 360 more words

[Ficlet] Meet The Cute Guy in The Green Bus

Meet The Cute Guy in The Green Bus!

miss A Bae Suzy and Soloist Xi Luhan | AU, Fluff, School-Life,  failed-Crack, | Ficlet | Teen and Up | disclaimer: beside the poster and the storyline i own nothing. 822 more words


My Introduction; This Is Somewhat Of A Last Resort..

So, being that this is my introductory post, I think I’ll just get right into it. I have a slight tendency to run off on tangents at times while trying to explain myself, but I’ll do my best in keeping this as straight forward as possible. 68 more words